Enchanted Forest

Alice McCarthy just graduated high school. Forced to tag along with her best friend Jenna to a graduation party, she soon discovers a world hidden by a glamour from the reality she came from. Alone, she is left search for help and to escape the forest she stumbled into.
Is Alice able to make it out of the enchanted forest, or will a curse trap her from what she use to know and love?


3. Trapped by the Red Queen

"Are you thirsty?" A male voice asked from behind me. I jumped in surprise at the unexpected sound. The voice quickly laughed and I turned around to see Tony.

His brown hair was messy as if he ran his hands through it too many times. Underneath his summer blue eyes were dark circles that were caused by a lack of sleep. 

Already he was having a little bit of a hard time standing and I could smell a brewery off of him. My heart squeezed a little bit and I knew this was because he was heartbroken and missed Amber a lot. Because of this I swore off flirting with him for the next few days, definitely tonight.

I took both cups from his hands and gave them to a person walking pass me. "I think you need to be cut off for now. It's not even mid night yet." I said with a slight frown.

A small wavering memory tried to escape from the back of my mind. I ignored it and took Tony to a set of empty seats. "How much did you drink already?" I asked him.

It was his turn to from and he looked away. "I'm not that bad. I can still touch my nose and sing the ABC's." His evasion of the answer was all I needed to hear.

"You should watch how much you drink. You stay here and i will get you some water." I told him and stood up. His warm hand clasped around mine, stopping me from leaving him. I looked down and into his sad, miserable eyes. So much emotion swelled there and I couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

I expected him to be sad, just not this sad. "Please stay. You let me focus on something else besides..." He looked away from my gaze. Getting more sad when he directly thought about it.

Silently I sat down beside him, while I did he did not let go of my hand. "I know about what happened between you and Amber." I told him. He nodded but didn't say anything for a little bit. It was quiet between us and his hand was all I could focus on. It was warm and strong, something I always imagined it to be like.

"I'm sorry. You shouldn't be worrying about me now. Or me ditching you for the past few years after leading you on when we first met. Amber and I had a-"

"It's okay." I cut him off before he could continue. "The past is the past and someone needs to worry about you. Someone who isn't drunk or high." I told him. "You don't need to make excuses, if it makes you feel better I forgive you."

He shook his head and held my hand more firmly. A breeze that warmed me up slightly gently caused a piece of my hair to move in front of my face. Slowly he touched my hair and tucked it behind my ear. He didn't move his hand away from me, instead his fingers softly touched my cheek. Slowly trailing down my face, leading to my lips. "You're so beautiful." He whispered. 

I was stunned and confused. Before I could control what was happening I moved away from his hand and looked away. The warmth of his hand on my face faded and i Could only focus on my breathing. Tony seemed aware of what he said and looked away too, as if ashamed. "I'll get you water," I mumbled and stood up, wanting to get away from him.

For so long I waited for him to say that to me. To look at me like how he use to look at Amber. Except now it felt wrong. He is drunk and still trying to get over the breakup. This was not how I wanted it to happen and maybe I did get over him. Maybe. For three years I held onto this silly little crush and now it was too late. In two months I will be in St. John's and going to university. I would learn how to become a boat operator and travel the world, being a captain and having my own crew. 

He was not part of my future. I was barely friends with him and didn't really know him at all. This realisation hit me hard. But why now? Why couldn't i wait and see if something happened over the last few weeks here? But I knew why. It was wrong. If we developed feelings for each other it would hurt when I left. Hurt him.

Taking a deep breath I quickly got a cup of tap water and went outside to find him. Tonight I will talk to him and watch over him. But after that I will have to avoid him like the plague. Which would be nearly impossible since he was my neighbour. 

When I reached the spot I left him I found his seat empty. I looked around but didn't see him anywhere. Worried I looked at the forest trail that was a little left to the house. He couldn't have gone in there, right?

I laid down the cup on the nearest table. For as long as I could remember I hated going into the forest alone. Before I moved here I got lost inside of a forest for almost two days. The doctors said that I had hit my head and the trauma must have caused some of my memory that was revolved around myself and my personal memories must have been forgotten. It's strange that they never returned after so long since the accident.

It made me feel even more like an out-liar in society. I couldn't remember anything about myself or where I use to live. Sure I still have my speech and I was fine academically.  It's just my name, my family, everything else was gone. It took forever for me to get use to this and I finally was able to cope with it. To focus on the future instead of finding the past.

Now the woods stretched far in front of me. So wide that I couldn't tell where it ended or began. Somewhere deep inside of me I was too scared to go in. But if Tony was in there he might need help. Pulling on my big girl panties I started to walk in. One foot in front of the other, deep breath in and out. I had to focus on finding Tony.

"Alice?" A female voice called out behind me. Once again I jumped but when I turned around I relaxed. 

"Hi Amber. Did you see Tony? I went to get him water but couldn't find him afterwards." I asked and for some strange reason it felt like I was confessing a crime I didn't do.

"No. I was going to ask you about that. I need to talk to him." She said. "Is that why you're in here? I can help just in case he passed out or something." 

This is why it was hard to dislike her. She was always kind and caring for others. Going out of her way to help. "Sure. I don't think he went too far." I said and waited for her to catch up to me.We walked for about a minute before I stopped. The woods were so dark and suffocating. Every scratch of wood on wood, or the rustle of leaves dancing in the wind caused my nerves to be on fire. "I-I don't think he went this far." I said, my tone letting her know that I was scared.

"Why? Are you scared that you'll get lost again?" She asked and turned around to face me. Her voice oozed a venomous ring. 

"What?" I asked, thinking that I heard her wrong. Hoping that I heard her wrong. I never told anyone about the accident besides Jenna, and she could never tell anyone about it. She was just too good of a friend.

"I said, are you scared that you'll get lost again?" She emphasised each word slowly. As if she was talking to a child that had disabilities. 

"How do you-"

"Know?" She cut me off. "Well I looked you up. Tony is interested in you and I can't have that. I planned for us to be together for a very long time.First I would dump him and make him miss me. Then he would come crawling back to me and agree to move with me and become a doctor. It was working so well before you showed up tonight and made him realise that there is others beside me." 

I was truly in shock. Was this who Amber truly was? I couldn't believe it. She was a nice person who was smart. Not as twisted as she was confessing to being to. 

"I will let everyone know that you are really screwed up and maybe that you have a naughty sex life, and tried to make a move on me while we are in this forest. Forcing me to do stuff with you. But that is, only if you don't leave Tony alone." She threatened. 

My face burned with just the thought of her doing that. But she was lying right? No way would they believe her anyways. But then again, she was the nice girl who was innocent. While they didn't know anything about me. She moved close to me and I could feel her hot breath bathing my face. "Do you understand me?"

I nodded quickly and she let out a deep sigh. "Good. I'm sorry that I have to do this but we can't be seen together, coming out of the forest at the same time. Just in case, you know." The next second I felt an explosion in my right eye and she punched me. I let out a cry of pain and she punched me again, causing me to fall and hit my head. Darkness started to dot my vision as I seen her started to walk away without a care.

I wanted to call out to her and to bring me with her. It was just too much. All over again the accident replayed. I was alone. So very alone. Lost and hungry, cold and wet. Would I ever get out of here?

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