5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


72. Plane

Everyone else on the plane is getting anxious — getting jumpy. Y/N’s no exception. She’s no stranger to plane rides and turbulences always suck, no matter how many times she’s felt it. But it’s different this time because — it just is.


It takes no genius to figure out that something’s wrong. Something is very wrong. The turbulence is bad — verybad. She’s almost falling out of her seat despite having her belt across her lap, pulled tight. The woman next to her is clutching onto the arm rest so tightly that her knuckles are white and her eyes are scrunched shut, lips moving in silent prayer, she thinks.


Y/N’s eyes dart over to where the nearest flight attendants are. There’s two women and a man, talking in hushed and hurried whispers, brows scrunched together. Another wave of turbulence hits — they almost fall. There’s a crackle from the PA system — the captain’s asking them to go to their stations and put on their seatbelts, too.


The turbulence is getting worse and Y/N sucks in a deep breath, heart thumping against her chest. There’s been too many airplane accidents recently, and this whole situation isn’t really easing her mind about what might happen to them. She peers out the window, because she thought it would ease her mind — but it doesn’t. Because a series of lightning bolts strike and then thunder’s rumbling and the plane’s experiencing even worse turbulence before.


The PA system goes off again — the captain telling them about how they might need to make an emergency landing due to the extreme weather conditions surrounding them. He starts to go on about how they’ll play a video about — it cuts off suddenly at that, mid-sentence. Y/N assumes he’s talking about the safety features video, because that starts to play.


The woman next to her is speaking quietly and Y/N turns to her, thinking she’s the one she’s talking to — but she’s not. The woman is on the phone, tears gathering in her eyes and she looks so terrified that Y/N can’t help herself from reaching out to place a hand on her near-white knuckles. The woman looks at her, offers her a watery smile, and then holds her hand back. But she continues to talk on her phone — probably something using the internet because the wi-fi might still be available, somehow.


That gets her pulling her phone out, dialling Calum on Skype without a second thought. She should call her family, but she can’t because Calum’s the one who is waiting for her to arrive. They’d just spoken before she boarded the flight — him going on about how he was so excited that she was finally coming to visit him on tour and that he’d bring her to all these places and probably spend half of the time kissing her, just because. They hadn’t seen each other in almost four months, so Calum’s excitement resembling a little puppy was excused by the boys (though not completely overlooked because Y/N had gotten numerous texts about how the boys were taking the piss at him because of how he just couldn’t stop smiling).


Oh my god, are you already here? Fuck I haven’t showered yet, and I don’t even know how long it takes to get to the airport, fuck, I thought you were going to arrive in, like, four hours’ time. Did your pilot take a shortcut or something? Right turn at the Bermuda Triangle and you’ll reach earlier or summat?”


Y/N can’t help the laugh that bubbles past her lips. Wi-fi on a plane in the shite weather they’re in now is pretty good, apparently. “Cal.” She breathes out, still smiling, and she feels something wet trickle down her cheek. “Cal, I’m scared.


Y/N, hey, what’s wrong? Why’re you scared, babe? ‘m not gonna leave you at the airport, I promise,” he jokes, but there’s the underlying tone of genuine worry.


“They’re — they’re going to need to make an emergency landing,” her voice comes out as a mere whisper, biting back a whimper when the plane hits even more severe turbulence — the doors to the overhead bin open with the force of it and bags tumble out. “Fuck. Fuck. Cal. I — I love you.” She chokes out, because the call’s suddenly become a goodbye one, not an I need to hear your voice to calm myself down one anymore.


What was that?” Calum’s alarmed voice comes through. “Y/N? Babe? What’s happened? Why does it sound like you’re saying goodbye? Dammit, Y/N, answer me!”


“The weather — it’s too. I think —” she can’t force out complete sentences, stuttering her way through. The woman she’s still holding hands with tightens her grip, and Y/N turns to look at her. The woman looks more terrified than before — wide-eyed and pale faced. Y/N turns away. She can’t look at someone who’s possible got the same facial expression she’s got on.


“Calum — Cal, I need you to do me a favour. I need you to call my family — tell them I love them. Tell them to take care of themselves, that I’m sorry for — for whenever I’ve disappointed them; any of them. And you —you. I love you. I love you. I’m so proud of you — I’m so proud of you, and the boys. Never forget that, okay? I love you so much and I’m so proud of you.”


What the fuck is happening, Y/N?!”


The PA system crackles again. The captain’s telling them to brace for impact.


Look. Look, okay? I’m so fucking confused, but. You’ll be okay. I know you will — because. You just will.And I’ll pick you up at the airport, and we’ll be — we’ll be reunited again and annoying everyone with how I refuse to let you go, or annoying everyone by pulling pranks, or something. But. You’ll be there. I’ll be waiting, at the airport. To pick you up. Because you will be there. ‘s just — just a bit of turbulence. Happens all the time. Happens all the time, love.” Calum’s voice is tinging with desperation now and Y/N could almost laugh at how much he’s lying to himself and her just to make her feel better.


The oxygen masks drop. The plane starts to drop — nose first, plummeting down.


I love you, Y/N. I love you, so fucking much, and nothing fucked up is allowed to happen to you because I will fight it. I will literally challenge the fucking weather to a fight, if that’s what it comes down to and —


It’s a blur of static sound and water rushing into her body and complete blackness after that.

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