5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


74. Mess

Let it be known that Y/N is not easy. She is not the type of girl to become a puddle of gooey mess, doing everything that’s asked of her, just because she’s a fan.


Which leads to how she’s currently dating one Calum Hood.


The thing is— they’d met a while ago, and he’d clearly been interested enough. They’d met, and taken pictures and she’d gotten his autograph, but that was it. Because as much as she liked his band (and his face and his everything else), she wasn’t the type to sleep with a band member, just because. Not that there was anything wrong with that, of course, because every person’s body was their own and they could do whatever they wanted with their body, but she just wasn’t the type to do that.


Calum was interested in a specific thing, but when she’d brushed him off, rolling her eyes and laughing— he seemed to have changed his mind. They ended up just talking and talking, sharing a 1.5 litre bottle of Mountain Dew and staying out until the sun rose and they were laughing about nothing from the lack of sleep and overdose on sugar.


The whole hanging out thing happened again. And again. And again.


Y/N told him things she’d never normally tell anyone else. Calum told her things that he, also, admitted to never normally telling anyone else.


Then one night, he kissed her, and she kissed him back, and— that was that. It was a thing afterwards. Theywere a thing afterwards.


Which then leads to how they’re kissing almost messily and their noses are bumping and they’re laughing but they’re still kissing— and Calum’s hands are roaming and so are hers, and then they’re both tugging off the offending articles of clothing that are constricting them from skin-on-skin contact.


Their teeth clank together when they immediately dive back towards each other after they’ve got lesser clothes on, and that just makes them laugh some more. Calum grins—sideways and all kinds of cheeky wickedness—and then he’s practically pouncing onto her so that she was laying flat on her back on the bed.


The rest was, well— it was history. (Also one of the best fucking nights Y/N’s ever had.) (No pun intended.) (Okay— maybe slightly intended.)





Y/N wakes up to the sounds of someone talking. Considering the memories that floods in, it’s safe to assume that Calum’s the one talking.


She sits up slightly, blinking blearily at her surroundings and pulling the duvet to cover her chest before letting herself fall gently back onto the bed with a small but (extremely) sappy smile on her face.


Calum’s still talking on the phone, his slightly muffled voice filtering into the room from the bathroom though the small gap, so she doesn’t make a move to actually get up— till she hears a laugh that sounds almost smugand then she can’t stop herself from eavesdropping onto the one-sided conversation.


“—well, I did it, so fuck you. I am the champion.” Calum snorts out another laugh. “You, my friend, owe me fifty bucks. … Dude. You said that all I had to do was sleep with her. And I did. I had sex with Y/N. So that means that I win the bet. … Have sex with the unattainable girl. I have attained. Which still means you owe me fifty bucks, you sack of shit.”


Y/N’s frozen. She can’t move, can’t speak, can’t— breathe. All she can do is stare, wide-eyed, at the bathroom door— the one that’s not fully closed, where she can see Calum walking around in the small space because he’s never been able to sit still whilst having a phone conversation.


Deep breaths. One. Two. Three. It’s hard to breathe. She forces herself— one, two, three.


Then she’s moving. Pulling on her clothes, forcing herself to not cry— to not let Calum see how badly he’s hurt her. To not let Calum see that he’s somehow wormed his way into her life enough to have words like that feel like an actual stab to the chest, even though she’d always been cautious about letting people in.


It was always going to happen, the bitchy voice at the back of her head says, full of snark.


The bathroom door opens just as she’s picked up her purse and wiped away the one traitorous tear that’s managed to break free and race down her cheek. She turns just in time to see Calum freeze in his step in the doorway of the bathroom, wide eyes darting to his phone then to her.


“Y/N, I—” he starts. Seems like he figured out she heard him talking on the phone.


She smiles at him— no joy. Just— cold. Bitter. Mocking. ”Hope that fifty bucks you’ve just earned does you good. Because you’re so obviously struggling in terms of cash, right?” She lets out a mirthless laugh, shaking her head. Another tear. “I should be thanking you, really. So— thank you. For showing me what a fuckingasshole you really are.”


“Y/N— please. I—”


“Fuck off,” she says simply, shaking her head again. “And never speak to me again. Fucking prick.” And then she’s out the door, taking deep breaths as she makes a beeline for the lifts.


Let it also be known that Y/N is not someone who lets people in easily. She is not someone to leave herself vulnerable enough to get hurt because she’s been hurt enough times before.


Which—of course—leads to how she’d finally let someone in, only to have him pull her apart at the seams. Life’s fucking great, innit?

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