Regina Mills was a model for Gold Modeling International. She wasn’t married, she didn’t have any children and she lived with her sister Zelena and niece Kalie in a penthouse in Central Park. Regina lived a life were her career was all that mattered. She had a strict diet and even stricter daily weight loss routine. Every morning she would wake up, run six miles, shower, dress, eat protein shake, go to work, eat lunch, come home, run six miles, eat dinner, bathe, watch television with niece, bathe niece, put niece in bed, chat with Emma for an hour and finally get her beauty sleep before Zelena came home from work.


4. Date and Royal Engagement


Regina stood in front of the mirror. She wore her father’s baseball jersey, skinny jeans, and sneakers. They were so comfortable. Robin was coming to get her for a football game in Boston. Zelena came in and laid her head on her sister’s shoulder.

“Regina I see that you love him and I hope that my relationship with him because he’s my daughter’s father doesn’t get in the way of things.”

“Zelena, it could never. What we have is true love and true love smashes any thing.”

“Have fun at the game. The bell is ringing.”

Regina opened the door and fell into Robin’s arms. They sat next to each other all the way on the train to Boston. When they got to the game Robin led Regina to the president’s box.

“Do you want a hotdog?”

The table was covered with beer and chocolate and all other sorts of foods. Regina stood with her mouth open and she cried.

“It’s chocolate and you ask me if I want a hotdog?”

“My father is the King of Enova in Canada.”

“You’re a prince…”

Robin got down on one knee and opened a red velvet box to show a princess cut diamond in a white gold setting on a black gold band.

“And you a princess.”


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