Library chats and midnight snacks.

A fanfiction about a brown haired boy named tyler who loves the season of fall. He loves everything about the season to how your nose turns pink when it's cold,a how the leaves crunch under his feet. One day when he is at the library with his hot chocolate ,a boy with beautiful brown eyes and cotton candy hair approaches him.


2. Pink




Pink. Tyler felt pink at the end of the school day. He was slightly confused about what happened that peculiar day. he shrugged his shoulders and excited the school building. He immediately went to the library not having to sign in because he was there so often. He said hello the Mrs. Hart and she politely nodded smiling at tyler and handing him a book. "I have a feeling you'd like this particular article"She smiles saying to the boy in the skirt."T-thanks Mrs. Hart" He says smiling and going to his normal spot to sit down. Hours later it was time for the library to close and Mrs. Hart approached him to give him the keys. This was a normal thing for tyler ,Mrs. Hart noticed how much tyler loved the library and decided to let him stay as long as he wanted. He smiled grabbing the keys as they both exchanged a goodbye as Mrs. Hart left the building. He looked the door and sat. He smiled cuddling into his book and read it. A noise started to bang against the front door."Knock knock knock". The noise continued to happen and tyler got annoyed suddenly getting up and fastly walking to the door in annoyance his skirt swaying as he did. He arrived to the door to only see the pinked haired boy from this morning. Tyler unlocked the door and formed a stuttery sentence."H-Hi w-what are you doing here?". Tyler said as nice as possible slightly confused."I saw the lights on so I came over,sorry should i leave?".Josh asks standing with a bright smile."O-oh no come In".tyler says moving out the way for the pink haired boy to enter.Josh smiled looking over to the corner were it looked tyler was sitting . He walked over to the comfortable looking spot and sat across from it watching tyler sit down looking at his pink skirt."I like you're skirt". Josh says making tyler blush slightly."T-thanks". tyler says looking at the boy. 3 minutes pass and josh speaks."So what do you do here?" josh says breaking the boy out of his gaze."Oh-uh I just read".he blushes looking down."That's it?" Josh says surprised."Pretty much".tyler says looking into his book. "well not on my watch". Josh  says grabbing the boys hand and standing up.//The second chapter yayyyy...

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