5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


67. Temper

Thing is, yeah? Calum’s got a temper. He’s a hot-head with a short fuse and that isn’t the best combination – especially since he’s in a goddamn band that some people fucking hate for no goddamn reason. But for every person with a short temper, he’s also got something that would instantly calm him down – someone.


The boys can calm him down, too, when the rumours get a bit too much and the haters are being way more idiotic than normal, but. Y/N. It’s only Y/N who can instantly calm him down by just pulling him into her arms and whispering things into his ear. And it’s probably a bit too co-dependant to have to depend on the one person to keep him from accidentally killing someone who pisses him off too much, but he can’t help it, because it’s like she can never anger him. She can annoy him, and frustrate him, but he’s never properly angry at her. Rather, he’d be angry at some other thing within close vicinity, blaming it for his bitter feelings towards his girlfriend – even though she’d probably done something to annoy him (in a non-cute way) (and completely by accident).    


So, like. When he sees Y/N's profile with that photo she’s attached to her tweet – he can’t help but get mad. Granted, it’s making him out to be a massive twat who’s as possessive as a caveman with their meat, but. He can’t help it – he can’t, okay? It’s because she’s Y/N and she’s gorgeous and he knows that she’s only posted this photo because she’d snapped it randomly with her two mates (who are guys) but one of them is standing too close, and.    


“Motherfucker,” Calum bites out as he chucks his phone onto the bed, flinging his own body onto the mattress a mere second later. He’s got no right to be angry, really. She’s allowed to have friends, ‘course she is. He’s not her bloody keeper, she’s not his property. She’s his girlfriend whom he trusts and loves and (most of the time) knows that loves him back as fiercely and deeply as he loves her.    


It’s just. The guy. He’s standing so close to her, with this fucking smirk on his face that he’s probably pulled because of the photo being taken, but. What if he’s smirking because he’s standing so close to this beautiful girl? Or maybe he’d smirked because he’d had intentions on making a move on her – on Y/N – later on. Calum doesn’t know what the fuck this guy’s thinking. Hell, he doesn’t even know what Y/N’s thinking because as much as he wishes he could read minds, he can’t.    


What if Y/N didn’t love him anymore? What if her posting that photo was a sly and subtle way of telling him that she wanted to move on? That she wanted to leave him and get with someone else? Someone better-looking, someone around more often, someone who’s not Calum? What if –    


“We need to talk,” is the first thing that comes out of Y/N’s mouth as she walks through the door of his bedroom, and Calum freezes, thoughts coming to an abrupt stop as he sits up suddenly.


He legitimately freezes in place, eyes going as wide as they can go. She’s frowning and her lips are downturned and – fuck.   


“I – ” she starts to say, but Calum's shaking his head and interrupting her with a “no, please.” Her frown deepens, “Um. Cal, are y'alright?”   


“I know what you’re gonna say, yeah?” Calum says, voice shaky and he fucking hates that it’s shaky. She looks confused, but he ignores it. He gets to his feet, walking towards her, “I know. I know. And, like. I understand, but. I don’t want it to happen. Please. I love you, okay, I fucking love you and I don’t want to let you go. I know I’m not around a lot and I know you deserve so much more than this – so much more than me – but you can’t leave me. You can’t. I need you – I fucking love you so much. I promise – I promise, yeah? Promise I’ll try to be a better boyfriend. Call you more often, send you flowers, fly you out, even. Anything, everything, whatever you want. I’ll give you the moon and collect the stars and – anything you want because you’re so, so amazing and I can't – I. Just, please, please,” Calum brings his fingers through his hair, “Please don’t leave me.”   


“Cal – ”   


“You deserve so much better than me,” Calum’s voice cracks as he says as much, a lump forming in his throat. “You’re so gorgeous and smart and funny and – you’re everything. Everything a guy could want in a girl. So – so perfect. And, like. I don’t deserve you, I know I don’t but. I don’t. I can't – let you go? I mean,” he chokes out a mirthless laugh, “I can. I just don’t want to because I don’t think I’ll be okay with it? I don’t think I’ll be able to. Carry on. Won’t be able to carry on, knowing that you’re someone else’s and someone else is making you smile and laugh and is cuddling you at night, and that it isn't me, and – fuck. ’m sorry, ’m being selfish. I don't – I understand if you want to break up with me, but can you. Can you please, please. Give me a chance to prove that I can be a good boyfriend. I know I’m a shit one, I know and – ”   


Calum.” Y/N finally interrupts with a stern voice, making him look up and. Why is she blurry – oh. Tears. Right. Those are a thing. Okay.    


He’s quick to bring the back of his hands to his eyes and when he opens them again, Y/N’s so much closer, frown still set on her face and either of her hands are cupping either sides of his cheeks.    


“Calum, I love you. Okay? I. Love. You.” She says with a tone of finality, pressing a quick kiss to his lips, before she’s pulling back. “And it’s morbid as fuck but. It’s kinda nice to know that ’m not the only one with the insecurities and shite but… I love you. I really, really do love you, and. I’m not leaving you. If anyone’s leaving anyone, it’ll probably be you leaving me because – ” she scoffs out a self-depreciating laugh, “You’re so – ” she gestures to his whole self, taking a small step back to do so, “And I’m so.” She gestures to herself this time.   


Calum frowns, opens his mouth to say something, say that she’s so fucking perfect that any human being would be lucky to have her, but Y/N’s bringing a hand to cover his mouth. Even as upset as he is, and annoyed with her that she thinks that he's going to leave her, he couldn’t help the small smile that came unto his lips.    


“No, you shut up, ’s my turn to talk,” she says, narrowing her eyes playfully at him and Calum’s smile widens just a little bit more. “Right, well. I don’t know where you got the whole idea that ’m breaking up with you from, but. When I said we needed to talk, yeah? I meant we needed to talk about how you need to stop stealing the shirts I sleep in when you go on tour. Because you’re going back soon and I know that you’ve already planned to pack all my sleeping tops. I understand that I use guys’ shirts to bed because I buy them which means it’ll be okay if you use them out, but you’ve literally taken them all and now I have none so I was gonna say either give me some of yours or give mine back to me.”   


A weight lifts off his chest – and he feels like he can breathe again. His arms go to wrap around her middle, pulling her closer whilst simultaneously walking backwards, back onto his bed. He pulls her down with him, onto him, when the back of his knees his the side of the bed and he’s tumbling down. She lets out a sound, a cross between a laugh and a squeal, and Calum’s smiling even wider, eyes never wavering once from her beautiful face.   


“How are you mine?” He finds himself whispering, one hand going to brush her hair out of her face.    


She smiles, shrugging. “Must’ve been a pretty ace guy in a past life or summat. ’m a pretty great person, aren’t I?” She jokes and Calum can’t help the laugh that bubbles out.    


“Yeah,” he laughs, nodding. “Yeah, you are. The greatest, prettiest, smartest, funniest, amazing-est, perfect-est one around.”  

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