After the Last Battle

After the battle ends, all the characters are going through the aftershock differently. Read to find out. ;D


5. Promfrey's confession


"What exactly happened, Mr. Weasley?" McGonogall said to me.

"He had just taken a pill Madam Promfrey gave him, and then he suddenly collapsed." I said quickly. 

"What happened to Harry!" Hermione said bursting into the hall with Ginny right behind her. 

"Poisoned." McGonoagall said in a small voice.

"By who?" Ginny asked. 

"Madam Promfrey." I said. 

"The Nurse?" Hermione gasped. "No!" 

"Yes." McGonogall said and put her hands in her face. "We must confront her."

"But why would Promfrey want to poison Harry?" Ginny asked, and Slughorn came running in. 

"I've got the truth potion!" He wheezed. 

"We'll find out." McGonogall said. We rushed to the hospital wing, and McGonogall threw open the door. 

"What-" Promfrey said rushing in from her office. McGonogall threw herself forward and put her wand on Promfrey's temple, and Promfrey froze. Hermione brought over a chair, and McGonogall pushed Promfrey into the chair. "What in the world are you doing?" Promfrey gasped. 

"Here." Slughorn opened the potion and poured about a teaspoon into her mouth, Promfrey gulped it down and glared at McGonogall. 

"What did you just make me drink?" Promfrey demanded. 

"A truth potion." I said cooly. Promfrey's disgusted look became a face full of shock and fear. "What's the matter? You haven't done anything wrong recently have you?" Promfrey twisted her neck as if her was fighting an Imperius spell. I remembered how Harry looked in our 4th year at Hogwarts. 

"Y-Y-NO!" Promfrey yelled. 

"She's fighting." McGonogall muttered to Slughorn. "Give her more." Slughorn emptied half of the truth potion bottle into Promfrey's mouth. 

"Did you poison Harry?" Hermione demanded. Promfrey twisted her neck again.

"Yes." She mumbled. Ginny gasped. 

"Why?" I asked. 

"My nephew fought in the war and died." Promfrey said. "I never liked him a ton because he was a death eater, but when he died I was full of regret. Then I thought, 'why am I against it? I'm pureblood, my whole family is.' So I knew the only thing to do was create a new war, and refuse to nurse it. I'm the best nurse Hogwart's has ever had, so I could do great things in the Death Eater's battle..." 

"How can we cure Harry?" Hermione said with tears falling down her cheeks. 

"The green drink in my office. 9th row, 13th potion on my shelf." McGonogall rushed into the office to grab the potion while Hermione and Ginny ran to Harry's side, where he lay asleep on a bed a few yards from where we were standing. 

"How long will he live for if we cant give him the potion in time?" I asked Promfrey. She checked her watch. 

"Thirty seconds." She said, a smile curling upon her face. Ginny yelped, and ran to go help McGonogall. Slughorn wheeled Harry's bed towards the office. I rushed in with Hermione. 

"Where is it?" Ginny cried. 

"What row?" 

"Row 19." 

"No, row 9!" 

"Poppy!" McGonogall called to Promfrey. 

"Row 9, potion 13." Promfrey said, coughing. 

"Row 9..." I said finding it. 

"13th potion from the left or right?" Ginny asked. 

"Left." Promfrey mumbled. 

"1, 2, 3..." 

"5 seconds!" Promfrey called with a smile. 

"Got it!" I said quickly grabbing the 13th potion. It was a disgusting muck green color. 

"3" Promfrey giggled. 

"Give it here!" Slughorn yelled. I tossed it to him, and he ran out. 

"2" Promfrey chuckled.

"Here!" Slughorn handed it to McGonogall and unscrewed it. 

"1" Promfrey cackled. 

"I got it." McGonogall said as the top popped off. She had it just 3 inches from Harry's lips before Promfrey said-


McGonogall chugged the whole bottle into Harry's mouth.

But it was a second to late for Harry.

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