5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


84. Teeth

It’s a never ending game between Y/N and Calum. And it’s, like, not even a proper game? It’s more of a “see who can piss off the other first and when that happens, proceed on with life like nothing ever happened” thing.    


It’s proper messed up because Calum’s got a crush on Y/N and everyone knows that, and Y/N’s got a crush on Calum and everyone also knows that. Even Calum and Y/N know that, but neither of them seem to want to ever, like, admit it to the other, which leads to how whenever they’re out in a group, Calum and Y/N are trying to make each other jealous.    


So it’s a Saturday night, and they’re all out clubbing because why the fuck not? They’re all of legal age, they all like drinking, they all feel like they deserve a break. Y/N probably doesn’t work as hard as the 5SOS boys, but she still works hard. She’s touring with them the whole way and they’ve dubbed her as the honorary fifth member. It’s not like she’s got no proper job on tour, though. She’s kind of their photographer for those dates that there aren’t any concert photographers present, and other than that: she’s helping out with whatever. Sometimes she helps to restring the guitars, sometimes she helps to pack the shit load of equipment. She helps out around and everyone likes having Y/N around, thus why she’s still on the tour with them.    


Y/N’s in a little black dress that flaunts off her legs and just the right amount of cleavage. Hair’s let down, styled carefully, make-up done up as best as she could whilst being rushed by four eager teenage boys. And Y/N’s normally usually feeling like she isn’t good enough for anyone (or to even be mates with the 5SOS boys) but tonight’s different because she actually feels confident for the first time in ages and she's comfortable in her own skin tonight and she’s going to take full advantage of that.   


She’s not going to play this damn game with Calum tonight. Tonight, she's going to find herself a nice enough boy to bring back to the hotel room – he can’t be too nice because then he won’t sleep with her and all she really wants is a hook up because she’s tired of all this sexual frustration that Calum’s given her by being his damn good-looking self and not doing anything with her whilst looking so good.


They order shots, and then they’re all going out on the dance floor. Y/N doesn’t bother sticking with the boys because they’re four kinda intimidating height boys and she knows that no bloke would come up to her if she was surrounded by them. She moves to the bar, ordering another shot, kicking it back and then going to the other end of the dance floor and dancing by herself – determined to not look for Calum and let the sight of him with a girl ruin her night.    


Of course that doesn’t work and she sees him grinding onto this beautiful, beautiful brunette with an hourglass figure and painted red lips and she’s just so beautiful and Y/N’s so ew compared to her that Y/N is instantly not dancing anymore and letting out a soft sigh. Just like that, her night’s already semi-ruined.    


The game isn’t fun anymore. She doesn’t want to make him jealous, she doesn’t want him to make her jealous. She just wants them to be Calum and Y/N, and Y/N and Calum, and at night she wants them to be a mess of Y/NandCalumandY/NandCalumandY/NandCalum,but that’s clearly not going to happen anytime soon.    


Y/N heads to the bar instead, ordering a beer. It’s a cheap brand so it tastes like shit but she drinks it anyway, bum sliding onto the stool. A soft chuckle from beside her makes her turn, and she’s met with the sight of a very attractive blonde man, maybe a year or two older than herself.    


“Can I buy you something else? Taste’s like shit, yeah?” He nods over to the glass bottle she’s got her fingers wrapped around.   


Y/N smiles, shaking her head lightly, “Doesn’t really matter. S'not that bad,” she shrugs a shoulder.    


The blonde pulls a face, “S'pretty terrible.”   


“… Yeah, kinda is,” she allows and she’s laughing lightly – the bloke also laughing along. “I’m, uh, Y/N, by the way,” she smiles, offering him a hand to shake with a little grin adorning her pretty face.    


“I'm – ” he starts, but is cut off by someone clearing their throat and then there’s the feel of someone wrapping their arm around Y/N’s waist.    


“Don’t know, don’t care,” Calum’s familiar voice drifts into her ears and it’s obviously him that’s got his arm wrapped around her waist because no one else can make her feel so warm and safe by just wrapping one arm around her. And she has to physically restrain herself from leaning into his touch because doing so is such a natural thing that it’s hard to not do.    


