when will he see me

A girl named Sophie has a crush on a guy who is the most popular dude in the school and he bullies her but he likes her will he tell her or be a bitch to her for the rest of the year


1. My first party

I was about to leave when I hear a knock on my door. It was my best friend Ava.

"You ready to go?", she asked me. 


"I'll be ready in a minute", I told her . I kept thinking what if he's there what will I do? Then I heard her yell


"Hurry up bitch!". We always talk to each other like that, and in the blink of an eye I was out the door. When we walked inside the party everybody was minding their own business. Then there he was Zach Macintosh. I was freaking out! I have had a crush on this boy for who knows how long.                                I told my friend "We need to get out of here." She asked me "What for?".


"No time to explain," I said (she doesn't know I like Zach). Then I started to pull her by the arm. She stopped me and stated with an air of strong authority 


"We are staying and that's that.". I begged for her to let us leave but she was already dancing on some guys, so I gave up. About an hour later I was wasted and someone yelled


"Who wants to play spin the bottle?" The sober Sophie wouldn't do this, but I was drunk Sophie right now, and drunk Sophie was too bold and too stupid to pass this up. With the alcohol blurring my vision and causing my head to buzz, I stumbled towards the gathering circle. I heard a slurred voice call out


"I wanna go first!" Oh. My. Fucking. God! It was my voice! Already cursing myself, I took hold of the bottle's slender neck and gave it a twirl. It spun for a good while, slowed down, and stopped.  I  looked up meekly, right into the most gorgeous pair of eyes, hold the fuck up, I know those eyes . . . It was Zach! He looked at me shyly, then  gave me a sly smile. He hooked a hand around the back of my neck, and leaned in. . . suddenly his lips were pressing against mine insistently. I immediately began kissing him back, finally fulfilling a long-thought-of dream. His lips were soft, and he tasted sweet, like honey, and at that moment, I prayed that I didn't taste as drunk as I felt. Without warning, he pulled away and gave me grinned smugly and looked you over from head to toe, and I took the opportunity to do the same. His dark hair stopped just above his large, sapphire-blue eyes. My eyes traveled down to his sharp jawline, and lingered on his full lips, which were a light red from kissing me. I looked up an saw that he had caught me staring. I averted your eyes as he gave me a soft chuckle, got up, and left the party.

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