Random scenes i have in my head

this is for putting stuff down so i dont forget


2. Alex and the bridge


Alex is handcuffed and almost out of "magic stamina" (or whatever), walking along a bridge towards (who knows). there are 4 guards surrounding him. His Fredrick's Spark (which he named "Frank") is in a glass jar in the front of the group.

Alex: [gets idea] hey. pssst

gurad: what?

alex: where's the restroom?

guard: just hold it in.

alex: mmmnnfffff, ok...

guard: [looks away]

alex: [concentrates on the bottle]

guard: [thinks it's just him trying to get his mind off of "having to use the restroom"]

alex: [summons small ball of lightning with his eyes and shoots it at the jar]

guards: [turn to Frank]

Frank: [charges through guard #1's chest into Alex's palm]

guards 2-4: [get out electric batons]

Alex: [brown in hair comes off in small particles, leaving him with orange hair ; he sweepkicks guard 4 and punches guard 3]

guard 2: [swings at alex's back]

alex: [summons shield on his back, making the baton rebound]

guard 2 is off-guard

alex: [punches guard 2 off the bridge]

guard 4: [punches at alex]

alex: [dodge]

guard 3: [gets up and joins guard 4]

alex: [dodges for a bit then kicks guard 3 off the bridge]

guard 1: [gets up and joins guard 4]

alex: [dodges for a bit then allows guard 4 to punch guard 1 at full force ; shoots some kind of charm at guard 1]

guard 4: [another round of punching until alex kicks him off the bridge]

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