After the Last Battle

After the battle ends, all the characters are going through the aftershock differently. Read to find out. ;D


9. Journey to Australia


"Flight 280 to Australia, first class boarding." A man said on the airport speaker. I shuffled closer to the door of the plane. I hadn't ridden a plane in some time, so it was new. 15 minutes later, I was on the plane as it lifted off, clutching my handbag. I wasn't so confident about the plane. I took out my book, Mystery of the Shrieking Shack. It was based off of, yes, the Shrieking Shack. Of course I know that the shrieking was Lupin, but no one else really did. I never really read fiction wizard books, so this was new. 

I creaked open the door and peaked in. 

"C'mon, Chubby." I whispered to my short and stout partner, Chad, or Chubby. 

"Are there g-g-ghosts?" He stuttered from behind me. I frowned. 

"Chubby," I said. "There haven't been any screams for over 10 years." 

"Well tonight, there might be some..." Chubby said quietly, pointing to himself. 

"No screaming." I said. He sighed. "It might draw attention to us."

I sighed and stared out the window, at the fluffy clouds. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep. I think I must have slept for the whole trip, because when I awoke, we were landing in Australia. Once it had landed, I hurried off with my luggage into the woman's restroom. I needed to find where my parents were. I grabbed two things from my bag, one of my mother's bracelets and my father's ties. 

"Lead me," I whispered with my wand pointed to them. My wand spun east. 


"Knight Bus, where may I lead you?" A short man greeted me as I exited the airport. 

"There's an Australian Knight Bus?" I asked. 

"Yes." The man growled, offended. 

"Sorry, sir." I muttered. "I need to get to Sydney." The man chuckled. 

"That's a long drive from here in Darwin." He said.

"Sir." I rolled my eyes. "You're a wizard. I think you can get me there." He paused, then let me on. I nodded and climbed on and sat in the back behind an old witch with pink hair. I took out my book, but before long, we were there.

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