The life Of All American Teens

Well,my name is Sky and honestly i dont know where to begin is a story about me life.

Authors note: its in pov chapters


1. Sky

Sky had woke up in her bed,it was late at night,she looked around and sat up,she was dreaming about being chased and she jumped,thats what had woken her up,her dream it was so vivid it felt to real,she laid back down staring at the ceiling,she closed her eyes and fell back asleep 


Her alarm was going off,Sky had awaken,she sat up and looked for something to wear.she finally got up and found her ripped skinny jeans and her walking dead tee shirt,she got up and headed to the bathroom to get dressed,it was just her,her father was in the army,he helped get the apartment for her 19th birthday,everything was paid for,her older brother austin was off at college and only visted during holidays,her younger sister blaze was off somewhere with their mom,they were somewhere in orgen sky hasnt anything from her mom nor blaze since they left 3 years ago,she always wondered how the were doing honstely,Sky had finished etting dressed she threw her hair in a bun and started to do her make up,when she finished she got up and grabed her bag and her phone and headed out to meet emma,Her best friend for years now they have known eachother since before they were even born,emmas mom had past on,so we took her in,then mom and dad split because mom was a dealer and and addict when she left she took blaze with her,she pulled up to emmas house and honked the horn *BEEP BEEP*,she leaned out of her window and yelled for emma,"hurry up hoe we gotta goor we are gonna be late",emma was running out the front door and got in the car "sorry logan was talking up storm he wouldnt let me leave,like always"she sighed and fastened her had started to back up and head towards the school "of course he was,when inst he honestly".logan was emmas "boyfriend " but not really,he only used for a place to stay and for drugs,we have all know logan for years,he was austins best friend in high school.skys phone started to ring,she answered it through the bluetooth on the car raido,it was chandler,"hey are yall on your way to school,because they have doughnuts this morning"he said.Sky and emma both laughed at the excitement in his voice,"yeah we are almost there,ill see you soon i gotta go"sky hung up and pulled into the school parking lot,they got out and went to find chandler and the doughnuts.after they met up with him they ate their doughnuts while walking to class "so have you heard anything from blaze?"chandler questioned. sky sighed and frowned a bit "nope nothing at all honestly,not since the day she left,she wont answer my calls,texts,emails,letters nothing" she said taking her seat next to chandler,she took out her binder."im sorry sky,i know its hard,nit hearing from her"he asked while begin cautious about his words."yes ive tried everything and she still wont answer me,im starting to think she doesnt care anymore"she stated as she copied down the notes on the board."you know sky,have you even heard from your dad? i mean i know hes busy but still" emma chimend in. sky set pencil down and looked back at her "acually yes i talked to him last night,even he hasnt heard from blaze,nor austin"she said as she read a text from alex. alex was a sophmore this year,he was a sweet innocent boy who she had met last year in gym,he was gay but he was a great friend,she loved how he was so confident with hisself. "mhm girl liam was looking extra fine this morning" she read and replied "i bet he was alex,chandler doesnt look that bad either honestly"she locked her phone and set it down as Mr.Reedus walked in,Emma fancies him alot,sky never knew why but she was ok with it since its emmas choice on who she likes or she is with,"Alright class i hope you have copied down the notes" he said eyeballing emma and sitting down at his desk."we are going to be doing a lap so please pair up into groups of 3" he stated while taking attedence. he stood up and started writing on the board "you guys will be doing a lab on newtons laws,i will be passing out the worksheets,please write this down" she, emma and chandler all paired up and wrote down what was on the board."ok so please read the directions carefully and get to work"Mr.Reedus said has he handed out the papers."you have until the end of class to finish this,you may now start to work"he said typing on his computer.some time had passed when chandler was writting and then the bell rang,class was over.they all got up and hurried up with putting their things away,they all left and went to their lockers,sky and chandler walking together "So are you still up for tonight? chandler asked as he opened his locker and set his stuff inside,"i mean yeah of course,but i gotta stay late i gotta talk to Mr.linclon about why im failing his class" she replied closing her locker.chandler smiled and closed his locker looking at at her "ok thats fine i took the bus this morning so ill just meet you back here after school" he sighed and walked to had entered her English class,Mr.linclon,her fave class of the day.she took out her seat waiting for class to begin *buzz buzz* her hone went off,it was a text from chandler."So what are plans for tonight because i wanted to see the new oujia movie :)".ske replied "sure then we should head back to your place for a bit" she sent the text and began to get lost in the words of edgar allen poe. she was day dreaming about her teacher,she was never really into older guys like emma was but she saw him,the tall english man named Mr.linclon. after the first  few months of school sky had started to form very unusal feelings for him,well now its apirl and schol was almost over and she had found herself in a sexual realtionship with him,well unitl last month when he called it quits on her because people were questioning him."you know sky you cant just doze off in class,come on now get to work" she was brought back into realaitly by that familar english accent."y-yeah sorry Mr.linclon i will get right on that" she stuttered as he walked away,she was in love with him and he knew it ,he used it aganist her very often .but sky had started to fall for chandler,she was confused about what she wanted,but tonight she was gonna figure it out,she wrote down the textbook numbers and opened it  it up and started to read the story that was presented to her,it was boring,she layed her head down and fell asleep,she was dreaming again.emma sat on the gym floor waiting for them to start doing whatever they were doing so she could go behind the bleachers and sit there and think.she hated gym the first week of school she hid behind there so she avoid working out ,she was sitting behind the bleachers when louis had joined her, "hey there sunshine hows your day going?"he said as he sat next to her.louis was another good friend of theirs,louis was very intamate with Mr.styles.then again she was with Mr.Reedus,it didnt matter honestly,she looked up and smiled "its alright so far honestly,sky is hanging with