5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


47. Tell Me

Tell me that you turned down the man

Who asked for your hand

‘Cause you’re waiting for me

And I know, you’re gonna be away a while

But I’ve got no plans at all to leave


“You,” Luke clears his throat, taking in a sharp inhale. It feels like he can’t get air into his lungs fast enough but he doesn’t want to stop and take deep, slow breaths. He hasn’t got the time for that. Not when – not when this is happening. “You said no, right? You told him no, right, Y/N?”   




“No. No, no.” Luke huffs out, tone insistent, tinging on a mixture of demanding but pleading, at the same time. “Please tell me you turned him down, please tell me you told him no because you’ve got me, ‘cause you’re waitin’ for me and that it’s me you’re going t’ marry, not some knob that you’ve just. You’ve only – ” he shakes his head, cutting himself off. “Tell me that you turned him down. Please, Y/N.”   


Yeah,” comes her soft voice; it feels like a wave of relief flooding his entire system – shoulders sagging down with relief and brows unknotting themselves as he brings a hand to his forehead. “Yeah, I turned ‘im down. But. Luke. We ’m not. We’re not – ”   


“I love you,” he interrupts her again, voice strong but quavering, all at once.    


I know,“ she tells him, tone earnest, ”And I love you, but. It’s we’re different people now, aren’t we? ’s not the same anymore. It's – ”   


“– Please.” Luke chokes out. “Please.”   


Y/N breathes a sigh and it’s so quiet, hardly heard over the static sound of the telephone, the background sounds from his end, from her end. But he hears her sigh and he can hear that tired, tired sigh that’s silently her not knowing if she should give up, or if she shouldn’t. “I have to go.”   


“Y/N, please. Please don’t leave me – for someone else. I – I love you. I’ll wait forever for you if I have to, if it means that you’ll be mine at the end of the day – for the rest of forever. I love you, please – I love you.”   


"… I know,” she says quietly. “I – I love you, too, yeah?” Luke lets himself smile, just the smallest of smiles. “But I – we. I need – “


“– time,” Luke finishes for her, voice hushed. “I know. I… know.” He shuts his eyes, clenching them tight before reopening them. “I’ll wait. I meant it – I’ll wait as long as I have to. I’m not going anywhere – no one’s going to make me go anywhere. I promise – I’ve got no plans at all to leave.”  

All my senses come to life

While I’m stumbling home as drunk as I

Have ever been and I’ll never leave again

'Cause you are the only one

And all my friends have gone to find

Another place to let their hearts collide

Just promise me, you’ll always be a friend

'Cause you are the only one


Luke didn’t mean to. He swears he didn’t. He didn’t mean to get pissed drunk.    


(But maybe he did. Because being drunk means that the world’s all blurry and all he’s got is fuzzy memories, too blurred around the edges for him to be sure if they were reality or some made up shite he’d come up with. Because being drunk as he was meant that he could forget, even for just a little while.)   


He stumbles out of the club, the perpetually confused look he’s got on his face morphing into a massive grin when he sees her. She’s right across the street, coming out of some pub with a few other people, and she’s laughing with them. He likes her smile – it’s so pretty. It’s the prettiest smile he’s ever seen in his years of being alive, he reckons.    


"Y/N!” He calls out excitedly, and then he’s crossing the street without even bothering to look for oncoming traffic. (A car zooms by, then. If Luke was just a little slower, he’d probably be passed out right now, and not from the alcohol.)    


She turns, her eyes wide. “Luke?”   


Hiiiiii,“ the blond slurs, his lips curving to form a grin – teeth on full display. Then it’s like something clicks in his brain. She’s not – she’s not his. Not anymore. She’s – They’re on an unofficial break. He’s supposed to be staying away, giving her space, wait until she comes back, and he’s not supposed to – but she’s right there, and she looks happy. She looks happy without him and he’s happy that she’s happy but he wants her to be happy with him around, too.    


