5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


31. Physical pt 2

“I’m losing my mind without you, Y/N. Please, just pick up the phone. Or send me a text. I don’t care what – just something to tell me that you’re okay. I know what I did was a complete dickhead move and I am so sorry but I never meant to do that. You know that, yeah? You know that I didn't – that I don’t ever want to hurt you. You know that, right? Please, my love, please. Let me know you’re okay, Y/N. I’m sorry, I’ll give you your space, I will – I promise. I just need to know that you’re okay. Please, Y/N,”   




The bedroom door is flung open and the boy who is laying face down on his bed props his head up, daring to get his hopes up, only to have said hopes crash and burn because it’s the boys. It’s not Y/N. Why the fuck would she come and see him? He's the one who hurt her. He's the one who should be checking up on her. And he would, really, it’s just a bit hard when Y/N doesn’t want to see him, at all. Doesn’t really help that the mate she’s staying with temporarily is pissed as hell at him, too, and since Luke knows Y/N well enough, he knows that she didn’t tell her mate. She must’ve put the pieces together by herself – Y/N coming to her house at night with a cut on her face, after she’s told her that she’s going to the club with Luke. Didn’t take a genius to figure out that Luke’s the fucking twat who hurt her.    


Luke just lets his head fall back down onto the pillow, eyes focused on his phone screen where a photo of Y/N is pulled open. He misses her so fucking much it’s starting to physically hurt.   


Well, maybe if you didn’t throw your goddamn keys at her and physically hurt her, you wouldn’t have to feel this goddamn ache in your heart. Fuckwit.


Luke lets out a sigh, only for a groan to escape his lips as a body lands atop of him, probably rupturing his spine. “What do you want?” Luke groans, using his elbow to try and shove whoever’s on his back off.


“It’s intervention time,” Calum says in a serious tone, and then (it's probably him) shoves off the body on Luke’s back. “Turn,” the Kiwi basically commands.   


“What,” Luke groans again, and this time, it’s not even phrased as a question because all he wants to do is to be left alone until Y/N finally picks up his call, or answer his texts, or just responds to him.   


“What’s wrong with you?” Ashton asks, point-blank, not bothering to sugarcoat anything.   


Luke sighs, shaking his head before rolling over again and burying his face in his pillow once more. “Don’t wanna talk about it,”   


“Normally, we wouldn’t push you,” Michael says in a nonchalant tone. “But this is too much, because you’ve literally been in bed for two weeks and you refuse to talk to any of us, and we’re your best friends, so what’s wrong?”   


Luke sighs again. Seems like the only thing he’s able to do lately. He rolls over once more, slowly pulling his body up into a seating position and letting his head fall back so that it’s resting against the headboard of his bed, “I fucked up, guys. I fucked up.




It’s three and a half hours later, after Luke has shameless sobbed in front of his best mates about how he's legitimately hurt Y/N – and not just in an emotional way – and they’ve gotten mad at him and then calmed down to comfort him and tell him to go try and apologise in person. He tried – once. Didn’t get to actually see her because Y/F/N slammed the door as soon as she realised that it was him who was standing outside her door.    


Y/F/N’s gone out of the house, and Luke knows that this is his only chance. So he cleans himself up, stuffs his hair into a snapback because he can’t be arsed to do anything with it and then he’s going to see his girl. Apologise. Beg for her forgiveness. Anything. 


He knocks on the wooden door after taking in a massive breath, and it takes a few seconds, but the door is eventually pulled open. And Luke’s faced with Y/N’s beautiful face for the first time in two weeks and he feels like his breath being stripped away from him. Because yes, she is still so beautiful, how could he ever insult her when she did nothing wrong, and he can still see the faint marks of the cut on her face. 

The fucking keychain (that he got rid of the moment he got ahold of his bearings again that night) had cut her deeper than he thought because there is still a faint mark of that damn cut on her cheek.    


"Y/N – ” he gulps, only to have her shake her head before closing the door in his face – though she didn’t slam it, he’s still wincing back.    


“Y/N, please,” Luke calls, knocking again.    


“Go away, Luke,” Y/N calls back and she sounds so close to the door, like she’s leaning against it, and Luke allows himself to be the least bit hopeful that maybe she’ll forgive him for being a dick. “Just go away,”   


“I can’t do that,” he says evenly and he’s pretty sure his voice cracked. Doesn’t even care enough to be embarrassed about it. “I love you, Y/N. I love you so fucking much and I will never forgive myself for losing my temper, and… and… hurting you,” he spits the word out and it leaves a foul taste on his tongue. “But I still love you so goddamn much and I know you deserve someone so much better than me, someone who isn’t on tour for half the fucking relationship and gets jealous over stupid guys, but I don’t want to let you go. I can’t let you go, Y/N, I can’t,”   


Y/N’s silent. But he can hear movement, like maybe she’s just slid down to the ground with her back against the door. Luke does the same, but he’s still facing the door – kneeling against the front door, basically.   


“I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m so sorry,” his breath hitches as he speaks, one tear slipping down his face. “I never thought I’d ever hurt you. Emotionally, physically. Never. Never wanted to. You are the love of my life and I can't – can’t function without you. I’m falling apart, and I need you and I am sorry,”   


She’s still quiet, not saying anything. He sighs, biting down on his bottom lip.   


“Can you tell me one thing? Just, please,” Luke pauses, leaning his forehead forward so that it's against the thick wooden door between them. “One thing.”   


Y/N’s silent at the other side of the door, but Luke knows that’s she listening – that she's there. “What?” comes her voice quietly, and he would’ve missed it if it he didn’t practically have his head pressed up against the piece of wood.   


“Tell me I’m not fighting a losing battle. Tell me that I’ve still got a chance, no matter how fucking minuscule it may be. As long as there’s the smallest of chances that you’ll ever take me back… Tell me. Tell me that I’m not holding onto nothing,” Luke gulps, eyes fluttering shut as he brings a hand to the door and drags his open palm down the piece of wood slightly. “Please.”  

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