5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


58. Nobody

“I adore you,” Luke says almost suddenly, and Y/N tilts her head up to look at him, raising a brow at his randomness. He’s already looking back at her— eyes so wide and so blue and so earnest, just staring back at her. He blinks, “I do. Adore you. Because— I like you. Like like you.”


Y/N lets out a disbelieving huff of a laugh before she can stop herself. “Are we ten?” She muses, an amused grin on her lips. “Because I’m pretty sure that ten year olds don’t make out as much as we do.” Then she pauses, narrowing her eyes. “Or maybe they do. Fuck knows what’s going on with kids these days.”


Luke snorts, rolling his eyes and slinging an arm around her waist, pulling her in closer to his body. “You sound like a bitter old woman,” he murmurs, lips moving against her forehead.


“I am a bitter old woman, probably,” she shrugs, and Luke laughs, pulling back.


“Kinda gross, because what I’m picturing is— no.” Luke shakes his head and Y/N snorts in amusement before she can stop herself. Luke grins down at her. “How mad do you think everyone will be if I skip out on the interviews and stay here? All day?”


She pulls a face, like she’s contemplating something, then she smiles slightly, leaning forward to peck him on the lips quickly. “Very mad. It’s the beginnings of you becoming a diva right there,” then she’s rolling off of him and off the bed, dodging his grabby hands.


“… I’m not a diva,” Luke mumbles in response, tone a hundred and ten percent petulant, and when Y/N turns to look at him— his bottom lip is in a pout, because of course it is.


“Not now you’re not,” she teases. “Go get ready for your interview,” she laughs, pulling at his wrist and tugging his pliant body out of bed. “Go.


Luke grumbles about it, mocking her in a falsetto under his breath, but when she arches a brow over at him, he’s looking back at her with a small smile on his face and a glint in his eyes. He takes the two steps that separates the two of them, and kisses her— soft and slow. And his voice is a mere whisper when he speaks, “I really like you. I’m so glad I met you.”





They’re going on a live show— meaning that Y/N’s able to watch the interview from the comfort of the hotel room, without needing to brave the cold and the loud crowds and the general thoughts of oh god I’m alone and in a large crowd in a place I’m not familiar with what if I get robbed what if someone takes my purse or my phone oh my god I’m going to DIE out here fuck.


So they play a couple of songs, then they’re sitting down for an interview with a pair of interviewers in fancy clothes who also generally look like they’re in pain from the screams of the crowd. It’s a heavy contrast from how the boys all look over the moon at the turn out and how everyone’s cheering so loudly. (It’s amusing, honestly, the interviewers’ faces.)


The interview’s normal. Boring, almost.


Y/N can’t ever imagine having to sit through countless numbers of interviews where they ask the same thing over and over, and make bad jokes that you have to awkwardly laugh at, and the like. They’re asked about the album, and their eyes all light up and their faces flood with magnificent grins. That’s a nice sight to see.


Until— “So! Luke. There are a lot of pictures of you four online, and your band’s blowing up,” the woman speaks, and Luke lets out an awkward laugh, biting on the inside of his lip. “But there’s also this photo—” and a photo fills the screen, just as the photo’s being displayed to the massive crowd and the boys at the location itself.


Y/N straightens up, eyes wide and very nearly choking on the goddamn apple juice she was idly sipping. Because— that’s her. It’s her in the photo, with Luke. They’re just looking at each other, and she’s got a smile on her face, and he’s got his head titled to the side like he’s confused. Then another photo comes on and— they’re standing closer. So much closer.


Another photo— they’re kissing.


Y/N gulps. She thinks she’s going to throw up. They’d never discussed the whole what do I say if they ask about you thing. The furthest discussion they’d had was more one-sided than anything, and it did sort of clear things up between them. (“if I get asked about whether I’m single or not, I’m going to say I’m not, because I am not. Now— please come here and make out with me until I have to play the show.”)


She licks her lips, snapping out of reverie just as the woman speaks again. “So— who is this lovely lady?”


“Someone special, isn’t she?” The man teases.


Luke huffs out an awkward laugh, shaking his head. He waves a hand at them idly, like he’s trying to wave the entire topic away, still doing that awkward and forced laugh. “No, no, she’s uh—” he starts, then he huffs out another laugh. “She’s no one. Just— you know. A fan.”


“Seem pretty, uh. Intimate. With that fan.”


“Yeah, it was just—” Luke waves a hand again, shaking his head once more. “Nah, she’s no one. No one.”


They seem to take that in their stride, accepting his answer. Then they move on to questions about upcoming tours, and music influences, and fuck knows what else— because Y/N isn’t listening anymore.


