Depressing poems

I write these whenever I feel sad or depressed, which is a lot lately. I hope you enjoy


2. My Demons Spoke

“Why don’t you go kill yourself!”

“Why are you even here?”

“Nobody wants you here,”

“Nobody loves you,”

“You’ll never get married,”  

“Nobody cares how sad you are,”

And many many more.

My demons come in different shapes and sizes,

They look like friends and family, they look like thoughts in my head, they disguise themselves to look like anxiety, and they even look like me.

My demons love to torture me, and of course I let them, because believe it or not I’ll miss them if they left.

I’m addicted to the pain and suffering, which is why I let them slowly kill me.

They even tell me I’m faking but that’s a ploy to pull me deeper.

A boy likes me and I know he does, I know he likes me and wants to go out, but my demons tell me he doesn’t and when I get a glimpse of hope I say something wrong and I retreat back into their arms.

My demons speak to me all the time, thankfully when I’m asleep they’re silent, but they try their hardest to keep me awake.

They even tell me to hate myself and that I’ll never be beautiful, and they attack my self esteem like it’s a deadly virus.

Sometimes I’ll think I look amazing and my self esteem comes back but then they come back as a thought or a friend to tell me I look bad.

Somehow I let them in when I was little I didn’t know it at the time.

But although out my life they’ve been there lurking in the dark.

Just recently they have come out and are now ready to begin.

They began to appear when I was little.

Being bullied at school helped with that.

That’s where they came from, and years later of still being bullied they began to grow and grow,

Now they’re big enough to actually talk to me,

They’re slowing putting the knife in my hand and recently I let them,

I let them cut my arm with my own hand.

And I’m scared they’ll do more and one day kill me.

But like I’ve said before and I’ll say it again I don’t want them to go because I’m addicted to them.

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