The Captain of the Guard



1. Prologue


"I can see her!" My sister yelled. Finally, what took her so long? Mum was suppose to be on top of the tower 15 minutes ago. The Captain yelled down to a guard but I couldn't hear what she said, so when people started to panic, I panicked right along with them. I could see the strange shadows of the guards all around the crowd. Why had Mum called a town meeting, and where was the King? My mind was racing so much I almost didn't hear Mum speak to the crowd. " We have evidence that the King was using Dark Magic-" Now people were freaking out even more." so we needed to take measures to stop him, now we have put someone in his place, me." What! Why didn't she tell us? I could see both my siblings were thinking the same thing. My brother and my sister joined the crowd in bowing and one harsh look from my mother and other guards, I did too. 


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