After the Last Battle

After the battle ends, all the characters are going through the aftershock differently. Read to find out. ;D


2. Two days after the battle

Harry P.O.V

I awoke with a start. I remembered dreaming of something good... I don't remember. My thoughts carried on to why I was sleeping is such a huge comfy bed in a beautiful golden decorated room. I looked along to the window where I saw a wonderful majestic view from the top tower of Hogwarts- and then I remembered.

Voldemort is dead.

We won.

The memory of our celebration came back to my head. Butterbeer all around, shouting, tears, reporters, drama, everything. Then I heard Ron thrashing around in his bed.

"Psst!" I whispered. "Ron?" 

"Wha?" Ron popped up in an identical bed to mine on the other side of the room. 

"Are you ok?"

"I guess." Ron muttered rubbing his eyes. "Why?"

"Well you were moving around a ton and I thought something bad was happening and-" 

"Nah, I'm ok." Ron yawned. "Are you?" 

"Yes, why?" I asked. 

"Well, you've been talking in your sleep about someone dying and joining someone, I dunno." Ron shrugged patting down his hair which was poking around everywhere." I grabbed the recorder next to my bed. 

"What is that?" Ron asked eyeing it. 

"A muggle machine." I explained. "I bought it in London a few days ago to record us while we're sleeping so if someone kills us, Hermione or someone could know what happened." 

"Yeah," Ron said. "but why a muggle machine? You're a wizard, Harry! Just do some spell or something." 

"Yeah, but the death eaters are the only ones who would want to kill us, and none would know how to use a muggle device cause most of them are pure or half bloods." I said pushing some buttons. "Listen." 

"If this continues Mum... No! Don't go!" my voice said from the recorder. Ron's eyes widened. "I'm tired, let me join you! I don't want to live! Mum! Dad, tell her! I don't want to... let me go with you. Noooooooooo..." 

"Harry?" Ron's muffled voice said. "You ok? Harry?" 

"Were you talking to you're Mum?" Ron asked me as the recording went to being silence. 

"I don't remember." I said, but I felt a strong pulse in his head. 

"Maybe see Madam Promfrey in the morning?" Ron suggested with a yawn.

"Yeah," I agreed and they both lay back down, but I didn't feel like sleeping. I slid off his bed as Ron's snores rang out again and grabbed a photo album Hagrid gave me in my first year and opened to photos of my Mum and Dad. I felt tears welling in my eyes remembering how I saw them in the forest a few days ago. I flipped through the album again and again until it was morning.


"I don't remember dreaming it." I said to Madam Promfrey the next morning. 

"I think you might have some slight mental health issues looking at this." Promfrey said stirring her potion. "Spit in this cup."

"Why?" I asked but spit in it anyway.

"To clarify you're dream." She said and looked at it. She took a small bowl, scooped some of it up and tossed it in the air. A mist of words and symbols appeared in a maze in the room. Promfrey rushed in, so I followed. After thirty seconds of hurrying through the mist we appeared at a corner leading to another row, but she stayed there and looked at the numbers, scribbling them down. 

"Where are we?" I asked.

"A hologram of your brain." Promfrey said as if it were obvious. "All these things written in here are all you thoughts, dreams, memories, everything." 

"All my memories?" I whispered automatically wanting to go back to when I was a baby with my parents.

"Yes." Promfrey said and turned around, a we exited. As soon as we got out of the mist it vanished and we were back in the hospital wing. Promfey took out the parchment she wrote the numbers on and looked at them closely. 

"What is it?" I said watching her worried expression. 

"You have some mental problems, perhaps grieving off everyone who fought's death... Perhaps something happened that is hard for you?" Promfrey said looking at me curiously. 

"Well of course..." I said quietly. "So many people died... Fred, Lupin, Tonks, Colin..." 

"Well I will examine more closely." Promfrey said shooing me away. 

"I- ok..." I stuttered and retreated to the great hall. I sat next to Ron and Hermione, with Mrs. Weasley across from me. 

"You alright, Harry?" She said plopping some mashed patato on my plate.

"Yeah..." I said as Hermione curiously looked at me. "Just tired." 

"Well we have got quite the planning." Mrs. Weasley said with no trace of happiness on her face. "For Fred's funeral." My stomach lurched. "We've decided to put all the people who died at the battle in a special cemetery on Hogwarts property." 

"I'm really sorry Mrs. Weasley I-" I stuttered. Mrs. Weasley gave me a weak smile. 

"It's fine, Harry dear." She said. "He died a hero." She wiped away her tears. 

"You-know-who is now dead." Ron added. "We're happy." 

"Yeah." I said as someone brushed against my shoulder. Ginny swept passed me and sat next to Mrs. Weasley. Hermione engaged Ginny into a conversation on the latest Witch Weekly issue, so Ron and I began a game of exploding snap. 

"Mountain Trolls!" Ron yelped pointing his wand at identical cards next to each other. 

"Bowtruckles!" I said pointing my own wand.

"1-1." Ron said as the cards began to shuffle themselves. Mrs. Weasley watched us, and Ginny and Hermione joined in.

"The only thing that could make this better was Fred and George." Ginny sighed. If only George wouldn't hide in his room all day. We also miss Fred, but we're not hiding!" 

"Fred and George's relationship was special." Mrs. Weasley said sternly. "Percy also misses him. He didn't have a special bond, but he also know what's right." We all looked at Percy who was cheering up some 3rd years who's friends must have died. 

I looked back at my dinner feeling less hungry.

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