All she can hear is a buzzing in her ear, and her vision’s blurred as tears gather in the corner of her eyes— still staring straight at the tele screen. You know about those internet posts that speak about how sometimes you can feel pain from just reading or hearing something?


Well— Y/N can attest to that. Because it feels like someone’s got a hold on her heart and is squeezing and squeezing and her gut twists uncomfortably and tightly and painfully and—


The fact that just hearing something can make one feel the pain like a heartbreak ultimately fucking sucks, is what she’s saying.





Y/N packs her bags the minute she’s gotten herself together again. Then she’s packing her shit and wiping away any evidence that she’d been crying from her face, and she’s walking out of the hotel room. Only— she bumps into the man himself just as she’s taken two steps out of the room.


“Y/N!” Luke nearly coos, a grin on his face. “Where’re you headed?” He asks in a light-hearted and conversational tone, probably thinking she’s just about to go to the shops or summat.


But when Y/N doesn’t say anything to him in response, and only clenches her jaw, tilting her chin up slightly, ignoring the way her eyes are watering, Luke’s eyes dart down and his brows furrow. “Babe. Where are you going?”


“Home,” is her clipped reply, then she’s tightening her hold on her bag and making a move to step forward.


But Luke’s there, in front of her, wide eyed and brows furrowed and mouth in a downward curve. “What happened?” He asks, voice almost tight. “What’s wrong? What happened while I was gone?”


Y/N clenches her jaw even tighter— teeth grinding against each other. Then she gulps silently, “I don’t see why you’d care,” she tells him, a mirthless smile pulling at her lips. Then she’s rolling her eyes, “Let me through, Luke. “


No,” Luke shakes his head, frowning even deeper. “Not until you tell me what’s wrong. And— what do you mean you don’t see why I’d care? Of course I’m going to care.” Y/N scoffs at that. “I do. Who said I wouldn’t?” He nearly gapes. “Of course I’m going to care, about whatever’s hurt you, or made you— made you want to go home when you’ve only just got here. You’re my—”


“I’m your what, Luke?” Y/N interrupts before he can finish. Luke stops abruptly. “Your what? Because a couple hours ago, you were telling everyone that I was no one. That I was just a fan. So, pray tell— I’m your what, Luke? Because I’m pretty sure I’m no one to you. So I don’t see why you’d give a fucking shit.”


Luke’s face drains of colour. “You saw that,” he breathes out, and it’s a statement, not a question, so Y/N doesn’t nod or shake her head. “No, look, Y/N, I just— I didn’t mean that, okay? I— I panicked and— I didn’t mean that. I swear. You— you are everything, okay? It’s not— what I said was just— I’m sorry, I didn’t—”


Shut up, Luke,” she breathes out in a dejected tone, shaking her head. “I don’t want to hear it, okay? I mean— clearly, we have different mindsets about this—” she gestures between them, “— this whatever this is. So I’m going to go home, as soon as you move out of my way. So— move.


“I thought I was protecting you!” Luke exclaims, still not stepping out of the way. Y/N pushes past him, shoving at his shoulder as hard as she can, and it must’ve caught him off guard, because he moves and she’s finally able to walk through. “I was protecting you, Y/N!” He practically shouts again.


Y/N whirls around to look at him, throwing a hand up in exasperation. “Protecting me from what?! Most of your fans already know we’re together. So what the fuck did you think you were protecting me from?!”


“The— everything!” Luke yells back, gesturing at nothing. “Some of them will go overboard— and I didn’t want them to hurt you. I didn’t want your fucking personal life to be invaded by people you don’t know, just because you’re dating me! I was trying to protect you from all of that shit. You don’t need every aspect of your life being looked into, so that’s why I said it! I didn’t want you to deal with that. I’m sorry I said it, but we— we never said we were exclusive or—”


Never said?” She repeats incredulously. “You were the one who said that if you were asked about it, you’d say you weren’t single. How the hell is that not us being exclusive?”


“It’s different!”


No, it’s not,” she shoots back, gaping at him. “The fact is that you said I was no one, even though you know damn well that I can take care of myself. You said I was no one because I clearly don’t mean to you as much as you meant to me. That this thing between us was never something serious for you.”


“It was— I just—”


Stop,” she cuts off his spluttering. “Just. Stop talking. I’m going to— I’m leaving, alright? I’m leaving.”


And then she turns, and does exactly that— leaving behind blue-eyed blond staring after her with wide, glassy eyes, a lone tear trailing down his cheek as his hands go up to tug at his hair. (But she doesn’t see any of that because she’s too busy falling apart on her own, too.)

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