The Captain of the Guard



2. The "Eeeee" Sickness

8 Years Later

“Ohtu wake up!” My sister frantically tried to make me wake up, but nothing could get me out of bed after yesterday. After the party. After everything.


“Eeeeee” My brother squealed, the most inhuman noise a boy of his age could make, just to annoy someone. Everyone was excited but this was too far, you could hear it more than two doors down. I stomped all the way to his room, trying to make the point of my anger by making loud thuds when ever my feet hit the floor. Right when I was outside his door another “Eee” came from my sister’s room, down the hall. Seconds later another "Eee" came from my room. That's when the sleepiness finally completely set in and I just hit my head on my brother's door. My sister, my brother and now my maid! 

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