After the Last Battle

After the battle ends, all the characters are going through the aftershock differently. Read to find out. ;D


14. Saving George


"Professor Dumbledore.." I approached him and tapped him slowly on the shoulder. 

"Fred, you and I have both died." He turned around with a small smile. "We've moved on from Hogwarts. Please, call me Albus." 

"Uh..." I paused. "Ok... so um Professor Albus... I was wondering if theres anyway to contact the people that are still alive..."

"Follow me, Fred." Albus waved me over and we walked to the back of the room where a big curtain shielded the wall. He pulled it back revealing huge windows. Many of the people gasped and ran over. "These windows allow each of you to look through and watch over your loved ones. Feel free to look through them whenever you wish."

"But Albus, sir," I said walking up to him. "Is there anyway to talk to them?" 

"Well yes." He nodded. "Theres a portal in my office that allows you to walk through and come back as a ghost for an hour at a time, but it's only used in emergencies. The last time it was used was in 1508." 

"Oh." I looked down. 

"I know you're grieving the fact that you wont be with George for a long time, but we all go through this." Albus said. I sighed. On the inside, I knew it was me who was grieving it, but at the same time, it was also me who had to save George. I peeked through the window. First, I saw Ginny. She was crying... by a bed. Who was on it... Harry?! Harry... he cant be dead... No he's not. If he was, he'd be here with us. Then, I saw my mother. She was carrying a tray of food up a flight of stairs. She opened a door, and lay the tray next to many other trays, all full of food. 

"George, come on." She said. I looked around frantically, as I saw my twin brother sitting in the corner of the room by the window. He didn't even look up. He just stared out. "We all miss him... but you need to eat." No action came from George. "George... please..." tears came falling down her round cheeks. "W-we need you... we need you, George! Please just speak to me!" George turned his head towards our mother. 

"I need time." He said quietly. Mum burst into more tears and nodded. 

"As much as you need..." She said, and exited quickly. I turned away from the window and went back to the lounge at just sat there for at least a few hours. 

"Fred?" A voice started me. It was Albus.

"Oh," I said quickly. "Hi..." 

"Are you ok?" He looked at me. 

"I'm fine." I shrugged. He stared at me for a few long seconds then turned away. 

"Alright." He said. "I'm visiting some people, so I'll be back in a few hours." Then he turned and walked away. I didn't hesitate. I crept to his office and I was greeted by a whirling portal. I shut my eyes. This is for Fred. We can do this. I quickly stepped in, and everything went black. 

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