Library chats and midnight snacks.

A fanfiction about a brown haired boy named tyler who loves the season of fall. He loves everything about the season to how your nose turns pink when it's cold,a how the leaves crunch under his feet. One day when he is at the library with his hot chocolate ,a boy with beautiful brown eyes and cotton candy hair approaches him.


1. Red.



Tyler quietly sang walking his way to school. He was excited it was the first day of his favorite season,fall. He smiled sipping his pumpkin hot chocolate happily skipping into his school building. As he was taking his books out a locker he fastly fell to the ground dropping everything. He closed his eyes for a quick second. All he could feel was red. He didn't want to feel red but he did . He angrily opened his eyes seeing a boy with cotton candy hair picking up the boys books. TYler looks up at the boy in awe.  The pink haired boy lightly grabbed tyler's hand and helped him up.Before tyler could rant or scream at the pinked haired boy he spoke."Hey I'm sorry for that cutie,my friend brendon pushed me I'm Josh".Tyler got flustered and quietly spoke"I'm Tyler". Josh laughed and said."well tyler you are such a cutie".Josh says handing the boy his number before vanishing. Tyler blushes and picks up the piece of paper with josh's number on it and shoves it in his pocket,by the time he looks back to where josh was he was gone. Tyler heavily breathed and went to class.How can something like that happen so fast. / / Hope you liked my first chapter lol even though it sucks.

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