chandler after school today she is finally gonna decied on what she wants" emma murmered. louis smiled big "finally that poor girl has been locked in a state of mind that took forever to get out of,its almost like her scene phase" he laughed a bit.emma had smiled and giggled a little "honestly lets not bring that up because it was a horrid time for us all"she replied.louis chuckled and replied "yeah thats true,im glad she got over that honestly".The bell rang and they hurried to the locker rooms to grab their stuff and head to lunch ,they met up at the usal table ,sky has stayed to talk to Mr.linclon."look i need answers,why did you really cut ties with me? huh?" she looked at him with question."Well sky,we we couldnt keep going,people were asking questions". he said sternly while looking into her eye."Thats bullshit! and you know for a fact that it is,i want the truth and i want it now" her voice boomed through the room,Andrew looked at her from top to bottom and saw her wiping her eyes before replyin ''fine you want the truth? then i will give you the truth,you see sky I'm to rough with you,yes i love you to death but sweety im way to rough with you,i leave bruises and marks all over your body,i cant stand too see you like that" he leaned back in his chair watching her wipe her eyes again,"sky im sorry you have to believe me ,i really do love you,but you need better,like chandler" he sat up placing his elbows on his desk,she leaned in and looked at him "Fuck you Andrew" she whispered and walked out heading to lunch. She met up with everyone and chandler had already bought her a salad."thanks chan,i wouldve bought it myself you know"she stated "well i know that but im being nice" he smiled at her and watched her sit next to him "so i just got done talking to Mr.linclon so chandler we can just leave right after school,i figured out why i was failing his class,i also found out why he cut it quits with me" she sighed and began to eat her salad,they took a looked at her with a face of concer."what/ im fine guys i swear im perfectly ok"sky said finishing her salad."ok hun look take it from me you can do better and you have" Alex had pointed to chandler,"he clearly makes you happy so stick with him ok?"alex had stated.Liam kissed his forehead "alex is right you know,you something perfect in your life you should keep it" liam agreed,chandler smiled and finsihed eating,"come on guys we  arent together .......yet so please slow down" louis and his brother elliot were walking up to the table "who slow down what? whats going on?" they said."they are talking telling me to stay with chandler and all this other bullshit,even tho i never said i was going to leave him"sky clearly stated "Good you need to keep him!" they chimed in,"alright its time for class lets go"they all heard someon say.they said their goodbyes and went their separate and chandler were walking together "you know i think they are right i know i make you happy,and i dont want you to leave me " He smiled. sky looked at him "i am not gonna leave you chandler dont worry ok" she would place a kiss his lips and smiled pulling "i promise" she said looking into his eyes. The rest of the day was a blur to her,she was waiting for chandler outside his class when she seen scarlet talking to him  her hand was on his shoulder. "mhm so do you wanna hang out tonight or no?" she asked flrtatously, chandler had moved her hand from him and retorked "sorry scarlet im busy tonight and all weekend besides I dont need you i have someone already, now bye" he walked out seeing sky outside the door "hey there babe,how was class?"he asked with question,Sky smiled looking at scarlet and took his hand in hers "it was alright i thought about you all day so im pretty happy " she laughed and smiled wickely at scarlet.They walked to skys car and got in "so i have to get ready before the movies so im  dragging you to my place for a bit" Sky said driving off.they arrived at her place ,she locked her car and went inside waiting for chandler to follow,she grabbed some clothes and headed to the shower,"hey dont take to long we are on a time limit you know" chandler said while chuckling."i know im trying to hurry" she stated walking into the bathroom,she shut the door and started to play some music,she began to undress slowly and looked at herself in the mirror ,she hated the way she looked,her body shape,her scars,everything,she turned the shower on and stepped in letting the water hit her back,she felt relaxed,she loved warm showers and baths,she started to think about chandler but not in a friendly way.she was always having all kinds of differnt thoughts about him,but they were always dirty.she liked it a little and blushed at the thought.she could never figure out why but i guess tonight she will,she washed her hair and body,there was a knock at the door,it was chandler,he had walked in and peaked around the curtain,"what are you doing in here im naked"sky shouted,chandler replied with a smart remark"well if we are gonna be together,then i feel like i can be in here if i wanted to be"he smirked and laughed a bit, "god damn it chandler i swear to god " she mouthed as she closed the curtain,and started to wash her body again,she rinsed off and turned the shower off peaking around the curtain to see chandler "can you please hand me my towel" she said reaching her hand out for it,chandler handed her the towel and hopped off the counter"ill let you get dressed ok? please hurry up" he said walking out of the bathroom and shutting the door behind him,she stepped out of the shower and began to get dressed,she slipped on her flowerly dress and matching sandles,she curled her hair,she wore very little make up.She walked out of the bathroom and looked at chandler.his jaw dropped,she blushed and smiled  "wow sky you.....look amazing,ive never seen you in a dress before"he stated staring at her,he was amazed by how gorgeous she looked,she was gorgeous and he determined to show show her that.after a few minutes of silence sky coughed and grabbed her bag and phone "alright are you ready to go chan? she asked heading to the door. "uh yeah sorry lets go " he headed out the door and to the car,sky followed behind him and unlocked it,getting in the drivers seat and started the car,chandler got in the passnger side and fastened hi seat belt,as did sky,"so do you wanna eat first or see the movie first?" he asked quizicky. she backed up and pulled out of her drive way,"lets eat first because imma be tired after the movie" she smiled and headed towards the mall, "ok well,then lets go eat" he said smiling at her as she drove,"lets eat olive garden we are practically here" sky stated as she pulled into the parking lot,she got out and locked her car once chandler got out,they walked hand in hand into olive garden to be seated so they could eat,they were seated and the ordered their drinks and food they began to eat,she had nothing but chandler on her mind and the great food in front of her. 



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