Eucatastrophe ~ h.s.

This isn't how I planned any aspect of my life to occur.

The plan was simple: Finish university with a 4.0 GPA, Get a well-paying corporate job that's more intense than the assistant job I've now, Find a man that loves me for me, Get married at a gorgeous ceremony, Have beautiful children, Grow old with the man of my dreams and watch our kids mature right before our eyes, and Then fall deeper and deeper in love with our time together.

That Night wasn't supposed to happen. My life wasn't supposed to turn out like this.

*Contains: Language, mild sexual content, and a bit of violence. Content could be triggering for some.*


55. ✗ fifty-three ✗


9 September ~ Lunch

"And then the wanker completely chewed me out for not matching his hair colour perfectly when I know for a fact that I did. He was just a bloody mess. Thank God I hadn't brought Lux in with me that day, would've hated for her to see that insanity unfold."

We all laugh at Lou's complex story of a celebrity she once worked with; apparently he was not the nicest person out there and liked to create drama. She liked working for him at first, said he was charming and such, but then about four years down the road he just got nasty and apparently the fame went to his head.

Lunch with the three of them has been pretty amazing. They brought me to a nice restaurant downtown that I've never been too and they've distracted me from keeping tabs on Harry's itinerary.

I've gotten to know Lou on a more personal level and actually got to sit and speak with her instead of just seeing her in passing. She's a lovely lady and is pretty successful in the beauty business. She actually used to be a hair and makeup artist for a couple of celebrities and on a couple of television shows before slowing down and doing some blogging and makeup for small events.

"Harry's always been such an amazing boss towards me, even before we got close. It was around my first couple of weeks being at school when the chancellor requests to see me in his office. I thought he wanted to yell at me for doing something wrong or I thought maybe my parents had figured out my plan and I was done for. As soon as I stepped in his office he had nothing but pleasant things to say to me." I say with a sigh, remembering back to that day.

I had been a proper mess. When his secretary called me up and said that the chancellor of my university wanted to meet up with me for a meeting about opportunities I had practically denied the meeting right away out of pure nervousness. But I went anyway. I'm pretty sure I sweat through the blouse I wore and quite possibly the blazer as well.

"He told me that he wanted me to meet with Mr. Harry Styles of Styles Incorporated about employment opportunities. I was completely speechless. Harry wanted to meet with me about a job when we'd never even met and I had absolutely no job qualifications."

"I bet Harry was his same charming self when you met him for the first time." I rolled my eyes and nodded. Harry was, and still is, a modern day Prince Charming.

"He greeted me in what would be my office today with a large smile and a firm handshake. He offered me refreshments and then brought me back to his office to conduct a little interview. It wasn't much of an interview; it was more like a semi-formal chat. He got to know me little by little and then took me on a tour around the building. He opened doors for me, introduced me to the people I work with today, and spoke very highly of me, even though we had only known each other for around an hour's time. At the end of the interview he offered me the job and the rest they say is history."

"You know," Louis started, leaning back in his chair and picking his beer up off the table with a sly smirk, "the first thing Harry did after you left, aside from calling the chancellor of your school, was call me."

"He did?"

"Oh yeah! He gushed on for hours about how smart, professional, funny, kind, and not to mention beautiful you were. I remember telling him how pathetic he was for feeling this way over a girl he literally just met and he told me to sod off, that one day he'd have you. Harry was definitely love struck."

"I never knew that. I mean I knew he liked me a lot and apparently I was too blind to see it." I say, glancing down at Lux as she wiggled on my lap, continuing to colour the pictures in her colouring book that Lou brought her.

"Oh honey, he told everyone about you. He told his mum, Robin, Gemma, Louis, all his other work chums, as well as myself." Lou says as she hands Lux the green crayon. "After he was pulled from university because of his dad we didn't speak much aside from during my pregnancy with Lux and some time after that, but we drifted apart. Then one day, he shows up out of the blue whilst Lux is at preschool and tells me all about this girl that he's 'madly in love with'. I thought he was off his rocker."

Who knew that nearly four years down the road Harry and I would be together and in love.

I'm sure Harry thought long and hard about it, but for me I didn't. I didn't even know I liked Harry until less than five months ago and now I'm deeply, madly in love with the man. I can't believe how far we've come.

"I think you and Harry should get married." Lux pipes in, turning her attention away from her colouring. I gulp lightly as she spins in my lap and looks up at me. "You should get married in a big castle with pretty flowers and a pretty dress. And I should be the flower girl, because I love flowers!" Lux has everyone at the table laughing about this wedding fantasy she has for Harry and I.

