Regina Mills was a model for Gold Modeling International. She wasn’t married, she didn’t have any children and she lived with her sister Zelena and niece Kalie in a penthouse in Central Park. Regina lived a life were her career was all that mattered. She had a strict diet and even stricter daily weight loss routine. Every morning she would wake up, run six miles, shower, dress, eat protein shake, go to work, eat lunch, come home, run six miles, eat dinner, bathe, watch television with niece, bathe niece, put niece in bed, chat with Emma for an hour and finally get her beauty sleep before Zelena came home from work.


6. The New Heir

On the carriage ride to the limo, Regina and Robin gazed into each other’s eyes and shed tears of joy. Robin kissed Regina and she kissed him back.

“ Before I met you I told my boss that I was pregnant and he said he would visit in nine months and if I wasn’t pregnant he would take away my sister’s home.”

“Well it’s good you got married. I mean you are Kalie’s stepmother today and her aunt. I’ll get you pregnant soon enough.”

“That the thing, the night that we met. I did get pregnant…”

Robin looked down and placed his hand on Regina’s stomach. He kissed Regina again and smiled.

“That’s why you didn’t want to have sex with me?”

“Yeah, in five months Robin, Kalie will have a baby brother or sister and you’ll be a father again.”


Regina nodded and kissed her new husband. They already had an heir to the throne and it was coming sooner than they wanted it to. Then, Regina remembered something she shouldn’t have forgotten.

“I promised Gold my firstborn child when I went to work for him. He promised me money and a new job if I got pregnant before I turned twenty- seven. He’ll take the baby, he can’t you’re a prince and she’s or he’s a prince or princess and I’m a princess. He can’t”

“Regina calm down, look here we are and soon we’ll be in Enova. Enova is full of magic and no Mister Gold can break through those bonds.”

“He’ll take Zelena and Kalie if I don’t give him the baby…”

“Zelena has already told me the deal. Whenever she talks about Kalie she says anything that involves my daughter. Zelena and Kalie are already in Enova, that limo is also a magical portal.”

“Enova isn’t just in Canada. Is it in a new dimension?”

“Regina you understand that once you enter you can’t leave for twenty years?”

“You’ve been gone for a decade because you didn’t want to go home?”

“Yes, and I’m afraid that twenty years there is a century here.”

“I don’t care.”

Regina kissed her new husband and he helped her out of the carriage. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her still small belly. She was placed in the limo and Robin sat beside her. They shared a few more kisses and a few more smiles between them. A few hours later they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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