Regina Mills was a model for Gold Modeling International. She wasn’t married, she didn’t have any children and she lived with her sister Zelena and niece Kalie in a penthouse in Central Park. Regina lived a life were her career was all that mattered. She had a strict diet and even stricter daily weight loss routine. Every morning she would wake up, run six miles, shower, dress, eat protein shake, go to work, eat lunch, come home, run six miles, eat dinner, bathe, watch television with niece, bathe niece, put niece in bed, chat with Emma for an hour and finally get her beauty sleep before Zelena came home from work.


7. The Unexpected Delivery

When the newlyweds finally arrived at the Enovian palace, a feast greeted them. Regina and Robin were toasted to and hands were kissed. Introductions were issued and merriment abounded. Then something terrible destroyed the happy life that was set out upon the marriage of Regina and Robin.

Robin held his goblet of wine and looked into his father the king’s eyes. He stood and helped Regina to her feet.

“I would like to make a toast. To my wife Regina, to my father King Roland and to my mother Queen Lillian. I have news, the Princess Regina is with child, and soon a prince or princess shall fill the halls with laughter once again.”

“Well my dear Robin, this is very pleasant news. Regina shall bear you a child so early in your union. This is a blessing in disguise.”

King Roland had spoken to soon, for Regina felt ill and collapsed onto the floor. A trickle of blood stained her white wedding dress and her head hit the side of the table. Robin jumped up and helped Regina to her feet.

“Father, call for help! She’s ill.”

Guards helped carry Regina to her and Robin’s new royal chambers and she was laid on the bed. Robin stood at her head and watched as maids carefully removed her wedding gown and covered her with sheets. The doctor examined her bleeding and ordered a towel be put on her head. The doctor beckoned Robin to the hall and spoke solemnly.

“Your Highness, Prince Robin. I’m afraid that your wife must be placed on bed rest the remainder of her pregnancy. How far along is she?”

“Four and half months sir.”

“I will tell the king that the robots are needed in assistance.”

“What’s wrong with Regina?”

“It’s the child that’s harmed. We may have to remove the baby.”

“It could die!”

“Not with the technology that I have asked to begin using. We may have to speed up the pregnancy with a special formula and deliver the infant tonight.”

“I understand, you must do whatever you can to save them both.”

Doctor Wale placed his hand on Robin’s shoulder and nodded. He wore a grave expression and then vanished down the hall. Robin returned to his wife and watched as golden IV’s were placed and silver equipment was placed inside the room. A maid sprayed Regina with a special spray to give her skin protection. Robin sat by his princess and held her hand all through the procedures.

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