Love of the Undead

Hannah never thought that life would take the one thing in her life that was good, her boyfriend, Jackson. But then tragedy strikes, tearing him from her. Soon she slips into a deep depression. When she makes the choice of suicide, that's when he comes. He promises that she will be okay, he's home now. But can it really last, the dead loving the living?


1. Hannah Bloom

~Hannah's POV~

"Mom!" I cried at the body flailing in the air. Strangled gasps escaped her mouth. "Mom!" I screamed when she went limp. Her breathing stopped altogether confirming my worst fear, my mother just hung herself. My last parent is dead. Tears began to flow down my face. "WHY!" I screamed to the heavens. "Why?"

Snapping wakes me up. "Hannah? Hannah!" Someone slaps me. I bolt up in my bed at Newland orphanage. Jackson, my best friend and boyfriend, stumbles back holding his head. "Damn Hannah. You've got a hard head."

"Shit, sorry." I grimace when he winces. "I was screaming again, wasn't I?" I raise my hand to my cheeks to confirm why Jackson woke me up. I was crying, again. "Fuck."

"Hey, hakuna matata." He smirks. God I love his smirk. I try to untangle myself from my blankets but end up falling into Jackson. He holds us upright but crashes his lips against mine. I freeze. This is so unlike him to be this rash. Finally I melt into the kiss before pulling away for air. He blushes.

"What, was that?" I ask breathless. Jackson shrugs. He takes my hand as we start to walk out of the room.

"I felt like it was necessary." He says a little troubled. I stop.

"Another hunch?" I squeak. "No no no. This is the third one this week, Jackson. That can only mean something bad."

"I know. But what?" He looks at me before going to walk down the stairs, only to find that he miscalculated and falls down them instead. Before he falls he lets go and whispers, "I love you Hannah."

I can only scream. The wail coming from my mouth is inhuman, filled with so much pain as I watch helplessly alas the only one I have left crashes down the grand marble staircase. Finally he lands at the bottom. He's dead. His head is only a pulp. Tears stream down my face as people start to gather. Someone grabs my arm before I can die the same way he did. A simple trip.


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