5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


83. Stupid Things

Alcohol makes people do stupid things.    


Stupid things like confess their secret crushes, or letting out things that they’d promised themselves they wouldn’t ever tell another should. Or beyond idiotic and stupid things like fucking driving a car whilst under the influence – effectively hurting themselves and other people.    


Alcohol is stupid.    


But everyone likes alcohol. And Calum is no exception. He hates how it happened, but he’s really happy that it did. He’d gotten pissed drunk at a club, and called Y/N up and left her a voicemail, confessing how much he’s liked her. Said he’s liked her since he first laid eyes on her because she was the prettiest girl that he’d ever seen, and that although, in the beginning, all he really wanted was to fuck her, he found himself instead asking her if she wanted a drink and then spending the rest of the night just talking to her. Didn’t even get to kiss her at the end of the night but he didn’t even care. He’d woken up with bits and pieces of memory from the night before (the night where he called Y/N up) and a text. A text from Y/N, and it was just a smiley face. Nothing else. Of course he was confused. Then when he wrecked his brain, wondering if he’d done anything stupid, that was when he remembered that he'd basically told her that he was in love with her. And she sent him a fucking smiley face. What was he supposed to think of that? So he called her. (They weren’t in the same country which was what made it so much harder.) Turned out that she liked him, too. Not love quite yet, but she was quote-unquote ‘falling hard, and falling fast’.    


Calum Hood likes alcohol.    


Even now, he’s got his slender fingers wrapped around a beer bottle, proving his point that he does like alcohol. They’re in Washington D.C., and really: none of them are actually legal-legal, but there are perks to having money to bribe security guards with. All four boys had managed to bribe the guards, convince them to let them in, and the guards were kind of chill, letting the group of 18-20 year olds into the club, even if the legal age in the U.S. wasn’t eighteen. Then again, the fact all four of them are over 6 feet tall and have facial hair growing (except for Calum because lord knows that dude’s never growing to grow proper facial hair), helps them in validating that they’re 'over 18’.    


Calum’s kicked back five shots of straight vodka, and he’s on his second beer bottle. His vision’s blurry and the ache in his chest from how he was previously desperately missing Y/N has subsided – the alcohol swimming through his blood and body fluids having numbed everything else apart from how he’s having a good time. So much so that his brain doesn’t even fully register that the girl he’s got an arm wrapped around is not Y/N, that the girl he’s grinding against is not Y/N, that the girl kissing his neck is not Y/N, that the girl he’s pulling out of the club and into the cab is not Y/N.

Alcohol makes people do stupid things.   


Stupid things like fucking his brain up so much that he doesn’t even realise that the girl he’s in bed with is not his girlfriend. Stupid things like sleeping with another girl, because he was missing his girl.    


Alcohol is stupid.    


Because his hotel room door’s pushed open slowly, and Calum’s kind of half sat up in bed, wondering what the fuck’s happened last night, and the dark-haired boy doesn’t even realise that it’s Y/N standing there, in the arch of the doorway. She’s frozen in her steps, eyes wide and fixed on the bed where Calum is with another girl. Her jaw’s dropped slightly and she's basically gaping at the pair of them.    


Y/N opens her mouth to say something, but decides against it because really, what is there to say? But as she shuts her mouth, a sound involuntarily leaves her throat. A whine, almost, because it's actually hurting her in the chest to see Calum in bed with someone else, completely stark naked.   


Calum glances at her and then he’s looking away. Then he’s doing a double-take, turning to look at the doorway again so fast that he’s almost sure he got whiplash. “Y/N,” he breathes out, eyes wide and lips curling up at the corners. Then there's movement beside him and he freezes in his spot, smile instantly leaving his lips as his eyes hesitantly going to look beside him to see that there is a girl beside him and it is not Y/N, and Y/N is right there, looking at the pair of them.    


Calum turns back to look at Y/N. She’s still frozen in the doorway, eyes wide and glassy, teeth biting down on her bottom lip. "I – " he starts, shaking his head as he slowly pulls off the duvet and reaches down to pick up his underwear from the night before. “Baby, I – ”   


“Save it,” Y/N finally speaks, shaking her head as she spits the two words out. “It's nice to see you, too,” she drawls out sarcastically, turning on her heel and slamming the door behind her.    


