The Book Keeper

A young orphan boy sets off on a quest to find who he really is and save the world of history and story telling.


1. Knowledge Given

Long ago in early age’s, men where known to tell stories of their past lives or ancestors. Some through cave drawings and hieroglyphics. There was once a man born of great power known as the book keeper. The first original book keeper had a vision of these past lives, and kept them stored in the Mystical Book of Agule. This book was created by the forge of heaven before the time of man, to hold secrets man kind is not yet ready to understand. The day the first book keeper had a vision was the day god fell upon the earth, and Jesus was born ex.…., but the Book Keeper was given 100 years of life and the right to pass on the power to someone ready to uphold the ancient knowledge. On the death bed of the first book keeper stood god herself showing the future set for the final book keeper. “There will be a great battle against good and evil”, God said. For only can this young man lead the path of light.

October 17, 2016, The cold was bitter and the streets where empty, Idaho Falls was not having its usual night. Billy Harrison was on his way home from school, his Science teacher Mr. Wells had him stay later than usual to complete the science project Billy was three weeks late on. Billy always found   an excuse for being late on school work, For example, Bob (The Family Dog), ate my school work, I was too busy saving a man from a burning building. Mr. Wells knew he was lying, and thought that since Billy lives with foster parents now, maybe he was having trouble fitting in with the new life style. Mr. Wells knowing this decided to give him time to patch up his life. Three weeks past and Mr. Wells figured Billy needed the project done for his final grade, and also give Wells a chance to talk to Billy about his parents passing. Mr. Wells had no luck speaking to him about the tragedy. On the contrary, Billy built a mental wall between his past and all realities, for the reason that he thinks the death was his fault. That if only he could have stopped his parents from going to dinner, but it wasn’t his fault. It was the timing itself to blame. Still walking home alone in the dark Billy kept picturing that night in his head. The death of Billy’s parents awoke a feeling of unstoppable encouragement. The feeling that made him believe his life will be greater than any man could imagine, and he was right. For Billy will become The Final Book Keeper, and the savior of history itself. The walk was calming although cold, and the streets where filled with the smell of pumpkin spice hot cocoa. Soon Halloween was coming around the corner. Billy’s house was a big white house with red trimming. Two upstairs bedrooms, and a marble designed kitchen. The front yard had thin dark green grass and a white picket fence. Foster dad took great care of the yard, and put a tall keep off grass sign in the middle. The foster parents had a no soliciting sign on the door because they don’t like celebrating Halloween anymore.

“October, 20 1998” foster dad said, “this was the day Hunter; our son was hit and killed”. The death was told as a tragic car crash on I’11, three cars no survivors. Billy understood why it was too hard for them to celebrate, if his parents died on a holiday, he wouldn’t celebrate it either. Billy still liked Halloween because it was the one time of the year he could be someone else. My name is Billy Harrison and on Halloween I truly changed into a different person for the good of man.I finally got home after the late night walk from school. My foster parents where waiting for me in the living room, worried sick that I was kidnapped. I had to tell them I have been pushing my work aside for three weeks to wrap my head around the new life I have, but of course instead of feeling bad they sent me to my room without a word to speak. The next morning was starting to feel like a good new day for me to change my act for the better of the people in my life. Unlike last night it was a normal weather. Slight wind heading west dragging dry leafs with it. It was partly cloudy with a small chance of rain. The sun just waking up from a long nights rest. Neighbors raking up their front yards. This Saturday was to be relaxing until I felt my insides start to burn. I felt a darkness coming and it wasn’t just the holiday. I started walking down the main road and the further I went the more my stomach stopped hurting. I walked for two miles until the pain went away and I was standing in front of Mr. Mogul’s artifact store / library. There was a sudden urge in my heart that I had to enter.  

The glass pained, wooden framed door screamed as it inched open. Dust flew in the air, with the smell of the pine scented wax floors. I yelled for an answer, “Hey, anyone here”? I yelled once more, “Your door was open”. All of a sudden a grey bearded man stepped out of the shadows saying, “Were closed, go away”. Even though I heard the warning I stepped further inside. As I drew closer I noticed the man looked about 95 years old. Oddly feeling ease in my gut, I told him I was drawn to his store. The man had a surprised look on his face, and only two words to say…. “Chosen One”.


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