The bloke clears his throat awkwardly, eyeing Calum for a brief moment before backing down and stepping away because Calum’s glaring at him so hard that the blonde should be six feet under, if glares really could do that to people. Y/N slides her gaze over to him and Calum’s still glaring at the direction in which the blonde’s just walked away, so she huffs in frustration and slides out of his hold, crossing her arms across her chest as she stares him down.   


“What the fuck was that?” Y/N practically hisses. She’s angry. Oh, fucking hell, she’s angry. Who is he to chase off the guy that she’d just been talking with when he was off grinding against beauty minutes before? He's no one, that’s who.   


(But even she knows that she’s wrong, wrong, wrong, because Calum is and never would be no one, especially not to her, but it makes her feel helpless when she admits that to herself so she doesn’t admit it very often.)


“You belong to me,” Calum’s voice is low as he speaks, eyes narrowing down on Y/N as she stares up at him defiantly.   


“I resent that,” she says, chin titling up in arrogance and eyes narrowing at him in challenge. “I don't belong – " she spits the offensive word out, eyes narrowing further, "– to anyone.”   


“You are mine.”   


Y/N raises an eyebrow, “I’m not a piece of property, Calum,” she seethes.    


“I never said you were,”   


“You fucking implied it,”   


“I’m only saying,” Calum starts calmly, his grip around her elbow still tight. Not tight enough to hurt her but not loose enough for her to be able to wriggle her elbow free from his vice-like grip. “– that no one else should touch you, or dance with you, or try to kiss you, or breathe near you, or even fucking look at you, because you belong with me and no one else.”   


Y/N snorts, “Says who? You?” Then she lets out a single, mocking laugh. “How is it fair, then? You go around flirting with every girl showing leg, practically groping them, and when I decide I want to have some fun this time round, you pull this shit. I don’t belong with you, because you certainly don’t belong with me.”   


“Yes I do,” Calum says easily, nodding once. His brows are still kind of furrowed and he’s still got that angry pout on his lips, but it’s easy to tell that he’s still worked up over Y/N chatting the other bloke up. “Look. I don’t care about what you say, you are mine. I’m not objectifying you, Y/N, I’m only telling you the truth. Mine. No one else’s. You, my Y/N, belong to me.”   


“For fuck’s sake, I don't belong to anyone but myself, Calum!” Y/N huffs, throwing her hands up in exasperation. Well. Hand. Since the other’s connected to the elbow that Calum’s still got his hand clasped around. “How would you feel if I went up to whoever you’re flirting with and tell her that you’re mine and that you belong to me?” Y/N drawls out sarcastically, and really: she’s not being serious about doing that, but Calum just shrugs a shoulder.   


“I’d really fucking like that,” he says casually. “Because I am yours and I do belong to you,”   


Y/N’s eyes widen slightly in surprise. She hadn’t expected that. She always assumed that their dumb game of neither party admitting that they like each other till they eventually, like, gave up or just finally let the tension come between them and just start making out against the wall in a public place, or something. She didn’t expect… that.


Calum’s lips curve up into a smirk then. And it’s a smirk that Y/N’s seen one too many times. It’s the smirk he does when he’s about to do something. Doesn’t know what – just something. His brown eyes are twinkling with mischief and then he’s slowly loosening the grip he’s got around her elbow, and he’s compensating for that loss of contact by taking steps closer towards her till they're chest-to-chest and Y/N can feel his breath fanning across her face.  


“When I was little…” Calum starts, his voice is breathy, getting huskier by the second. He lifts a hand up, brushing a stray tendril of hair away from her eyes and it’s suddenly like air can’t get into her lungs fast enough because she’s breathing a little heavier than normal. “I liked to mark my things with my name. Shame I don’t have a Sharpie on me right now…”   


And then he’s leaning down and his plump, thick, lovely lips are brushing across the skin of her neck and it feels so good that Y/N can’t help but let out a content sigh, almost. Her head angles away almost subconsciously, giving Calum more skin to graze his now-smirking lips across. His lips trail soft kisses up her neck, then her cheek and then he’s nibbling on her earlobe, whispering,  "Guess I’ll have to use my teeth, then.“  

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