I hope one day we get married, but I can't foresee that happening anytime soon. What with the baby and the new house and our jobs, there's just no time for us to get engaged, plan a wedding, attend the wedding, go on a honeymoon, etc. I know money isn't a huge issue but weddings are expensive and the parents' of the bride pay for it, I know for a fact that my parents wouldn't spend a dime on our happiness. Plus, everything is backwards.

You grow up, attend sixth form, graduate, attend university, learn about life, graduate, find a well paying job that makes you happy, find a man, fall in love, get married, then have kids.

I've grown up, I attended sixth form, I graduated that, I attended university, I didn't finish university and dropped out, I got a well paying job that makes me happy three weeks into university, I found a man, I got knocked up, I fell in love, and I'm going to have a kid before I get married.

Everything in my life is screwed over and unplanned.

"Maybe one day."

Suddenly the phone sitting atop the table beside Lux's colouring books begins ringing annoyingly. Everyone around the table looks to me and holds their breaths as if the person on the other line is telling me some jaw dropping news. I pick the phone up and excuse myself from the table, setting Lux down beside her mum.

"Hello." I answer, stepping from the table with a very large smile on my lips.

"Hey baby."

And like that, every ounce of me that was missing Harry so much it pained me just disappeared. Hearing his voice for the first time in twenty-four hours feels miraculous as if I've never heard his voice before in my life.

"You've landed in Sydney I presume."

"Already landed, gone through customs, gathered my bag, and now I'm sitting in the back of my car that's taking me to one of Ashton's hotels." Harry says. His voice sounds incredibly tired, but so would mine if I had been traveling non-stop for the last twenty-four hours. "But enough about me, how are you, love? Is everything okay with you and the baby?"

"Yes, of course. We're good, missing you loads, but good." Harry lets out a heavy sigh on the other end before chuckling lightly.

"Thank God. I've just had the worst feeling since leaving that you guys that something was wrong." I sigh at his remark and lean up against the wall outside the toilets.

Harry has the absolute biggest heart in the entire world and a downside of this is the worry it creates around loved ones, me especially. Once his sister came over for dinner and left late, Harry tried everything to convince her to stay over and not drive back to her flat across town. She didn't listen, meaning I was stuck with a worrying twenty-three year old for the rest of the night.

"Harry, you worry too much, hon; but if it makes you feel any better I can email you a list of everything I've done since that car pulled away from the house." I joke, but something inside me tells me Harry would probably be pretty open to that idea. "Or I'm sure you could call up Louis and ask him for a list."

"I'm sure I could. I told him to keep a close eye on you and baby when I'm not around. What have you been up to? Hopefully, nothing too insane and strenuous." I chuckle and shake my head at him. He thinks getting up off the couch and walking up steps is insane and strenuous.

"Well Louis and I went to a spin class before hitting up the local pubs and then we danced the night away until the wee hours of the morning. Oh and somewhere along the way we rode this mechanical bull, I lasted a full three seconds before I plummeted onto the matts."

There's silence on the other line and it's almost as if I can see the wheels turning in Harry's mind, processing my words slowly. The man has always been able to take a joke, I guess until now.

"Please, for the love of God, tell me you're joking."

"You really think Louis would allow that with all your rules? He yelled at me for getting up in the middle of the night and going to the kitchen for water." Saying this just brings a smile to my lips only because I know that it will bring a smile to Harry's lips as well. "I'm quite content sitting at home, doing a bit of work from my laptop. I don't have to interact with people that way."

"I'm the only person you like to react with."

"That's exactly correct. I can only tolerate you."

Harry and I fall into a comfortable silence, in which we spend a couple minutes of our time just thinking and listening to each other breath and speak to others around us. I can hear Harry telling his driver something about picking him up at a later time to which I take it as he's arrived at the hotel. I don't mind the silence between us though; sometimes it's just the thought that the other person is there that allows me to relax.

"What time is it there?" I question after not being able to take the silence anymore. I need the soothing comfort of his voice just as much as I need the thought of him on the other line.

"Nearly eleven." He says with a yawn. "I'm exhausted baby, haven't been able to get a wink of sleep since I left the house." His voice is pouty now and just hearing it creates a frown on my own lips.

We apparently both can't sleep without each other. I toss and turn uncomfortably and worry about his safety whilst away. The thought of something happening to him keeps me up later to the point where I simply fall asleep of pure exhaustion, not healthily drift into slumber after a long day.

