5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


66. Socks

“Hey,” a voice says from right next to Y/N, startling her slightly as she turns to look at the bloke talking to her, from where she’s leaning forwards slightly against the bar, trying to get the bartender’s attention. All she wants is to get more drinks for her and Calum and their mates. Why is someone who’s not the bartender talking to her? Why?    


“I wanna live in your socks so that I’ll be with you every step of the way,” he says and wow. Just, wow.


She raises a brow, “Not even wearing socks now, mate.”   


He glances down at her feet, brows furrowing as a soft “fuck" escapes his lips. "Okay, how about, um. Do you have a bandaid?” he asks and Y/N blinks at him, eyebrow still raised, shaking her head and furrowing her brows lightly. “Because I’ve just scraped my knee falling for you.”   


Y/N smiles then, because it’s amusing, honestly. But she shakes her head, “Maybe try hitting on someone who hasn’t got a boyfriend, yeah?”   


“Oh, shit,” he mumbles. “I’m so sorry. Thought you were alone. And, like. My mates kind of dared me to go up to you – give you pick up lines and see if you’d fall for any of it.”   


“I reckon if I were single, I probably would,” she admits, shrugging her shoulders. “No one can resist cheesy pick up lines.”   


Exactly!” He cheers, then he’s grinning at her, laughing lightly. “Mind if I buy you a beer or summat? To make up for me hitting on you? No ulterior motives, promise,” he raises his hands up in a surrendering position when she raises her eyebrows at him pointedly. “Just one drink. Promise.” She just looks at him till he finally sighs, smiling sheepishly as he brings a hand to the back of his neck, “They’re watching and I don’t really wanna go back and get laughed at and shite, you know?”   


“Yeah, alright,” Y/N relents, shrugging a shoulder. No harm done. He beams, orders her a beer, then she’s ordering the drinks for her mates and asking for them to be delivered to the table. “So – ” she starts, about to ask him about his mates or something, just to make conversation, play it up a bit for his mates, but then there’s someone clearing their throat and an arm slithering around her waist.    


Y/N startles again slightly, head tilting back and to the side to look at the owner of the arm, only to see that Calum’s not even looking at her. His jaw’s clenched tightly (and his jawline looks bloody amazing) and his eyes are narrowed on the bloke who’s staring back at him, an almost amused grin on his lips though his body’s tense. She doesn’t blame him, honestly, because Calum’s pretty intimidating, what with being over six feet tall and being as well-built as he is and with the glare that he’s got now.    


“Fuck off,” Calum spits and, um, okay. Didn’t expect that. But he did say it – practically spat it out, really – and it’s taken both Y/N and the bloke by surprise.    


He nods, though, directing his gaze over to Y/N – shooting her another amused grin. She can’t help but mouth a “sorry”, to which he responds with a shrug as he slowly slides off the stool. “Still buying you that –” he gestures to the beer bottle in front of her, “– though. So um, –” he’s about to call out to the bartender, but he doesn’t make it that far.   


Because Calum’s tensed more and his fingers that had tightened around her hip when he’d smiled at her, were now pried off and then he’s suddenly right – there. He’s grabbing the bloke by the collar of his shirt and he's seething now, pushing the bloke’s back against the bar. “I said fuck off, didn’t I?” Calum hisses out, his voice no short of the visible anger that she sees in his shaking hands.    


Cal,” she almost gasps, getting to her feet and wrapping one hand around Calum’s upper arm and the other going to push at his chest, willing for him to let the bloke go, but he’s so much stronger than her so it doesn’t really do much. “Calum, let him go.”  

He doesn’t, though, let go. He doesn’t even bother to stop glaring at the bloke. “Calum.” She tries again, tugging at his arm harder and pushing more at his chest. Calum finally snaps his gaze to her, glare still present. “Let’s go,” she mumbles, pulling him away and Calum lets her, this time. She ends up literally throwing his arm, shoving at it, in frustration, before she turns back to the bloke. “Sorry, mate. About the whole –” she waves a hand behind her, gesturing vaguely to Calum who’s still glaring at him. “And, probably for the shit you might get from your mates.”   


“Nah, I reckon that got me out of explaining why I’m not bringing you home,” he teases and Y/N literally feels Calum about to pounce on him. Apparently he does, too, because he’s raising his hands in a surrendering position again, “Mate, sorry. I was joking. Wasn't trying to steal your girl or anything like that.”   


“Sorry, again. Have a good night, yeah,” is the last thing Y/N manages to say before Calum’s practically dragging her out the doors.   


- - -   


“Okay, what the fuck is your problem?!” Y/N finally exclaims when they’ve walked through the front door.    


