Castaway or Reject

What happens when one day you had a lot of friends and you were popular at school and the next day people were making fun of you and ignoring you. Then you start self-harming yourself. But when you get tickets to see your favorite band and you get to meet them and you fall under someones bad boy charm you exchange numbers. But after your mom and dads divorce your mom starts dating someone but he hates you so he persuades your mom to kick you out. So your mom tells you that you have to go live with your dad but you lost all contact with him after the divorce. You think about committing suicide but can love change your mine...
In this fanfic I will be using lyrics from One Directions and 5 Seconds Of Summers songs.
And I promise you I will be updating every other day if I can if I'm not busy with school.
But I was wondering if anybody would want to be a Co-Authors.


2. Authors Note

Hey, guys, I'm going to try to update but I am really busy with school and keeping my grades up so if anybody wants to be my co-author comment on here and tell me. It would be really helpful. Please, and Thank you.

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