Eucatastrophe ~ h.s.

This isn't how I planned any aspect of my life to occur.

The plan was simple: Finish university with a 4.0 GPA, Get a well-paying corporate job that's more intense than the assistant job I've now, Find a man that loves me for me, Get married at a gorgeous ceremony, Have beautiful children, Grow old with the man of my dreams and watch our kids mature right before our eyes, and Then fall deeper and deeper in love with our time together.

That Night wasn't supposed to happen. My life wasn't supposed to turn out like this.

*Contains: Language, mild sexual content, and a bit of violence. Content could be triggering for some.*


16. ✗ fifteen ✗


Maybe I wasn't thinking when I had agreed to accompany Harry and Louis at dinner. I hadn't put in much thought when I had said yes, which is odd because I always overthink things. I do want to get out of the house and I do want things to go back to normal. But I don't want to be seen in public and I don't want to have to pretend that I'm "a-okay".

But alas I pushed aside my fears and thoughts for tonight and got ready in the best outfit I owned. I own two gorgeous dresses that would be suitable for a fancy dinner, but I had already worn one of them to Harry's party and didn't want to be that girl that wore the same dress over and over again, plus that dress was ruined. I quite enjoy this dress though it was a gift from my mother. If I remember correctly it was a bribe to come back home, drop out of school, and marry some rich suitor. As you can imagine, I kept the dress and ignored her until that suitor found a wife.

"Shay!" Harry knocks on the door at the bedroom, which is locked for a reason. That reason being so that he can't walk in on me changing. "I'm not going to call for you again, love. We're already running late!"

Harry has been calling my name for the past ten minutes, urging me to hurry up and get ready; but, as I've told him twice before, beauty takes time. Ignoring him yet again, I swipe my light pink lip-gloss against my lips for the last time before stowing it away in my clutch.

I figure if I'm going out to dinner with Harry and his best mate Louis I should try a bit more than I have been lately. I applied makeup, did my hair in the best way possible, and, like I've said before, wore the best dress I own.

"Shay, come on! I'm starvin-"

"Calm yourself, I'm on my way!" I shout back, rolling my eyes and exiting the bathroom. I'll be surprised if he can actually hear me though, doesn't seem like he has in the last twenty minutes.

I make my way downstairs quickly before Harry can throw more of a fit. One thing I've learned since working for him is that he gets hangry... very hangry. He often schedules meetings right after lunch so that we can avoid these situations. "Okay, I'm ready!" I announce, stepping off the last step into the foyer.

"Finally!" Harry spins around to face me, his features immediately softening once he sees me. I stare back at him, watching his eyes carelessly scan my body before planting themselves on my face. "Wow, you, um, look amazing." He compliments, his face flushing as he runs his hand through his unruly curls.

He wears a different suit and part of me actually thinks he was going to show in the hideous Gucci suit, but alas I'm saved. It's black, like most of his suits, but there's a slightly lighter design on the suit. You can't exactly see it unless you look close enough though. The shirt underneath is plain white, with the top three buttons undone to show off his toned, tattooed skin.

"I mean wow." He mutters one last time, pulling me from my trance on his body. I clear my throat and think of something clever to say, but my mind is completely blank.

"Um, thank you for just now checking me out." I decide on. The look of pure shock on Harry's face is enough to send me cackling back upstairs, but I stand my ground.

"Oh, I wasn't. No, I mean maybe I was. I don't know, was I? I don't think I-"

"Relax," I cut in, watching him physically relax a bit. "I'm kidding." I giggle, walking over to the body length mirror near the front entrance. "So you really think this dress looks fine?" I ask, this time more serious than what has just been said. I stare at Harry's reflection through the mirror and run my hands over the dress. "It feels a bit tight in this region." I mutter, motioning to the part of the dress near my hips before the fabric jetted out.

"You look truly amazing, Shay." His voice is low and husky, and very attractive.

Damn this man and his attractiveness!

"I don't look pregnant?" Harry chuckles lightly and shakes his head, taking a step towards me.

"You look perfect and I'm not just saying that because I'm starving."

A small smile breaks out on my lips at his eagerness. He smiles right back at me. I'm sure he wants to say something else, but we're interrupted by the sound of his phone dinging in his back pocket, signaling we truly did need to leave.


"Look who finally decided to show!" Louis announces, standing from his position at a table with four seats. I gulp nervously as we approach, yet again second-guessing agreeing to join. Harry trails beside me, resting his hand on my lower back reassuringly.

I'm almost positive he can sense my nerves from a mile away.

"Shut it or we'll leave." Harry threatens in a light mood. Louis rolls his eyes and rounds the table to meet us.

"You and I both know you're too hungry to leave now." I laugh lightly, enjoying Louis' light mood in a time where I'm so nervous. "Shay, looking even more ravishing than earlier, if possible." He steps closer to me, taking my hands in his. I momentarily freeze at the contact, not being used to anyone other than Harry touching me.

"Lay off Louis." Harry mumbles, sensing my uncomfortable state. Louis looks down at me from his best mate and lets go of my hands.

"Shit, I'm sorry. I just forgot-" I hold my hand up, shushing him. I don't want to be reminded already.

"It's fine. Shall we?"

I motion to the table and both boys nod eagerly, forgetting all about what has just happened. Harry walks around me and pulls my chair out for me and I send him a small thank you before taking the seat. He takes his place beside me as Louis sits across from us, slinging his arm around the back of the empty chair.

