Regina Mills was a model for Gold Modeling International. She wasn’t married, she didn’t have any children and she lived with her sister Zelena and niece Kalie in a penthouse in Central Park. Regina lived a life were her career was all that mattered. She had a strict diet and even stricter daily weight loss routine. Every morning she would wake up, run six miles, shower, dress, eat protein shake, go to work, eat lunch, come home, run six miles, eat dinner, bathe, watch television with niece, bathe niece, put niece in bed, chat with Emma for an hour and finally get her beauty sleep before Zelena came home from work.


8. A son, a daughter and A wife

Later that night the doctor returned flanked with three robots. Robin recognized each one. A midwife bot, a medicinal bot and an x-ray bot. An x-ray was taken of Regina’s head and of her womb, the doctor examined the x-ray taken and pointed out an odd shape to Robin.

“That my son is your child. You can see that it’s a healthy little boy. We must be delicate in this next phase. Bot prepare the formula.”

A milky substance was brought forth and fed through the tube that disappeared into Regina’s womb. Over the course of three hours Robin watched as her belly grew with child with each passing moment. Finally at the end of three hours the tube was removed and Robin was caught up to what was happening.

“We will take another x-ray and then manually deliver the child without waking Princess Regina.”

“Please don’t do a caesarean, I’m sure she would wish to give birth to her other children later on.”

“Yes your Highness, we must hurry or she won’t be able to have any more children. Do you understand Robin?”

“Yes sir, please save my wife and my son.”

“We will.”

Wale changed his gloves and let the midwife bot set up two bassinets in the corner of the large chamber, the chamber had golden wall covered with red décor and the two cradles were silver and gold.

“Why two cradles?”

“We’ve learned from experience that the child might prefer silver over gold or vice versa. Your son shall be here very shortly.”

Robin watched as his son was removed from Regina and handed to him. Robin held his son and let the infant wail in his arms. The little boy had brown eyes and golden curls. He had golden skin and a big smile; the son also had the makings of a king.

“ His name shall be proclaimed when my queen awakens to see her son.”

Robin saw that Wale was shocked. Robin gave the bot his son and moved towards Regina’s feet. Another head was poking through the sheets; Robin lifted the child out and held the infant in his arms.

“Twins, how didn’t the x-ray pick up the twins?”

“Because Regina had two pregnancies going on at once. It wasn’t supposed to be twins. This daughter is the odd shape on the x-ray from before. This daughter is why Regina fainted and bled. She was carrying a four-month pregnancy and a new pregnancy. This is extremely rare and has happened once before. When King Roland and his sister was born.”

Robin didn’t care he held his son and his daughter. The girl had blue eyes and brown curls; her skin was a silver color and her wails like music. Robin held his twins in one arm each and sat next to Regina and spoke quietly.

“Wale a moments peace please?”
“Yes your highness, as you wish. BOTS!”

“Regina look at you, so quiet and so perfect. I wish you would open your eyes and see your son and daughter. They’re perfect; they look just like their Mommy. I wish you would wake up.”

Robin laid his daughter in the silver cradle and his son in the gold one. He bent down and kissed each of their heads. Then, he went back over to Regina and kissed her soft lips. He turned around back to the twins and didn’t notice her eyes flutter open.

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