After the Last Battle

After the battle ends, all the characters are going through the aftershock differently. Read to find out. ;D


7. NO!


"Dead?" I asked. 

"H-He-He c-c-cant be DEAD!"Ginny sniffled. Slughorn felt his pulse again. Then he shook his head. 

"I-I'm sorry guys..." He mumbled. Promfrey cackled. I turned around, feeling anger warming up in my body as I ran full speed at her- but them McGonogall grabbed me. I turned to her face, and I saw she had tears on her cheeks. Hermione sobbed. 

Later, when we had managed to get ourselves together, we went to the great hall to wait for breakfast. We were all surprised to see George there. 

"I decided to pull myself together." He said as he hurried towards us. "I feel that Fred wouldn't want to see me like this, and that-" 

"Harry's dead." I blurted out. 

"What?" George asked. 

"What do you mean, Harry's dead?" Mrs. Weasley said popping up from behind. 

"He died this morning." Hermione mumbled. "Poisoned by Promfrey."

"The nurse?" Mrs. Weasley gasped. And so we explained. Everything. By the end none of us could barely get words out- it was too hard to say. Mrs. Weasley was sobbing, and George was pale. 

"I'm really sorry Mrs. Weasley..." McGonogall mumbled through sniffs and sobs. 

"It wasn't you..." Mrs.Weasley said, pausing from her tears. 


"Ron," Hermione said to me after dinner, when the day felt like a year of tears throughout Hogwarts. "May I talk to you in private for just one minute?" 

"Ok." I nodded, and we headed out to the balcony, staring at the starry sky. 

"I-I..." She paused. "I've decided to go to find my parents." 

"What?" I asked. 

"In Australia." She said quietly. "I can just take the spell off them... and they'll remember me." There was a long, lonely moment of silence. 

"Ok." I said finally. "Go find them." She smiled and embraced me. 

"I'll write you every day," She said. "and you write ME every day." 

"Ok." agreed. "But when will you leave?" She paused. 

"Tomorrow afternoon." She said. 

"Cant you leave right now, apparate there, take the spell of them and come back?" I asked. 

"I've been doing everything the wizarding way recently... and I just want ti do something... you know... the muggle way..." She said awkwardly, as if she weren't sure it were OK. 

"That sounds understandable..." I nodded. "Do you want me to come with you?" Hermione shook her head. 

"This is something I need to do myself." She said, and gazed out into the starlit sky, with eyes full of hope and fear at the same time. 

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