5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)



Calum and Y/N. Y/N and Calum. One name did not sound right without the other following suit, as of late. They’re a thing, but they’re not a thing. It’s confusing. They’re confusing. They’re confusing everyone and they’re confusing themselves.   


Because, like, okay. They like each other. It’s a hundred percent mutual attraction, and they cuddle more than Y/N cuddles with the other boys, and okay, maybe sometimes they make out. Maybe. Not maybe. Yes, they do make out. Not sometimes, too. All the time.    


But they’re not officially together, and that’s what’s confusing everyone – Y/N the most, honestly. She likes Calum. She likes him a lot. And she knows that he at least feels something for her because if he didn’t then why hadn’t he just slept with her and then dumped her? Y/N knows that Calum likes her, even if it’s just a little, because he’s the one who’s constantly asking her to cuddle and occasionally stopping the heated make-out sessions before it gets too far, and that is almost completely out of character for him. You know – the boy who's literally constantly horny (and naked, honestly).   


It’s just confusing, honestly. They’re in that weird stage where dates aren’t officially called out as dates but they kind of do go on them? Like, to go grab a meal with just the two of them? Sometimes they hold hands (in public)? Sometimes he sneaks kisses? And that should tell her that hey, this is your boyfriend, but like. Calum does all that, yeah? And then when they go out as a group, or even when the boys are out signing stuff for the fans, Calum’s flirting with them. Genuine flirting – like how he usually flirts with her. Then at night, when she’s in bed telling herself that maybe Calum doesn’t like her as much as she likes him, the boy himself comes crawling into her bed with soft murmurs of how he couldn’t sleep without her and how he’s actually okay with that – with not being able to sleep without her – because he likes having her in his arms.    


Confusing isn’t even a right word for their situation, to be honest. It’s downright fucking with her head and she’s weak in a sense that she doesn’t know how to tell Calum to stop and to make this official or stop stringing her along.


Which leads to how they’re back in one of those situations where Calum is treating other girls like how he treats her. They’re in a club, all the boys and Y/N. And they’ve all drank shots and danced with each other (plus making out on the dance floor after grinding onto each other on Calum’s and Y/N’s part till Michael huffed and pulled Y/N away for a dance and Calum went off to god knows where). Y/N kicks back another shot with Michael and they’re both pulling faces as the liquid slides down their throat and then they’re giggling.    


“M'gonna go dance!” Y/N shouts over the music to Michael, and he responds with a nod and a wave of a hand, eyes set on this girl in skinnies and a t-shirt a few stools away just looking like she wanted to be anywhere else but in the club. From what Y/N can see, she’s kinda pretty. Short hair, fantastic side profile.    


Although she was pretty drunk, as was Michael, so said girl could also possibly be a guy. She shrugs anyway, “Use protection,” Y/N sing-songs in Michael’s ear with a laugh before going onto the dance floor.    


Y/N dances and dances, getting lost in the music and enjoying herself in the middle of the dance floor. She’s got her eyes shut in content as she dances with some other people who are dancing alone, too, till she opens her eyes and they land straight smack on Calum and this gorgeous girl in a skin-tight black dress and an adorable laugh and she’s making Calum smile that smile and –    


Y/N stops dancing, shaking her head to herself. Calum glances in her direction, tilting his glass of clear liquid in his hand and then turning his full attention back on the girl. And he’s not doing it to spite her, or to make her jealous, or whatever. He’s doing it because he’s genuinely interested in this girl and Y/N knows this because he’s got the same look on his face that he has when they’re usually hanging out together.    


Even the alcohol running through her blood and veins can’t make her unsee that. And even if they aren’t really anything official, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t sting like a bitch.   


“Hey Luke,” Y/N greets with a dopey grin and even though she’s kicked back enough alcohol to make her pissed, she’s sobering up enough to feel the hurt that’s flooding through her veins.    


Luke smiles, and it’s almost sympathetic and Y/N hates it. He slings a casual arm around her shoulder, pulling her in gently, closer to his body. “You okay?”   


She pulls on a smile, “Why wouldn’t I be?"    


