Depressing poems

I write these whenever I feel sad or depressed, which is a lot lately. I hope you enjoy


1. I Am...

I am confused and stressed,

I wonder if I’ll ever be smart like my family,

I hear the rain as it hits my windows,

I see my future will go in a million different ways,

I want to go back and fix my only regret,

I am confused and stressed.

I pretend I’m smart to actually hide my stupidity,

I feel like a failure around everyone I know,

I touch my face to hide my sadness,

I worry I won’t be like my family and get a degree,

I cry all the time when I’m alone because,

I am confused and stressed.

I understand I could change how I am but,

I say that it’ll never happen, my demons are just to strong,

I dream I can get my life together, I try to help others to be happy and not be like me,

I hope one day I’ll be fine, but for now,

I am confused and stressed.

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