“What the fuck is my problem?" Calum repeats incredulously. "What the fuck is your problem?! Going around flirting with that dick when all you were supposed to do was get us some more drinks!”   


“What – so ’m not allowed to make friends now?” She laughs out mirthlessly.


“That wasn’t friendship – that guy –” he points to the front door, ultimately trying to gesture to the bloke, “– didn’t want your fucking friendship. He fucking said so, didn’t he? He wanted to fuck you and you clearly knew that but you went and carried on flirting with him anyway!”   


“I was being a decent human being and saving his pride, for fuck’s sake!” Y/N exclaims, throwing her hands up in exasperation. “His mates dared him to go up to me and say some pick up lines or summat, and after I told him I had a boyfriend, he apologised. He apologised. Said sumthin’ about his mates taking the piss later so I decided to stay, chat with him a bit. Play it up for the sake of his pride because I wasn’t fucking interested but I know what it’s like to get dared to do something and fail at it and then get made fun of – so I played along. We barely exchanged, like, three sentences! The hell’s your problem, Cal?!”   


“My problem –” he draws out. “– is that if you’re doing shit like this when ’m here then what the hell do I know about you doing when I'm not here? Flirting with every guy that talks to you? Is that it? ’s that what you do? Because, you know,” he laughs out, “I’m not there, right? What Calum doesn’t know won’t hurt him and some shite like that.”   


Y/N gapes at him, “Did you just – ? Wow.” She shakes her head, “Wow. Okay. Great. Cheers, mate. Really. Nice to know you trust me as much as I trust you to not cheat on me on tour. Bloody fantastic.” Y/N claps slowly, in the most sarcastic manner possible. “You know what – fuck you. ’m gonna go for a walk.”   


“Wait,” Calum says, grabbing at her wrist as she tries to shove past him. “Wait."

What now, Calum? What now? Do you want names or something?“ She seethes, but Calum shakes his head. His facial expression’s changed. She can still see the frustration in his expression but it’s softened now.    


"I just – ” Calum cuts himself off, shaking his head as he blows out a shaky breath, fingers letting go of her wrist in favour of tugging through his hair. “’m sorry, okay? I can't – I just. I’m so fucking – scared, okay? I know I – like. I just – shit.” He ends up pulling at his hair, in a manner that’s actually got to genuinely hurt.    


Y/N frowns, moving closer to him and wrapping her fingers around either of his wrists, “Stop that, you’re gonna hurt yourself,” she mumbles softly, pulling his hands away from his hair and instead interlocking their fingers, even though she’s still bloody mad at him, but she knows that if she doesn’t do it then he’s just going to keep pulling at his hair. “What is it?"    


"I just – ” he starts again, sighing and pressing his forehead onto hers. She wants to pull back, but she doesn’t. It’s nice to have him close.   


“I love you. You know that, right?” She pauses, but she ends up nodding, anyway, because she does know that and he smiles, but then it’s gone. “That’s the thing, like. I love you, so fucking much, but I’m so fucking scared that one day you’re going to doubt that, or, like. Maybe you’ll find someone else, someone better than me – in every sense – and then you’ll leave me and I. I can’t deal with that. I – shit. You’re, like. You’re like, not just a piece of me, you know? Like – I legitimately don’t think I can function without you and it’s so fucking stupid because I shouldn’t be feeling like this because ’m only eighteen but I do and I don’t want to lose you because you're it for me and – I’m scared. I’m so scared.”   


“Cal,” Y/N gapes at him, pulling back, eyes widened. Calum’s eyes are glassy but then he’s shutting them so tightly and detaching their hands so that he can wipe at his eyes. She pulls his hand away again, cupping either side of his face and using her thumb to wipe under his eyes because stray, traitorous tears have made their escape. “Look, babe. I know it’s scary, yeah? But, like. We’re in this together, you know? I'm terrified, too, ‘cos I’ve never felt something this, like, legit for someone before and every time I freak out I tell myself that no matter what, I’ve got you. I mean, maybe we’ll break up in the future – ” Calum tenses and Y/N’s instantly pressing their foreheads together again. “– but I reckon we’re, like, the couple, you know? The ones that are gonna stay together forever, even if some shit happens and we end up seeing other people before getting back together.”  


“I won’t ever let you go,” Calum mumbles and Y/N’s smiling, breathing a soft laugh and then pressing their lips together. When she pulls back, his arms are wrapped tight around her waist, holding their bodies as close to each other as possible, and with eyes still shut, voice a breath’s higher than a whisper, he says, “You’re gonna say yes, you know.”   


Y/N doesn’t say anything. She just smiles, eyes falling shut again as she kisses him again. “Yeah,” she breathes out, barely pulling back. “I know.”  

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