5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


30. Physical

The thing about Luke Hemmings is that he's literally shy and quiet and rather awkward half the time he’s around new people and/or crowded places. Say… he sees someone who catches his eye in the bus, or something. (Which wouldn’t really happen now because he’s got a girlfriend, also kind of really in love with her.) Maybe she’ll notice him, too, and she’ll meet his gaze and then smile and then she’ll look away. And Luke will be blushing so hard, telling himself to get up and get the girl’s name, or number, or something, but he’d end up doing none because he hasn’t got the guts to.    


When Luke Hemmings is upset, he’s quiet. Way more quiet than normal. Keeps to himself, doesn’t tell anyone about what’s bothering him because he thinks it’ll just waste their time. When Luke Hemmings is annoyed, he’s snappy. He’ll be quiet, still, but say one wrong thing and he’ll snap out a sassy remark that’s more mean than funny before he stomps out of the room with a dumb excuse of wanting to go for a walk or a run or whatever. When Luke Hemmings is jealous, he’ll cross his arms over his chest and pretend like he doesn’t give a shit, when in fact: he most certainly does give plenty of shits.    


But it’s different tonight, because there’s this complete dick head fucking flirting with his girl and Y/N isn’t fucking doing anything to stop him, to tell him that she's taken and spoken for. And Luke Hemmings is beyond pissed about it.   


“We’re going,” is all he says into her ear, wrapping an arm around Y/N’s waist.


And Y/N has got this confused look on her face, but she nods. Luke offers her a tight smile and then he's basically dragging her out of the club before Y/N can even say goodbye to the fucking knob head that’s been chatting her up.    


“What’s wrong?” She asks once they’re out of the club and walking towards the car, but Luke only shakes his head.   


“Just get in the car,” he mumbles grumpily, opening the passenger door for her and gesturing for her to get in. Y/N frowns, eyeing him and Luke tugs at his hair, “Fucking hell, Y/N. Get. In. The. Car.”   




“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Luke yells, throwing his hands up in the air as he glares at her.    


Y/N’s sure that she’d be buried six feet under if Luke was just a stranger that she might’ve accidentally pissed off. His blue eyes are dark, so dark, and they’re blazing as they narrow in on her figure. Doesn’t help that he’s fucking six-foot-four, or something, and could probably stare down anyone and win said stare down.   


But he’d been silent the entire drive back and now that they’re home, those are the first words he says, accompanied with the deadliest glare she’s ever seen on him, so she’s a little too confused to be as effected by the glare as she might’ve been if she knew what she’d fucking done to make him so mad. 


“What’s. Wrong?” Y/N enunciates slowly, punctuating carefully.   


“What’s wrong?” He mocks, “What’s wrong?” Luke asks again, this time it’s accompanied with a mirthless laugh. “Jesus. Are you really fucking asking me that? What? Does that fucking dick head back at the club ring any bells?”   


“What…” Y/N mumbles to herself softly. “What are you talking about, Luke?” She asks in a normal voice, sighing tiredly.    


“He was flirting with you the whole goddamn way! I left to use the loo for fucking two seconds and I come back to see my girlfriend flirting with someone else?!”   


“I wasn’t flirting with him!” She defends herself. “He was just being nice and making casual conversation! Jesus, Luke. Calm down,”   


“Calm down?” He echoes, “Calm down? Are you seriously asking me to calm down?! How would you feel if you saw me flirting with another girl, huh?!”   


“We weren't flirting!” Y/N defends herself again.   


“Yes, you were!” He yells. Legitimately yells. “He was looking at you like you were a piece of meat, Y/N! If I hadn’t shown up when I did, you’d probably be in his home having a good fuck with him!”   


Y/N’s jaw drops, “What the fuck are you talking about?! I wasn’t even flirting with him, Luke, god dammit, why can’t you just believe me?! What is your bloody problem?!”  


“My problem is that you were acting like a fucking slut!”   


“Are you kidding me?” Y/N asks incredulously, mouth agape.   


“What?” Luke laughs humourlessly. “S'true, isn’t it?” He mocks.    


She narrows her eyes over at him then she shakes her head. “Fuck you, Luke. I’m not going to deal with this right now," she says, turning away from him.   


"Don't fucking walk away from me!”   


And Luke swears that he didn’t mean to do it. He swears he didn’t have any intention of doing it.    


But he did throw his fucking keys (which, mind you, had one of those blunt souvenir knife type things) at her, and it did hit her because she turned just as he chucked it at her face and now they’re both just gaping at each other – Y/N with a hand on her cheek, staring at him with wide-eyes that are filled with fear and Luke’s just staring back at her with wide-eyes, and an open palm resting idly by the side of his body. Y/N pulls her hand away from her cheek and then her eyes dart away from his to stare at her palm and there’s a line of blood because of the fucking keychain and Luke feels like he might puke because he's hurt her physically and –    


“Oh my God,” he breathes out. “Oh my God,” he repeats, his voice getting higher. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, fuck, I’m so sorry,” he splutters out and he’s about to basically sprint to her (even if they are barely three feet away) but with the one step that Luke takes forward, Y/N staggers back one.   


“Don’t,” she says, her voice is stern and strained and it looks like she's afraid of Luke and this is not right. 


“Baby, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, I’m sorry,” he chokes out, trying to take another step forward but again, Y/N takes a step back.    


“Don’t,” Y/N repeats and her voice is strained even more than before. She shakes her head, “Don’t come near me,” she chokes out, voice shaky and eyes starting to get glassy.    


“Y/N…” Luke trails off, his voice no higher than a whisper. “I’m sorry,” he whispers again, and it’s like he’s in a trance – because he kind of is. He hurt her. He hurt her. She is bleeding. He caused that. Luke caused that. “I didn’t mean to – I swear, I – ”   


He takes another step forward, arm reaching forward slightly and it breaks his heart as Y/N flinches back. “Oh my God,” he whispers out, “I’m sorry, you know I’d never hit you, you know I’d never hurt you, baby, please – ”   


“You already did,” she cuts him off with a shake of his head. “Just…,” she takes in a shaky breath, eyes darting down to the ground when she hears a soft plop hit the ground. And it’s not a tear. It's blood. Y/N diverts her gaze back to Luke, who is staring at her cheek like he’s looking at a fucking living and breathing dinosaur, or something. “Don’t come near me,” she says again, taking another step back before turning on her heel and making her way to the door, pulling a tissue out of the tissue box on the table by the door as she passes by it.




“Stay away from me.”

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