5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


32. Study Study Study

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All you ever do is fuckin’ study. Do I just not exist in your life anymore?” Luke snorts, and even though they’re not even on FaceTime or Skype, Y/N just knows that he rolled his eyes.    


“I’ve got exams to take, Luke!” Y/N frowns. “What – d'you expect me to just go ‘fuck studying’ and talk to you all night when I have an exam paper literally five hours from now?”   


Yes,” comes Luke’s response and he’s not kidding. There’s not a tone of joking or sarcasm in that single word. It's legitimately him believing that she should fuck up her exams and not study at all, in favour of talking to Luke.    


“… Oh my God, you’re not kidding,” Y/N deadpans, though her tone’s also coloured with disbelief. “You’re actually asking me to completely fuck up my exams to talk to you.”   


I’m your fucking boyfriend!” comes his reply, like it’s the best goddamn argument to her statement ever. It’s not. It’s fucking dumb and idiotic, that’s what it is.    


“Yeah, and I’m also your girlfriend! But have I ever told you to just stay up through the night just because I’m bored, even though I know damn well that you’ve got a full day ahead? Because the answer is no, I have never done that.”   


Luke snorts, “So now you're blaming me for not talking to you? I’m trying to fuckin’ talk to you now, aren’t I?”   


“I’m not blaming you for anything. I'm just saying that I understand your lifestyle, so why can’t you be a little bit more understanding towards me actually not wanting to fuck up my exams?!” Y/N huffs in exasperation.    


Luke bites out a mirthless laugh. “Wow, okay. Fine. Go study. Bye.”   


“Luke – ” she starts to say, her voice almost a sigh, but then the tone of the call being disconnected flits into her ears. She sighs heavily, screwing her eyes shut as she shakes her head to herself. “Well,” Y/N mumbles to herself. “Fuck you, too, then.”   


Y/N manages about a solid hour before she’s huffing in frustration, picking her phone up again. Dials his number, and waits. There’s no answer. She tries again, thinking he’s just being a dick and not answering on purpose. This time, it barely rings two times before the call’s disconnected. He’d seen it, and rejected the call. She stares down at her phone screen, the picture of Luke that she’d set as her wallpaper staring back at her, and she feels her heart clench the slightest.    


The top row of her teeth nibble on her bottom lip, and then she's legitimately biting down on her lip because she thinks she’s going to start crying and she doesn’t want to fucking cry. Not over Luke. Not over the normally sweet guy that she fell in love with, being an asshole because of how they’re apart so much.    


That’s what sucks, really – that he’s away so much. And like, Y/N can manage fine without him. She’s not this co-dependant person who can barely function just because she misses him so fucking much. She’s fine without him, but she misses him – God, she misses him so much. And that petty argument probably meant that Luke wouldn’t properly acknowledge her till he wants to. Because sadly, she’s got experience with this. Luke and Y/N… They’re not a perfect couple. They were – kind of – in the beginning. Even after Luke went on tour. Then something changed and all they could ever do was argue. 


Y/N sighs again. Another night wasted on trying to do something productive but not being able to do so because of Luke fucking Hemmings.    


- - -   


There’s something different this time round. It was like that last argument, though so petty, was the game changer. Because Luke never called back. Y/N tried to call back again, the next day, but again: he didn’t pick up. And when he eventually did, like a day after, he cut the call short after two minutes. Two minutes. Luke and Y/N had never had a phone call that lasted two bloody minutes.    


And even though he's home, and not on tour anymore (for a month or so, at least), nothing has changed. 


Luke’s still fucking ignoring her like she’s that one strand of extra long hair that the hairdresser completely missed out on. It’s not, like, complete ignoring, though. It’s more of him only saying “hi” to her, smiles, and that’s it. He never calls just for the sake of, never sends her bullshit texts with dumb jokes, never sends her multiple selfies anymore.    


It’s changed. Their whole relationship has changed. It’s changed so much that Y/N’s left wondering why they were even together anymore.   


She takes in a deep breath, putting her face in her hands. A part of her wants to fix this so badly – fix whatever went wrong. But the logical part of her brain is telling her to just give up – to break up with him because he's clearly not interested anymore, and she deserves someone who wants her and would actually pay attention to her.    