Luke blinks. Y/N’s opened her mouth, about to say something, but Luke’s beat her to it. “‘m not gonna leave. I promise,” his tone’s solemn, and he feels strangely sober all of a sudden. “Everyone’s – they’re moving ahead and settling down and shite and I. I don’t want to – not with anyone else. Only you. Always you. I’ll never leave again, I promise.”   


"Um.” Y/N blinks, then she’s turning to her mates. “You guys can go on ahead. I have to make sure he gets back alright and stuff,” she says before she’s turning back to face Luke, her mates all shooting almost-disapproving glares in his direction but he’s still not sober enough to acknowledge it probably. “Let’s. Let’s get you home, alright?”   


“No, no, wait,” he shakes his head, taking an unsteady step back when she reaches out to him. His brows knot together tightly in the middle of his forehead. “I – uh. I mean it. Like. All my mates – they’re falling in love and. They’re – doing what we should be doing, but. I messed up, and. I know that, and I’ll wait. For you. I will. But I – need you.”   


Y/N doesn’t say anything. Luke swears he sees her shake her head, heave a heavy sigh, maybe even sniffle. But he’s not entirely sure. She reaches out to him again, “Let’s get you home, alright?” She asks again.   


Mmkay.” He hums his agreement this time, smiling dopily over at her as she picks up his arm to sling over her shoulder so that she’s supporting him. The world’s a bit slanted now, innit? That’s why he can’t walk properly. That’s definitely why. Because the world’s all slanted. He pauses after three steps, and Y/N looks up at him, about to say something, but Luke’s just wrapping his other arm around her and pulling her close – as close as he can but it still doesn’t feel close enough – and buries his nose in the crook of her neck, breathing her in. “Can you promise me something?”   


Y/N’s silent for a bit, but eventually, she breathes out an “anything“ against his skin.    


"You’ll always be a friend – always be my friend. Because I don’t think I’ll survive if I don’t even have you as that in my life, if things don’t go according to plan. You were the only one that – no. You are the only one that matters.”   


(And she doesn’t answer, but Luke’s mind has drifted so far away again that he doesn’t even notice.)  


I am so gone, so tell me the way home

I listen to sad songs, singing about love

And where it goes wrong


"D’you know something, Y/N?" Luke asks as they’re walking down his street. It should look familiar, but it doesn’t – not really. Just looks vaguely familiar. This is his street, his home – why does he not recognise it?   


(Probably because home is wherever Y/N is, and they’re walking on the pavement, on the way to his house, but he feels like he’s already right at home.)

"Won’t know it till you tell me,” she humours him, walking slowly because Luke’s leaning almost all of his weight against her even though he knows he can probably walk fine on his own.    


“I ‘aven’t been doing much lately,” he confesses softly, telling the secret to the empty night, the twinkling lights lit up in the dark sky. “All I’ve been doing is. Been drinking. And then writing songs – sad songs. Never gonna show ‘em to anyone. Just gonna keep ‘em to myself forever and ever. Been listening to Mayday. Lots of Mayday. I love Mayday, but their songs are so sad, and like. I finally get them all. I understand you, Derek Sanders and Jake I-forgot-your-last-name and Jason Lancaster.” Then he pauses, literally halts in his tracks. “Jacob Lancaster’s in Go Radio now. Okay. Not him. The others.”   


"Jason Lancaster’s gone solo,” Y/N mumbles absentmindedly, not looking at him properly when Luke snaps his gaze back over to her.   


“But. Go Radio?”   


“Broke up in, like, 2013.”   


“We didn’t, though, right?” He asks, tone innocent and filled with genuine curiosity. Y/N finally looks up at him, brows furrowed lightly. “Break up. We didn’t, right? We’re still – together. Right?”   


“… C’mon, Luke,” she mumbles, eyes darting to the ground as she tugs on his body.    


“So this is the part of the song where it all goes wrong,” he ends up saying, body pliant as he lets her tug him back to his house.  And maybe it’s ironic, or – fitting, in a way; but Mayday Parade is playing in his head again, and he finds himself softly singing “and I got the point that I should leave you alone, but we both know that I’m not that strong,“ because Luke finally, finally, properly understands the part of the songs where it says it’s all gone wrong.   


(And he hates that he does.)

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