After the Last Battle

After the battle ends, all the characters are going through the aftershock differently. Read to find out. ;D


3. Dream


"Harry!!!!" Someone yelled. I turned around but saw no one. Where was I? my eyes searched the room. There was a gray mist, much like the one with Madam Promfrey. 

"Harry!" I heard it again, but clearer. I recognized it as Ginny's voice. 

"Ginny!" I called back, feeling my way around. "Ginny!" 

"Harry!" This time it was a deeper voice... Fred!

"Fred?" I asked. Then there was a third voice. 

"Harry!!!!!!" Came Collin Creevey's voice. "Could I get a photo?" 

"Pathetic mudbloods!" Malfoy's voice said. 

"Harry!" Ginny called. 

"Turn to page 394." Snape said coldly.

"Professor Snape!" I yelled. 

"You are weak." Came a slithering voice as all the other voices died down. It was Voldemort. 


"Harry?" Ron's voice said as my eyes fluttered open. 

"Wha-?" I said looking around. I was back in my room. Ron stood next to my bed. "Yeah."

"You were moving a lot in your sleep." Ron said. 

"Yeah," I nodded. "Sorry I had a bad dream." 

"Oh, that's not good." Ron said pausing. "Go see Madam Promfrey."

"Nah," I said sitting up with a yawn. "She gave me a medication last time." I took out the pills. 

"What are those?" Ron said eyeing the medicine.

"Pills." I explained as Ron looked at it. "Promfrey put a potion inside it, so I take it every time I have a bad dream." 

"Why?" Ron asked.

"Cause apparently to her I'm depressed." I said. 

"DEPRESSED?" Ron shrieked. I shushed him. "You freaking killed Lord Voldemort with a disarming spell!" 

"I know..." I nodded. "But so many innocent people died. Like Fred." Ron was silent. 

"I didn't mean to remind you about it, I'm sorry-" I began.

"It's fine." Ron interrupted. "I have to get over it someday." 

"Yeah..." I said, and for a minute it was silent. "I'm going to go get some water so I can take one."

"Ok." Ron said, and then was silent again. I awkwardly felt my way around the dark room and found my want on the table. 

"Aguamenti," I whispered and water appeared in a bowl. I took the bowl and my pill, and quickly swallowed the medicine followed by the water. Then I looked at Ron. 

"What?" He said.

"I dunno..." I muttered.

Then I fainted.

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