"How about this? I stay on the line with you until you fall asleep? Would that help?" There's a moment of silence between us before Harry's cheerful voice rings through the phone.

"I would love that. Are you sure you're not too busy?" I shake my head, only to remember that he can't see me before answering verbally.

I would do anything for this man, staying on the phone with him until he falls asleep the easiest thing I could do. I just wish we were on the same time zone so that he could do the same for me. I don't think Harry will have time in the morning to do the same for me around my bedtime what with him being nine hours ahead.

"Just give me a moment to check in and get settled."

"I'm just going to let Louis know." I say to Harry as I walk back towards the table where three chatty people sit.

Lux looks as if she's taken it upon herself to entertain on my behalf and Louis looks bored out of his mind colouring some picture just the way Lux orders him to. He keeps sending Lou a sly smirk and an eye roll when Lux isn't looking.

"Hey Louis, can I borrow the keys real quick?" He looks up from the picture the two are colouring and narrows his eyes, probably wondering why on Earth I would need the keys to his precious, expensive Audi. "I'm going to stay on the phone with Harry a while longer and would just like to have some real privacy." Louis turns his nose up at me before covering Lux's ears with his large hands.

"You wanna have phone sex with your boyfriend in my car? I think not." I stomp my foot like a child and roll my eyes down at him whilst I grab my bag from the floor near Lou's pristine shoes.

"I am not going to be having phone sex with Harry!" I hiss, this time covering Lux's ears with my own hands after Louis' dropped them. I drop my hand and rest it on Lux's shoulder, massaging it gently as she colours. "Harry's not been having a very easy time with sleep and I'm going to stay on the line with him until he falls asleep."

After a bit of consideration, Louis digs through his pocket to retrieve the keys before tossing them my way. I thank him with a smile and compliment Lux on her colouring before turning towards the door. Only to be stopped by Louis himself.

"Turn the car on to keep you from overheating out there, don't touch my stereo system I have it just the way I like it, and," he drops his voice and glances towards Lux, who's in her own little world with a giggling Lou, "if any funny business occurs, you tell Harry he owes me a new car." I roll my eyes at his odd request and agree just so he'll get off my back.

"Alright." I say to Harry as I exit the restaurant and walk towards the back car park where Louis' Audi sits. "God, Louis sure is suspicious of us and partial towards his precious car."

"On second thought, fuck sleep, how about we turn this phone call into a FaceTime and you and I have some adult time?"

"Nice try, gorgeous." I say as I unlock the car and slide into the passenger seat. "I'd rather you be here to help me yourself, there's only so much your voice and my hand can do. The same goes for you I presume. But I am thinking of messing with the stereo system now that Louis' told me not to." I admit turning on the car and starting up the air con.

"You suck the fun out of everything when you should be-"

"Do not finish that sentence." I warn with deep rouge heating up my cheeks.

Thank God Harry can't see me or he'd know exactly how embarrassed his dirty talk makes me. Trust me it's unbelievably hot, but I'm not really familiar with it in my most recent wonders of relationships and one-night stands.

"Are you back to your room yet?" I ask, putting the phone on speaker and throwing it to the dash as I lean back in my seat.

"Yeah, just got in. It's amazing baby; I wish you were here. There's a Jacuzzi tub in the middle of the room and the bed," there's a dip of silence before I hear Harry's body cascading with the mattress, "is quite possibly better than mine." I giggle lightly and rest my hands on my baby bump. Harry mumbles something else before yawning loudly.

"Baby, get ready for bed; you need the rest. I can hear it in your voice how tired you are."

After about ten minutes of Harry grumbling about how long it takes him to get ready for bed and a very awkward moment where he did not put me on mute whilst weeing, Harry is snuggled up in what he calls "the softest sheets in the world". I tell him to get comfortable, to which he says he can't possibly without me, causing my heart to clench. But he finally gets settled.

"I have to hug a pillow instead of you and it's just not the same."

"I have to do the same baby." I say softly, hoping not to rile him up again by speaking loudly. "Try your best to get a good night's' sleep. Work will be hell tomorrow if you don't."

"Can you just talk to me Shay?"

"What do you want me to say?"

"Anything, I just need to hear your voice." The words practically bring tears to my eyes at his request. I don't know what to talk about so I just start talking about the one thing I know Harry may love more than me.

"I was thinking that when you get back we can start on the nursery, and by we I mean you because I know you'll take complete charge." I've known that Harry wanted to design and build the nursery even before I knew that I wanted to keep the baby. "I think instead of painting the walls a vibrant colour, which could possibly cause her to be too stimulated, we should paint the walls something more monochromatic.

