The world is filled with hate, lust, love, darkness, and everything in between. These poems are based on anything, and everything.


2. The Library


The girl steps in the huge mahogany building.

The air surrounds her pale, petite body, with used books,

Dried, aged, and dusted.

A smile upon her face,

As she walked down the aisle,

Her small hands skimming old stories.


-Riddles untold,

Unknown secrets that miss your eyes.-


She grabs her favorite book,

From years ago, and open it.


Worn down, and tearing pages,

she enjoys the memories,

Feeling whispers around the little child,

She shivers,

As she hear the dark whispers-


She looks up to see hidden blurry faces,

    dance around her,

Squealing in excitement she joins them,

They hand her a candy,

And say, “Try it, you’ll like it.”


The british girl, puts it in her mouth and taste the caramel,

Sweet and enticing,

But, as she finishes, her body felt heavy,

As if a ton of bricks were on her small shoulders shoulders,

Her cherry red lips, poisoned,

    numb, tart, and soured,

Revealing a blackish blue tongue,

The feeling of fire on her skin,

“I cannot move.”

She thinks, frightened.


Opening her mouth to speak,

(Confusion boiling, in her scrambled brain,)

Yet her body,

Finally, gives out...


They catch her as she falls to the ground,

Passing out, seeing those evil smiles,

With glinting red pupils.


As her eyes close,

A knife piercing her heart…

No time to scream-




She dies.

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