Luke bites down on his bottom lip. Then almost hesitantly, he looks over in the direction of where Calum’s chatting up the girl. Y/N turns to look, despite already knowing what was happening there. She can’t help butlook over there, and – oh look. Calum's chatting up two girls now. Wait, no. Scratch that. Another one’s come to join. Calum must’ve been planning a group orgy, she thinks bitterly to herself. And she kind of wishes that this is the alcohol just playing tricks on her but it’s really not.    


"Because of that,” Luke says softly with a little nod over in the direction that both he and Y/N were already looking at.    


Y/N turns back to look at him, shrugging a shoulder. She sighs slightly, glancing down at Luke’s other hand and then taking his beer bottle from his grasp and taking a swig from it before handing it back to him and curling his fingers around the bottle for him. While still gently playing with his slender fingers so that they’re wrapped tightly around the bottle, she says, “Yeah, I guess so. I mean. It’s not like we’re proper together-together anyway. I,– ” she sighs, letting her forehead rest on his chest.   


Luke’s free hand, that’s not holding onto the beer bottle, runs gently up and down her back, then settling down to wrap around her waist and pull her closer to him even though they’re already pretty damn close.    


“I always just assumed… – ” Luke trails off unsurely and Y/N lets out a breathy laugh. She really doesn’t feel as drunk as before. Everything’s still a bit fuzzy, but she’s sober enough to have this conversation with him. And she also knows what Luke wanted to say – "assumed that Y/N and Calum were a couple“ because everyone assumed that.    


"I don’t even know what we are,” Y/N says with another heavy sigh.    


Luke gulps loudly enough for her to hear it. But then again, she is practically pressed up against him, so it’d made sense that she heard little things like that. One of his arm’s still around her waist and the other goes to cradle the back of her gently, playing with the ends of her hair. “You deserve better,” he mumbles.


“I know,” she sighs. “But, like. It’s not like I’ve got a line of guys waiting to get with me, you know? And, like, I’m so lonely? And not in a sense that, you know, I’m just in a room alone, or something. Lonely – like, I miss having someone. Just someone who’s a constant cuddle buddy and I can fully trust and talk to, and kiss, and just be with, and someone to call mine. And it’s honestly so frustrating, yeah? When you feel like that? So that's why I'm with Cal,” Y/N shrugs a shoulder.    


“You don’t need a line of guys, Y/N,” Luke says with a small smile. Y/N looks up, angling her head up so that she’s looking at him, blinking her blurry eyes at him. “You just need one,” he says softly, brushing the hair out of her face.    


She gives him a crooked smile, “Find me him.”   


Luke doesn’t say anything at that. The blond just smiles down at her, and it looks like he’s having an internal dilemma with himself, but Y/N really can’t be sure. She’s a bit more sober than before but she’s still not fully sober. Y/N zones out eventually, leaning forward and resting on his chest again as she looks at this couple making out behind Luke. The guy’s looking like he’s literally trying to devour the girl. And the girl looks like she's trying to devour him. A bit weird. But hey, if they’re into that kind of thing then okay. She’s not going to be a twat about it just because she doesn’t particularly fancy the way they're expressing their attraction towards each other.

Then a hand comes to the side of her face, bringing her back to her blurry reality. Y/N angles her head up again to look at Luke, only to not even make it that far because there’s a pair of soft, warm lips that taste like beer, landing on her own pair of lips. It’s soft and nice and warm and kinda tasty, leading Y/N to instantly fluttering her eyes shut as she kisses him back, hands going to gently tug at his hair. He lets out this little whine that only tells her he likes it, and then he’s kissing her a bit harder and there’s intent and meaning behind that kiss but she’s really just too distracted by the taste of his lips to bother figuring out what that meaning is.

He pulls back then, and they’re both breathing heavier than normal. Chest heaving up and down faster than it usually would. Luke smiles, a little twinkle in his eyes. Luke leans down again, giving her the quickest and most unsatisfying closed lip kiss that leaves her whining in protest and Luke chuckling lightly. “You don’t have to look far, Y/N. He's right here.”  

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