when will he see me

A girl named Sophie has a crush on a guy who is the most popular dude in the school and he bullies her but he likes her will he tell her or be a bitch to her for the rest of the year


2. WTF happened last night

The next morning my alarm woke me up, and I was wondering what the hell happened last night. All I can remember is Zach's sumptuous lips pressed against mine, but I had no time to think about that I had to get ready for school. So I got dressed, did my make up, and did my hair. When I arrived at school I had all eyes pointed towards me. I was like what the hell happened last night?! I couldn't remember shit. Next thing I know THE GUY OF MY DREAMS IS PUTTING HIS ARM AROUND ME. I looked up and there he was: Zach. The guy who had teased me for four years is now MY BOYFRIEND? I was afraid to ask what happened last night but I needed to know. So I shamefully asked him "What happened last night?" He explained to me that he has had a crush on me for a while now and last night when he kissed me he asked me out but I didn't remember that, I mean my head was pounding like a drum. "So I guess that's what the chuckle was for". I said laughing. Later that day,we were at lunch. The waiter, Chad Thompson, has had a crush on me for a long time, and I knew it; every time that I ate at this restaurant, he asked me out, but I don't date pigs like Chad, who is on the Varsity Hockey Team. Smiling down at me, and casting a sidelong glare at Zach, he said "So Sophie, wanna go out with me tomorrow, I mean you're not dating him, are you? Cause I don't think you would be that stupid." My jaw dropped, but before I could say anything, Zach said, "Don't talk to my girlfriend like that". Chad sneered "Or what?" Suddenly Zach's fist caught Chad right under his jaw, and it became clear that he had knocked him out. Needless to say, we were kicked out of the restaurant.

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