5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


77. Water

Water. There’s so much water. Everything’s so goddamn dark. Water is everywhere.


Y/N trashes around, but she can’t move. Something’s holding her down. It’s too dark to see anything, but it feels like there’s a hand wrapped around her ankle. She kicks out, but it’s like she can’t move. Like her entire body is paralysed and all she can do is let herself be dragged as the moonlight from the surface goes further and further and further away.


The hand’s dragging her further down into the sea. Everything’s gone pitch black. She can’t even see her hands outstretched in front of her in a desperate but fruitless attempt of reaching to the surface.


She tries to scream for help, but all that does is let water rush into her mouth, into her lungs. She can’t breathe. She can’t breathe.


The lack of oxygen should be making her unconscious by now. There’s too much water in her lungs. But she’s still aware. She’s still conscious and she can still feel the water rushing into her lungs and—


“— gonna hurt you. I promise.”


— Y/N trashes around even more at that. There are hands around her wrists now, holding them together and she panics even more— breath hitching and coughing and trying everything in her power to break free ofwhatever has a hold on her and then to swim up to the surface—


“— just a dream. Y/N. Y/N. Please wake up. Please. I swear, I won’t let anything hurt you. Wake up. Wake up!”


Y/N jolts awake, chest heaving up and down rapidly and sweat dripping down her face from the crown of her head. She rips her hands away from whatever’s got them captive and kicks off the blanket that suddenly feel more like restraints than safety. Her wild eyes dart around the bedroom, taking everything in and cataloging every piece of furniture and stray piece of paper in an attempt to calm herself down.


An arm rests around her shoulder and she almost shrieks, jumping away, but then— Calum’s looking right back at her, eyes wide with cautious concern and hands raised in front of him, like he’s trying to approach a terrified animal.


Y/N takes one look at him, then she’s scrambling to get into his outstretched arms, collapsing into him. Her face presses against his chest and she feels so stupid because it was just a dream, but she’s crying. Calum says nothing about it, just holds onto her tightly against his chest, placing occasional kisses on the top of her head.


He rubs at her back comfortingly, whispering sweet nothings in her ear about never letting anything hurt her, about how he’ll always protect her. She lets out one last shaky breath, but she never relents her tight hold on him. He holds her back as tightly as she does him.


“You okay?” He mumbles softly, his cheek resting on the top of her head.


She sniffles, shaking her head. Then she inhales shakily, trying to pull away, but Calum just holds her tighter, and she smiles— lets herself be tugged back into his chest. “Wanna talk about it?”


She exhales shakily again— slowly. She pulls away again, and Calum lets her move away this time. He peers down at her with wide sparkling brown eyes, and she looks back at him for a millisecond before looking away and picking up his hand, playing with his fingers. “I— I couldn’t swim. I couldn’t get free. There was—something. It kept pulling and— pulling and it was so dark, and I couldn’t breathe anymore but I— I was stillawake and I couldn’t do anything and—”


Her breath hitches again. She’s awake, but she finds herself wondering if she really is awake. She’s half afraid that this is a dream and that her slowly drowning and being dragged to the bottom of the ocean is the reality.


“Hey, hey, hey. You’re okay. You’re okay,” Calum hushes her, pulling her straight back into his arms. “I need you to take in deep breaths, okay? Can you do that for me?” He waits patiently until she nods. And then he’s taking slow, deliberate and deep breaths, Y/N’s head moving with the movement of his chest. She follows his breaths, and he mumbles out a, “Good. That’s it, baby. You’re alright. It was just a dream. Just a dream. Not real. You’re okay. You’re okay.”


Calum’s arms tighten around her shoulders and he sighs, kissing her forehead and not moving his lips away from her skin as he says, “I’ll protect you from that shit. I always will.”


She manages a choked out laugh that sounds more like a sob than anything. It’s embarrassing. Calum doesn’t seem to mind.


“I love you. Okay? And I promise I won’t let you get— dragged into the ocean.”


Y/N doesn’t say anything, just nods slowly. He manoeuvres them so that they’re lying down again, but Y/N’s curled into him, her head on his chest.


There’s nothing except for the sounds of them breathing and her occasional hitches. It’s stupid but she’s afraid of falling back asleep. As though Calum can tell, his arm tightens around her, mumbling the same promise he’d mumbled just now.


It takes a minute or so, but then she’s turning her face and kissing his chest. “I know you won’t,” she mumbles tiredly, letting her eyes fall shut.


“Good.” Calum’s voice is firm, hand running up and down her arm. “Good.” He says again, nodding once. “Go to sleep, babe. I love you.”


“I l’ve you, too,” she slurs out, sleep claiming her almost instantly— the feel of her being close to Calum lulling her to a calm sleep.





Y/N’s alarm starts to blare out the most annoying tune known to mankind the next morning. She doesn’t even bother holding back the immediate groan of annoyance that escapes between her lips. She reaches for her phone, shutting the alarm off and then just— lays in bed for awhile, staring up at the ceiling.


She turns her face to the side, fully expecting to see a dark-haired boy sleeping peacefully next to her.


But he’s not there.


She frowns, sitting up slowly, rubbing at her eyes. “Calum?” She calls out groggily, voice thick with sleep. “Cal— where’d you go?” She whines, because it’s early and she’s cold and—


Y/N freezes. Her shoulders tense, hand dropping from her face as she clenches her fist so tightly that her knuckles are white. She takes in a deep breath. Slow. Deliberate.


Her balled fists are shivering. Everything’s gone blurry. Everything’s spinning.


She reaches a hand out to the other side of the bed, spreading her palm on the mattress. It’s cold. It’s as cold as it would normally be, because no one’s slept there last night. Because no one’s slept there in days. Because no one’s slept there in weeks. Because—


Calum isn’t there anymore. Calum hasn’t been there for days, for weeks. Calum isn’t anywhere. Calum isn’there. Calum isn’t— alive anymore.


Y/N thinks she’s going to throw up.

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