Enchanted Forest

Alice McCarthy just graduated high school. Forced to tag along with her best friend Jenna to a graduation party, she soon discovers a world hidden by a glamour from the reality she came from. Alone, she is left search for help and to escape the forest she stumbled into.
Is Alice able to make it out of the enchanted forest, or will a curse trap her from what she use to know and love?


1. Prologue

A musical lull drowned my consciousness as I fell down to my muddied, blood dried knees. Skeletal hands stopped me from hitting my head on the rocks below me, they too were caked with cracking blood.

Taking a wavering breath in I howled in misery, pain and exhaustion. Although it was small in volume it bellowed in emotion.

Somewhere, far away, I heard another howl. Mimicking mine but slightly non human. One who wasn't here, wherever here was, for a long time would not be tuned into that slight pitch that belonged to another being. A monster.

The music that filled me now deafened my ears. This is what they talked about. Those strangers that were with me. This is the music they heard, only they heard.

It was rumoured that once you pricked you finger on the Black Rose, it marked your death. The venom would weaken you while lulling you to sleep with a heavenly song for when they come to sniff you out.

I accepted my fate. Already I watched this happen. I knew it was inescapable. I was the living dead. For now. Until they come to devour my human soul.

Once again a howl erupted, this time is was close to me. The sound of the monster was followed by more, a pack of them.

A smile slowly cracked my dry lips, the coppery taste of blood trickled on my tongue. I let out one more painful howl and let the music subside me. Weaken me. Help me close my eyes and accept the fate that would now end me.

One last howl, somewhere near me, brushed against my consciousness. But it didn't not awaken me from my awaiting slumber. This time though, the monstrousness pitch escaped my ears, leaving me to wonder if it really was the monsters.

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