5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


50. Warmth

Y/N awakens to an empty bed – the area next to her still a bit warm with the body heat of the blond, but the person himself being missing. She sits up groggily, rubbing at her eyes whilst half-heartedly scanning them around his bedroom, like she’s never seen the inside of his bedroom two thousand times before. Luke walks in then, in skinny jeans and socks, a towel drying off his hair, but no top – so she’s got the view of his long and lean torso.

“Hey,” Luke greets with a smile, messing with his lip ring with his tongue before he’s tossing the towel to the side and clambering onto the bed.

“Morning,” she mumbles quietly, turning her head away when he makes a move to kiss her (because morning breath is so not appealing) and letting him whine into the crook of her neck. She chuckles, “Where’re you headed?”

“Got this – signing. Then some radio interviews, you know. The usual. Boring stuff.”

“Oh yeah,” Y/N nods dramatically. “Radio interviews. Album signings. Boring.”

“Piss off,” is his prompt reply before he’s laughing, pecking her cheek and rolling off of the bed – quite literally.

“Reckon I could come along?” She asks, propping herself up on her elbow, even though she already knows that he’ll say no. Figured she could try. It’s not like she needs his permission or some shit to do things, but it was nicer to ask especially since – famous band member and stuff.

Luke’s shoulders tense from where he’s looking through his wardrobe for a top to wear. Because, you know. His wardrobe has so many choices. (All she can see from the bed is black and grey and white and plaid. Apart from the stray solid coloured shirts that probably belong to Ben or Jack and accidentally went to him, that’s literally all in his wardrobe.) He pulls out a black t-shirt (shocking), turning around as he’s rolling the sleeves up, “I mean. I don’t think ’s a good idea, you know? Like. You know how the fans get – and they’re, uh. They’re protective, and I – ”

“I get it,” Y/N interrupts him before he goes on with that speech he’s given her no less than ten times before, whenever she suggests going out for lunch  or dinner at a rather popular place. “’m gonna go, uh. Brush my teeth,” she mumbles out, getting off the bed and going into the bathroom.

She does, though. She gets that he wants to protect her but she just doesn’t fully understand why they can’t act like a normal couple every once in a while. It’s always been them going out and having a great time, acting like every other teen couple their age, holding hands with sneaky kisses on each other’s cheeks, but once Luke catches sight of someone who he assumes is a fan, he’s dropping her hand and stepping away from her and acting like all they are are acquaintances – not even proper friends. And she’s fucking sick of it, honestly.

But Luke smiles at her when she emerges from the bathroom, blissfully unaware of how she actually feels. He’s sat on the bed, typing on his phone, and he looks about ready to go and have a great day.

And maybe Y/N’s being way too selfish, but she can’t seem to stop herself when she asks, “Are you ashamed of me, or something?”

Luke’s eyes widen and he locks his phone, tossing it on the bed as he gets to his feet. “‘course not. Why would you even think that?” He asks, hands lifting as if to cup her cheek or summat, but she takes a step back. He touches her and she’ll get distracted, so no.

She shakes her head. “I just. I mean,” her fingers run through her hair. “I get it, kind of. Why you don’t want to be like, seen in public with me. But – shit. I dunno. ’s like. Your fans aren’t going to eat me alive or some shit. So the only thing I can think of ’s that you’re ashamed of me. Like, ’m not, I dunno, good enough for you, or something.”

His eyes widen even more and he takes another step forward. “Babe, no. ’m not – that’s not. No. I just – they’re not going to eat you alive, but they’ll fucking. They’ll send you shit, and tell you lies, and I don’t – I can’t lose you over some dumb stuff like that.”

“Yeah, but.” Y/N shrugs a shoulder lightly. “At least they’d know. And maybe they’ll send me, like, hate or whatever, but ’m a big girl. What do anonymous people I don’t know on the internet mean to me anyway? I don’t care about them, so I won’t care about what they say to me, you know?”

“Yes,” he nods once. “Yeah, I know. But. Some of them aren’t – nice. They’re not. And I don’t want to lose you over something that some anonymous person neither of us know on the internet’s said.” Luke repeats.

“Don’t you realise that you already are?” She asks quietly, not even meaning for those words to slip out, but they do, and she finds herself not really wanting to take them back.

Luke frowns, “What do you mean?”

“By keeping me a – secret.” Y/N scrunches her nose up lightly, brows knotting together lightly. “Every time you go out to some party, to some social event where there’s the possibility of fans being there. Every time you go to those things and flirt with other girls, and hold their hands, and dance with 'em. Every time you do that, don’t you realise that you’re losing me?”

“Baby – ”

“Because I feel like ’m not good enough for you,” she cuts him off, voice raising an octave. Then she’s quiet again, looking at him sadly. “Because it feels like I’m not enough. Not for you, not for your fans. And it – sucks.”

“Babe, I – ” Luke starts, only to be cut off again, by his phone ringing this time. He turns to look at it, then looks at her, but she nods over at the phone. He picks it up, having possibly one of the shortest phone calls ever, then he’s hanging up and turning back to look at her. “Ash says they’re outside.”

“Go, then,” she shrugs, walking past him to her clothes that are hanging over the back of his desk chair. “You’re dressed. ’m not going, remember?”

Luke almost groans, “It’s not – I don’t. I – babe. I just – I don’t want to be seen with you.”

Y/N’s eyes widen and her jaw falls open as she turns to look at him. He seems to have realised what he’s said just then, for his eyes widen and he’s shaking his head. “No, no. That’s not what I meant. What I meant was, like – I don’t want people to know who you are. I don’t want them to know I’ve got a girlfriend because, like. They’re girls, Y/N. They’re girls our age and it’s a shitty thing to do but ’s easier if they think they’ve actually got a chance with me and – ”

“Luke.” She interrupts him again. “Please stop talking,” she says and she hates how her voice quivers. “You’re making this burn so much more than it did.”

“I’m sorry,” Luke says quietly. He makes a move towards her but he hesitates back, going towards his room door instead. He’s in the doorway when he turns to look at her, gulping. “We’re… okay, right?” He asks even softer than earlier. “We are, right? Okay? We are?”

Y/N doesn’t answer him.

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