Damaged Goods

A collection of poems, short stories, and writing prompts abut my broken life.


1. The Key

Locked. I was locked up hiding my true feelings.

Broken. You saw a single broken crack in my disguise.

Knocked. I forgot to keep you at bay until you knocked.

Peeked. You peeked through the crack offering comfort.


Foolish. I was foolish to believe you.

Careless. I was careless to open the doors.

Hopeless. I was hopeless to your smile.

Foolish. I was foolish to let you in.


Happy. I was happy to have found you

Open. I was open with every little detail.

Distracted. I was too distracted by love to see yours failing.

Too Late. I was too late to patch it up.


Locked. The key was lost and myself locked up.

Broken. The disguise broken,shattered

Knocked. The air knocked from my lungs.

Peaked. The smoke peaked in the air


Burning. I am left burning as the fire blazes.

Gone. You are gone not even looking back at the rubble that was once me.

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