"We could add pink accents throughout, like a pillow on a chair or even the chair could be pink. I would like to design an abstract wall to sit behind her crib that way I can put my painting skills to good use. I want to also paint her a picture to put in the room." I begin off by saying.

I know Harry really wants to paint her room pink, but I just think grey colours would look so classy and elegant rather than a big splash of light pink everywhere. What if our daughter doesn't even like pink? It'd be cheaper to switch out accents rather than repaint an entire room and replace everything else that's pink.

"We bought a white crib, wardrobe, and changing table already so we're set there. I'm sure you or I could sketch up some different placements for the items in the room and plan from there. I want this nursery to be as perfect as can possibly be. Plus, I'm sort of partial towards the darker, monochromatic colours. Another good thing about those colours is that if in the future we, um, decide to have another child then the nursery would be good for either gender."

"What?" He questions, a hint of excitement in his voice. I hear his heavy breathing intake careful before he blows a breath of air out heavily.

I knew that was going to rile him up! Why did you speak?

"You heard me correctly, Harry." I mumble, nervously chewing on my lip.

I know Harry loves kids with every bone in his body. He is an absolute natural with them, Lux being the key example I've seen thus far. I also know that earlier on in this pregnancy it was hard for him because of his desire to be the father of this current child, now that we've figured it out it's not as big of an issue. But perhaps his perception on having his own children with me has changed now that we've discussed the truth of my baby girl's future and Harry's part in it.

We've yet to discuss most of the legal stuff surrounding the decision for Harry to adopt my daughter after she's born. We haven't done much looking into how difficult it will be. All I know is that Harry will love my, correction our, daughter and he will be there for her, no matter what.

So, sure we have to speak to a lawyer or two and sure it will most possibly be a hassle, but will it be worth it? 100% yes!

In the meantime, we'll see how the first child goes, but I would very much like to give Harry a child of his own flesh and blood in the future.

"You want to have kids with me in the future?" Harry's questionable tone pulls me out of my bubbling anxiety over finding a lawyer and explaining the impending future of our child's legal father. I smile lightly and lean back in my seat, continuing to slowly rub my stomach.

"Of course I want to have children with you in the future. If I didn't then why would I agree for you to adopt my daughter? I trust you with every single bone of my body and I love you more than words could ever describe. You're going to be a great dad and though I don't know how I'll be as a parent, I know you'll be ace. We'll see how this goes first, but I might be open to the idea of another baby." I admit.

Until settling down with Harry, the idea of children never really surfaced in my mind. My future, as decided by my parents, would have turned me into an uneducated, housewife, with a perfect child, and most possibly a cheating husband. No, I hadn't ever thought of children, especially being with the way I was raised. Now, like a blink of the eyes, I've changed my mind. I do want children.


"Yes Harry." I chuckle lightly. "But years down the road mister, I am not looking to have Irish Twins." Harry in turn laughs as well. His tired laugh resonates deeply with me and I find that I miss him more now than I did before this call occurred. "God, I miss you so much."

"I miss you more baby." Harry whispers, his voice dropping an octave. A smile comes to my lips at his confession as I let the words soak into my brain.

"Okay, enough talking. You need to sleep, so try." He huffs lightly and groans outwardly.

"What's the point? When you're not in my arms I can't even rest peacefully, can't even close my eyes without thinking that something will happen whilst I'm not with you. I hate work." Harry complains, his poutiness evident, matching the pout that's formed on my lips.

"You need to try." I begin, not knowing exactly what to say in a situation like this. "Just think of it this way, the sooner you sleep, the sooner this trip with be over. You work as hard as you can without stressing yourself out and you sleep as soundly as possible so you can come back to us as soon as possible. Please sleep, for us. For your pregnant girlfriend and unborn daughter have a sleep. I promise you that I will be fine, we will be fine."

"Okay." He says and I hear a light sniffle over the speaker of the phone.

"Don't you dare cry." I warn with a small smile. "If you start, I will never stop."

"You're right." Harry chuckles to himself. "I love you so much Shay."

I smile brightly at his words and try not to notice the tears prickling the corners of my eyes. If I start crying now I will not be able to stop and Harry will definitely not go to sleep.

"I love you too, so, so much."

"Goodnight." Harry sighs out heavily.

I release an equally large sigh and nod my head as I pick my phone up from the dash. I roll it around in my hands before parting my lips and licking the dryness away.

"Goodnight, my love. Sleep soundly."

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