Calum jumps from the loud sound but he’s quick to move. He’s got enough sense to grab a pair of joggers before he chases after her, but not enough sense to pull the joggers on before he starts walking. “Y/N, wait!” He calls, hopping as he tries to catch up to her whilst she walks over to the lifts. Calum gets his feet through the joggers, and then he’s sprinting towards her. She’s hitting the buttons repeatedly, as though that would make the lifts come faster, but it’s not making it come any faster and Calum’s got a hand wrapped around her bicep, turning her to look at him. "Y/N – "   


“Piss off, Calum,” she spits harshly, pulling her arm out of his grip.    


“Listen to me – ”  


“Why?" Y/N huffs, eyeing him incredulously. "Why the fuck should I listen to you? Jesus Christ, I’m clearly not enough for you, so why should I bloody listen to you?!”   


“Because that wasn’t what it looked like!” Calum yells, defending himself. Really fucking weak defence, but it’s all he’s got.   


“Oh? It’s not?” Y/N questions, almost sarcastically. She raises a brow, taking a step back away from him and crossing her arms across her chest. “Go on. Enlighten me, then. Tell me what that was, because I’m pretty fucking sure that I walked in on you being completely fucking naked with another girl.”   


“I – ” he starts, blinking and tugging at his hair. “I don’t fucking remember her!” He exclaims. “I don’t know who she is! I was drunk and I was missing you and – I had a lot to drink! I don’t even remember what happened. I thought she was you! I was missing you so much and all I wanted was to have you in my arms and I drank to get my mind off of you, and then I’m waking up and you’re at the doorway and there’s someone else next to me and I don't remember anything that happened last night!”   


Y/N raises an eyebrow, “Is that supposed to make me feel better?"    


Calum tugs at his hair, "It’s supposed to tell you that I’m still fucking in love with you even if you don’t love me back yet, and that I didn’t know what I was doing last night!”   


She scoffs out a single laugh, “In love with me,” she quotes, shaking her head. “You being in love with me? Now that’s a bloody lie, because last I checked, people in love with someone else don’t go around sleeping with other people, just because they miss the person they’re in love with. You know what? It wouldn’t even matter if you weren't supposedly in love with me because we’re in a goddamn relationship and a relationship means two people, and not two people and a fuck or two on the side whenever we’re fucking lonely!” She finally yells, uncrossing her arms and throwing them up in exasperation.    


“It’s not a lie,” Calum protests weakly. “I’m in love with you, I am, really, I – "    


"– you’re not,” Y/N cuts him off. “You slept with someone else. You forgot about me long enough to decide that you needed a good lay, and went and brought home another girl who isn’t your bloody girlfriend. You’re not in love with me, because if you were, this wouldn’t have happened.”   


“I am,” he huffs in insistence. “Look, Y/N, I’m really in love with you and it’s fucking terrifying because I’ve never felt this way about someone else before but I don’t care because I love you and I don’t want anyone else,” he says, voice tinged with desperation. He takes a step forward towards Y/N, but Y/N only takes a step back, away from him. “Baby, please,” his voice cracks. “I'm sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I was too fucking drunk last night, and I shouldn’t have drank so much, and I should’ve just called you and told you that I missed you instead of fucking around in the club and –  I’m sorry, Y/N, I'm sorry.”   


“I’m sorry, too,” Y/N says quietly. A lone tear trickles out from the corner of her eye, trailing down her cheek. “I’m sorry I showed up, thinking I could surprise you. Sorry I ever trusted you. Sorry I ever thought I’d be enough for you. Sorry I ever fell in love with you,” she says and then she's shaking her head and turning on her heel, stepping into the lift that’s finally arrived – at the wrong fucking time.    


“Y/N, please,” Calum’s voice is tinged with desperation as he takes a step towards the lift but she lifts a hand up, stopping him. He feels like his heart is being held in someone’s hand, and is being squeezed so tightly because he can’t seem to breathe and it hurts so much. He sees her visibly gulp and he gulps, too, tears gathering in his eyes. “Please.”   


“I’m done,” she says, shaking her head once more. “We're done.” And as the metal lift doors close in front of him, with his heart hurting and traitorous tears racing down his skin, Calum’s come to a conclusion –    


Calum Hood fucking hates alcohol.  

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