Regina Mills was a model for Gold Modeling International. She wasn’t married, she didn’t have any children and she lived with her sister Zelena and niece Kalie in a penthouse in Central Park. Regina lived a life were her career was all that mattered. She had a strict diet and even stricter daily weight loss routine. Every morning she would wake up, run six miles, shower, dress, eat protein shake, go to work, eat lunch, come home, run six miles, eat dinner, bathe, watch television with niece, bathe niece, put niece in bed, chat with Emma for an hour and finally get her beauty sleep before Zelena came home from work.


2. Lying to Gold

Regina walked in with a spring in her step. She went straight to her changing room. Donatello was waiting with a new dress in black. It was sleeveless, floor length and was covered in mini diamonds. Donnie put her hair into a high up do and added a diamond tiara. Her sensible pumps were replaced with glass slippers. The music started and Regina waltzed out on stage and right back off again. Her last performance was magical.

     After changing back into her red blouse and black skirt she took a ‘pregnancy test’ out of her purse and headed to Mister Gold’s office. He saw her come in and greeted her with pleasure and a falsetto voice.

“There’s my best girl! Happy twenty-sixth. How are you dearie?”

“I’m afraid I have to quit, I’m pregnant!”

Regina showed him the pregnancy test and watched him twitch his lip and fiddle with his cane.

“Well who’s the lucky dearie?”

“It was a one night stand and I took the morning after pill but it was too late!”

“Well dearie, we did have a deal you get preggers before your twenty-seventh birthday you get MONEY!”

“Thank you so much Mister Gold. I would love to stay and chat but I have a doctor’s appointment. SURPRISE!”

“Here you go Dearie!”

Gold handed her a stack of cash and kissed her hand. She sashayed out the door and left the modeling world behind. In the taxi ride home she called Emma and told her everything.

“He looked so mad, he probably screamed afterwards. The look on his face was pure anger.”

“Regina he said that in nine months he would visit and if you didn’t have a child he would sue you for all his money back. He gave you a million dollars. I’m sure he’ll be pissed when he finds out.”

“Well, Emma I’m going home.”

“See you at Cherry’s.”

When Regina got home Kalie ran up to her and Zelena stood at the door.

“Emma called, did you really lie to Gold. He’ll sue you and then what. No more house for me, you or Kalie.”

“Zelena, I’m sorry. Did you really want my reputation ruined at that party when he would’ve fired me?”

Zelena didn’t answer she just left the room and left Regina to think over her life choices. Around noon she fell asleep and around seven woke up to get ready for the party. Little did she know that at the other side of town.

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