upper class bitch

Ella is the ruler of the Upper East side private school, She has every guy drawling over her, every girl wanting to be her, she is super rich and has a perfect boyfriend, Niall. And then there is Emma, she goes to the same school but is only there because of the scholarship she is on, has one best friend, shares a house with 3 siblings and is forever wishing she was dating Niall. 2 completely different girls end up competing for the same prize, a trip to Italy. Who will win the trip?


1. chapter 1

- 5 years ago -
"Come on Emma! you don't want to be late for the first day of high school do you? Ella said while getting into her mums rover.
"I'm coming Ella" Emma screamed from still inside the house, fixing her hair.
As Emma got into the back of the car next to Ella, she whispered In her ear,
"together forever, promise you wont stop being my best friend?"
"I promise" Ella said while linking pinkies with Emma.

Emma and Ella were two best friends, they were complete opposite but they worked well together. Emma had strands of blue running through her long brunette hair and Ella had wavy blond hair, they were completely different in every single way but they were best friends but then Ella got a boyfriend and everything changed.....

-present day-


"I don't know Dylan, you know how much I hate being in front of a  crowd" I say while looking down at my feet. Dylan has been my best friend since year 8. He is extremely nice, and the biggest computer geek you will ever meet, he always wears the same red beanie everyday and glasses but you gotta love him.
"come on Emma, you will be amazing" he says while opening his locker which is right next to mine.
"But there will be so many people, and I can't sing and -"  Dylan cut me off before starting to say
" Your doing it Emma, your an amazing singer. Now hurry up and get you books for English" he says while slamming his locker door shut.

Dylan and I are in a band with 2 other guys, Luke and Ashton (this was where I first met Dylan). I was their guitarist and Dylan played bass while Luke sang and Ask played the drums. Dylan wants me to sing at our up coming gig but there was no way I could do it, I would just go into a panic attack in front of all those people.
I just grunted and followed him to class.
Ella and Niall are in English with us but I would never dare try to talk to them.
I walk in and my eyes go straight to the back corner where Ella and Niall are kissing. I just let out a sigh and go sit in the next to Dylan.
"You're too good for him anyway" he leans in a says in my ear.
The teacher walks in and class starts.

I have had the biggest crush on Niall since year 7 but like always, Ella takes what she wants no matter who gets hurt in the process.  At the start of year 7 we were best friends and she knew everything about me, including my crush on Niall. She started getting more popular and began to forget about me and then she did the unforgettable, She kissed Niall, right in front of me at a party, since then, Niall and her dated and we are no longer friends since she became a total biatch. Ella practically ruled the school, Every boy wanted to date her, every girl wanted to be her. 
After class I went to my locker and as I opened it, a little card flew out of it and landed on the floor,

I picked up and saw that it was from Niall, it was an invitation to his party
'party at mine Saturday night, hope you can make it, Niall.'
I looked around my shoulder at the direction of where his locker was and saw that he was leaning against his locker looking at me, when we made eye contact he gave me a wink and I couldn't help but blush.
I put the card in my locker along with my English books and got out my lunch. When I closed my locker Niall was there, standing right in behind my locker.
"So, are you going to come to my party?" he said in his cute little accent.
"wouldn't miss it for the world" I say trying to hide the fact that I'm blushing like mad and that my anxiety kicked in.
"See you there" he says as he runs off the catch up with Ella who just walked into the cafeteria.
I'm such an idiot. How could I even think for one moment that Niall would ever like a girl like me? A complete geek who can't even speak without getting an anxiety attack.

I'm such a loser.

Dylan runs up to me as I head outside to our secret little spot on the side of the road to each our lunch. 
"tell me everything he said to you. Don't leave out one detail!" he says in excitement while sitting on the edge of the foot path next to me
"You wanna go to a party in  2 nights time?" I say whilst a smirk grows along my face as I take a chip out of his packet.
"no way! He invited you to his party!!!" 
"I'm only going if you go though" I quietly respond while crunching on his chip
"Count me in!" He says taking a chip out of the packet for himself."

This was going to be amazing! 

Dylan and I spent the rest of lunch talking about the party and then it was off to english.

After school Dylan and I always walk back to our apartment block together but today he had to stay back for private guitar lesson so I was stuck walking home by myself.

"Hey, Emma wait up!" I could recognise his cute accent anywhere, it was Niall. I quickly turned around to see that he was right behind me.
"Hey Niall, whats up"
"Nothing much, just wondering why your walking home by yourself, wheres Dylan?"
"guitar class"
"he's so lucky to have a girlfriend like you" 
Did I hear correctly? Did Niall seriously just say that Dylan is lucky to have me as a girlfriend? For a moment I just froze but then I managed to say
"What? Dylan isn't my boyfriend" I said with a little giggle in-between
"really? I just thought that you guys were a thing since you were always together" he said fluffing the back of his hair with his hand.
"nope" I said popping the 'p' sound, a small smile forming on my face.
"Do you mind if I walk you home?" He said with his blue eyes looking right into mine.

He is so beautiful.

Hey babes! So I'm back with a new movella! I hope you all really like it!
The next chapter will be in Ella's POV!
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