Enchanted Forest

Alice McCarthy just graduated high school. Forced to tag along with her best friend Jenna to a graduation party, she soon discovers a world hidden by a glamour from the reality she came from. Alone, she is left search for help and to escape the forest she stumbled into.
Is Alice able to make it out of the enchanted forest, or will a curse trap her from what she use to know and love?


2. A Ghost at a Tea Party

"Oh come on!" Jenna whined, pulling on my hand. It felt like my collar bone would pop out of place if I didn't follow her. "It's just one night and you deserve a break."

Her argument was futile. She knew I would go with her either way since it was the last week she would be here before going out to work for her step moms dad.

It's just that going to a party and being around a bunch of teenagers drinking was not my ideal night out. Instead I'd rather go out to a good book store or to Becky's and down the chocolate monkey milkshake.

I was always the type of person to stay away from others and work by myself. "You know I can't say no to you." I assured her. "But can I go change?"

Jenna stuffed me into a white lacy dress. It was long sleeved and went down to my knees. Personally wearing all white was a big no-no for me.

My skin was too pale and burned easily so I couldn't tan. And my hair was a light blond which I was thankful was not white. But if I wear a lot of white I would look like a ghost.

"You look stunning. Everyone will be compelled to look at you and adore you." She said. The last part was such a lie. They would tell me to go wear some colour or something. "Plus Tony would be there tonight to check you out."

At the mention of his name I felt my face and neck heat up. Since I moved here at the beginning of high school I had a major crush on him.

Or course he had to live next door to me. And of course he was charming and was the star of the soccer team.

Tony helped us unload the moving truck on the first day we moved here. Then on random days afterwards he would ask to take me out and show me around town.

He showed me Becky's and bought me a chocolate monkey milkshake. Or he would show me the best movie theatre or best places to hang out. Once he got to know me better he even took me to his moms bookstore.

Then when I started school I was surprised to see him kissing and hugging another girl. I soon learned her name was Amber and that she had a great personality and brain. It was hard to dislike her.

"That doesn't mean anything. He would be there with Amber anyways." I said and got into the car.

"No he won't. Emma told Sarah, who told Elizabeth, who told Travis, who to-" I had to cover her mouth with my hand before she listed off all our former classmates.

"I get it. Everyone knows, but what do they know?" I asked her and took my hand off her mouth.

She smiled and shrugged, backing out of my driveway. "Please don't make me bed." I said and pouted. She stayed silent and I knew what she wanted to hear from me. I sighed and looked at her. "Jenna is the best friend in the whole wide world and I would not leave her for a hot guy."

Jenna laughed and quickly winked at me. "You always know how to make my day. Anyways Tony and Amber broke up after the graduate ceremony." She informed me.

My mouth popped open and I was in shock. They have been together for four years and seemed very happy with each other. "Why?" I asked.

"Apparently he wouldn't love with her to wherever she is going. And she wanted someone who was more committed." By the way she said it and the tone of her voice I knew that she disagreed with the reason why. But there was nothing to do about it.

"That got to royally suck." It was all I could say. It was such a surprise and I was upset with myself for thinking that I had a chance to be with him now.

Soon we pulled into a driveway and I could see the grads drinking and dancing already. People were outside in the front smoking and by the stench in the air I could tell it wasn't just cigarettes.

I covered my nose and rolled up the window. Jenna found a parking spot and jumped out. I followed her and tried focusing on walking instead of falling on my face.

Inside the house music deafened me and unlike Jenna who went to mingle, I went to the most quiet part of the house. Which turned out to be the backyard.

No one bothered to stop me or have a conversation with me. I was alone and I kind of liked it this way.

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