It’s also at that moment that she hears Luke’s footsteps. The footsteps aren’t coming towards her, though, they’re headed to the kitchen. Y/N picks her head up, getting to her feet and walking over to the kitchen. She’ll save this relationship. She’ll try.    


Y/N leans against the entryway to the kitchen on her side, ankles crossing. “Hey,” she greets softly, eyes giving his body a once-over. He’s going out, clad in skinny jeans (that aren’t ripped, wow) and a short-sleeved button down. He turns at the sound of her voice, giving her a half-hearted smile and a nod. “Where are you headed off to?”   


“Club with the boys,” he mumbles, taking a few gulps of the water he’s got poured in a glass. “Might be back late. Don’t wait up.”   


And that’s all to it. Luke just… goes. Brushes past her like he’s just told one of his brothers that he’s going out for the night. Didn’t even give her a kiss, not even a peck on the cheek, not even a hug. Nothing.    


Screw saving the relationship. She won’t fucking try if Luke obviously doesn’t want to.    


- - -    


Y/N ended up going out, too. Because unlike Luke must’ve assumed, she actually had friends. Said friends invited her out to the club that one of their father’s friend’s cousin’s (or someone) owned, and she thought, “why the hell not?”.    


Which leads to how it’s half three in the morning and she’s quietly shutting the door behind her. She’s not drunk and trying to hide from her parents, but she still kinda feels like she’s trying to sneak back into the house. Which she’s not, because she doesn’t need Luke’s fucking permission to go out, but whatever. 


Y/N yawns softly, hands rubbing at her eyes. She goes to the kitchen for a drink and when she does make it there, she almost has a heart attack, because Luke’s there and waiting for her with a glare so hard on his face that she’s almost actually scared of him. (Funny how she hadn’t even noticed the light already being turned on till then.)   


“Luke?” Y/N frowns lightly. “What’re you doing?” She asks, even though it’s obvious that he was probably waiting up for her. But, like. He’s still in the clothes that he wore when going out. So maybe he, too, just came back and was just glaring at her because of some insignificant and fucked up reason that she’ll probably know of soon enough.    


“What am doing?” Luke echoes, practically spitting the words out. “What the fuck are you doing? It’s fucking three in the morning!" 


Y/N raises a brow, "And?” She prompts. “I went out. So what?”   


“So what?!” Luke mocks again, getting to his feet. “What – did you just wait for me to leave so you could go out and fuck some other guy?!”   


Y/N turns so fast that her neck actually hurts, but that doesn’t stop the glare that comes onto her face. “What did you just say?” She asks lowly, eyes narrowed.   


“You heard me,” Luke responds, his tone almost defiant. He tilts his chin up in arrogance. “You were out fucking some fuck head, weren’t you?! That's why you didn’t want to talk to me the other day, isn’t it?! Because you’ve got some fuck buddy on the side!”   


Y/N’s jaw drops open, “Are you fucking kidding me?” She asks incredulously, eyes wider than normal. “I didn’t bloody cheat on you! I was out, with some mates, because you were off being a twat and ignoring me for no goddamn reason! And I finally decided that if you can go out and have fun then why can’t I?"    


Luke scoffs, hand going to tug at his hair. "At least I don’t go around fucking random girls while I’ve got a girlfriend,” he mumbles and Y/N's sure that she wasn’t supposed to hear it. But she did.   


“Oh no, you just go around hanging out with pretty girls every other night, get drunk with them and stuff. And if you don't remember fucking them then it didn’t happen, right?” She drawls out sarcastically, finally saying what’s been on her mind since the boys started getting bigger and hanging out at clubs whenever they had days off and with the company of very beautiful girls.    


Luke snaps his head to look at her, eyes narrowed even more and blazing with fury. “I have never cheated on you,” he says slowly, his tone low and almost menacing. “But I can’t say the same for you.”   


“For fuck’s sake, Luke!” Y/N finally exclaims in exasperation, hands going up to tug at her hair. “You know what?” She asks rhetorically, not even waiting for him to respond with whatever goddamn snarky remark she knows he’s going to come up with. “Fuck you and fuck this. I have never cheated on you, I don’t have some fuck buddy, and I am done with you. Have a nice life, you fucking dick head.“  

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