"I'm glad the both of you could join me tonight, I'm quite lonely since I can't seem to find a girl." I chuckle at his remark. I can't get over how open and honest he is, as well as light-hearted and funny. Maybe we should hang around him more often.

We? Is there even a we?

"You'll find one soon mate." Harry mutters, grabbing one of the waters from the table and taking a small sip. A waitress with brown curls and a large bust walked in our direction with a keen smile on her lips.

"Good evening. I'm Tess; I'll be your waitress this evening. Can I start you off with any beverages other than water? We have an excellent White Merlot that I recommend." I immediately still at the mention of wine.

Yes, I've a past with liquor, but I also know when enough is enough. Over the years I've come accustomed to drinking wine and champagne without problems. Its just when heavy liquor is involved when problems begin to arise. And White Merlot wine, is unfortunately one of my favorites to drink before...

"Well, speaking for myself, I'd love a glass." Louis pipes in with a large smile. He looks to us. "How about the two of you?" Against my better judgment I drop my hand from the table and set it on Harry's thigh, giving it a tight squeeze in the midst of me internally freaking out.

If I were to decline would he know? No, of course not, you've only just met. Say you don't drink; he would never know the difference. Obviously I can't say yes.

"I'm fine with just water and she can't." Harry says, causing me to widen my eyes and squeeze Harry's thigh tighter. He jumps slightly and I think yelps in pain quietly at the force before realizing what he's just said. "I mean she doesn't drink, so we're fine." The waitress sends us both a light smile before exiting and going to gather Louis' drink.

"How odd." Louis mutters, his eyes searching the both of ours. I send him a smile closed smile before grabbing my water. "You think she could be the future Mrs. Tomlinson?" I breathe out slowly, thanking the heavens above that he's moving on to more "important" things. "I mean she's proper fit and very easy on the eyes, if I do say. I know I don't know anything about her, but where's the fun in that?" I exhale again, picking up the menu and eyeing the items to try and calm myself. Counting backwards from one hundred in my head only does so much to ease my anxiety.

"Are you okay?" Harry's low voice startles me slightly. I don't look over at him but I know he's in close proximity, just from the way his hot breath is hitting my ear. I exhale slowly again and peer over my menu to see Louis studying his as well; paying no mind to us. This dinner thing is a bad idea.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Suddenly the overwhelming urge to throw up overcomes me and sends me flying out of my seat in the direction of the toilets. I ignore the disgusted looks that other diners give me as I sprint in my pumps and make it to the safety of the toilets just in the right time. The burn in my throat only increases after my afternoon snack leaves my stomach and falls into the clean toilet.

I can't help the tears that spring to my eyes as I fall onto my bum and wipe my mouth with some toilet tissue. I continue to sit on the dirty floor of the loo whilst I regain my composure. I don't even notice I'm full on crying until I hear the door of the bathroom open and my sobs echo throughout the empty bathroom. I clamp my mouth shut and sniffle lightly, leaning against the cubical. My head hangs low that in a matter of seconds any high-class woman will walk past the open stall and witness my ill looking face.

"Hey." I stare at the person's shoes as they come to an abrupt stop just outside the small space. He kneels down beside me after flushing the toilet for me and places his hand softly upon my bare knee. "You alright?" I shake my head, sobbing quietly. "Shay, don't cry." I pout like a child as he brings his hands to my face and wipes the tears away. "You're okay."

"I know." I mutter, but it doesn't come out truthful like I've hoped.

"Do you want to stand?" I nod softly and allow Harry to help me from the floor.

Once standing I lean against him, resting my tired head against his shoulder and breathing in his scent. Somehow the smell of him gets rid of the nauseas feeling in the pit of my stomach. We stand like this, his arms wrapped around my waist to keep me up whilst my arms gripped the end of his suit jacket, until I regain my composure a few moments later.

"Are you okay now?"

"Yeah." I breathe out, stumbling over to the sinks. I stare at my reflection and pout at the sight. So much for waterproof mascara, I think as I grab a towel and begin wiping underneath my eyes. 

Harry stands back, watching me in silence as I try to make myself the least bit presentable. My face has paled tremendously and my eyes are red with evidence of tears.

"I brought your bag." Harry says, setting the light pink leather at my side. I thank him quietly, pulling out the lip-gloss and powder for my face. "Do you want to stay? I mean, we can go home if you want to."

"No, no of course not. I'm feeling quite a bit better now." I say, staring at him through the mirror. "I just need to freshen up." He nods slowly looking around the bathroom. "You should go back before Louis gets suspicious or another woman comes in here." He chuckles softly and shrugs his shoulders.

"I could stay, I don't mind." I turn on my heels and eye him carefully.

"Go, I'll be fine. Can you just order me something off the vegetarian menu? I feel as if I even so much as look at meat I'll vomit again." Harry nods slowly, stepping forward and placing a swift kiss on the back of my head before leaving me standing quite shocked in the middle of the women's restroom.

What was that? Surely that wasn't a real kiss out of affection, right? It had to be a friendly, I'm-sorry-you're-suffering-from-morning-sickness-kiss, right?

The thought process alone is making my head spin and my stomach churn, so I know I have to forget about it and not think too much into the matter. The gesture, for some reason, makes me feel slightly calm; aside from the momentary freak out I've just gone though.

When I return back to the table, Louis and Harry are in a heated conversation over a football match, something I truly know nothing about. Louis says nothing to me as I return after running off and I'm thankful for that. He does send me a small smile my way when he thinks he's winning the argument with Harry. Other than that, it seems as if everything is back to normal.

Unfortunately, my luck doesn't run that way.



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