Ny movella

I find it so ridiculous how we can look at someone and think, oh she's wearing expensive clothes, her life must be amazing.


1. 10/15 - 2019

Hey, my name is Elle. You probably don't know me, and have no reason in the entire world to read this. But that doesn't matter. So keep reading, unless you know me, I'm warning I might have written something bad about you.... sry.....

I'm gonna let you figure out who I am, the fact that you know my name doesn't mean you know me, so keep that in mind. Maybe I'll drop a hint? Jk this is not actually about me, it's about my experiences in life. And I'm not just talking about the many tv shows I've seen, or the many years of school I've gotten trough. I'm talking about everything. Might include Netflix but no chill, cause I'm lonely af. Jk.

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