Chosen for Hogwarts

Being a third year Hogwarts student that took sixth year classes was hard enough. Not to mention that Arrow was a transfer student from Ilvermorny. Arrow Hood was an exceptionally bright student. She was a quiditch champion, Student Head of House Slytherin and in her Ilvermorny years she was the Head of House Firebird.


4. Parents

Each house left in a rush, they were all tired after a long and weary day. Each witch and wizard old and young fell asleep upon entering his or her beds. Most of the ones who usually snuck out to make tacos fell asleep instantly. In the Great Hall Regina and Robin lectured each competing wizard.

“No magic besides your wands is allowed. Emma and Arrow to be clear yes both of you are heirs to Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Emma my mother was a Slytherin by name. Any questions because after the winter dance starts the first contest. You must save the one you love most from the deepest depths of the lake and kill the mermaids. If you fail to rescue your person you shall be disqualified immediately. No, that doesn’t mean just take the other persons person. That is frowned upon and I have placed cameras to make sure you don’t CHEAT! Am I CLEAR!”


“All right ladies you are allowed to go to sleep now! Goodnight!”

Arrow waited for the two others to exit before turning to her mother and father who now let out the waterworks.

“Arrow, why do you have to be first cohort of the first order of Merlin? You understand that means you shall be in the Triwizard Tournament until your graduation. Not to mention the nasty things you must encounter to stay at the top. Why do you think I’m not first cohort or even second anymore?”

“Mother, you gave birth to me. You wanted what was best for your daughter. Father, I’m sorry I might have let you down.”
“No you are number one in magic, I should be number four thousand but thanks to your mother I’m number two and she’s number three. Arrow you can do this you understand?”

“Yes Father I do understand, who must I save?”

“Arrow, your subject is Genevieve, Emma’s is Michael Thompson and Anya’s is her best friend Maya. Now, you need to get some sleep tomorrow night is the winter dance. Who’s taking you?”

“Papa, I wasn’t asked. No one wants to go with the first order first cohort of Merlin. They don’t want it to harm their futures.”

“Well, have fun. I love you darling.”
Arrow kissed her parents good night and retreated to her house chambers. She climbed in bed beside Genevieve. They always slept together.

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