5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


62. Love??



Y/N startles at the voice. Then she's opening her eyes fully and realising that she’s in a bedroom that’s not hers. But it’s not a stranger’s, either. She’s in Calum’s bedroom. Calum – as in Calum. As in, Calum Hood. Like. Her best friend, Calum Hood.    


And it’s really not anything new to be in his bedroom, or on his bed. But, like. She’s in his t-shirt and she’s pretty sure she’s only in her knickers? Y/N and Calum may be best friends but she's never slept over in just his t-shirt and her knickers. If it was an impromptu sleepover, she’d borrow one of his t-shirts and Mali-Koa would gladly lend her a pair of joggers or sometimes Calum would just lend her one of his football shorts.    


So the whole t-shirt and knickers thing is new.    


Y/N blinks again, rubbing at her eyes and still staring at the wall with posters when she’s turned around so that she’s on her back. And it’s in one swift movement that there’s a body above her, straddling her waist and she’s startling from it because Calum’s straddling her whilst shirtless and he’s smirking and oh God.


"Mornin’, beautiful,” he mumbles and Y/N just stares back up at him.    


Him calling her beautiful wasn’t a first but, like. It’s not something he does often? He calls her beautiful when he’s being sarcastic a lot and it’s all in a joking manner that she understands and isn’t at all offended by, but sometimes when she’s having her bad days and ends up spending so much time in front of a mirror picking out each and every one of her flaws, he’d spin her around and call her beautiful and he’d mean it. Then he’d kiss her forehead and bring her head to his chest and tell her over and over again, and hold onto her till he was sure that she was okay and that she believed him when he said it.    


What he does next stuns her a bit more. Because they're just friends. As far as she knows, the attraction’s one-sided. Plus. He's Calum Hood. Almost pro footballer and current bassist in a ridiculously famous pop rock band.    


But he does it. Calum leans down and kisses her and she's instantly kissing back and everything feels so right.


And she’s still so fucking confused, but she lets it happen. Because this must be a dream. She might as well enjoy it, right?   




Y/N’s still confused. Because she’s gone to bed and woken up but then it’s still the same. Calum’s still there and still kissing her and still saying that he loves her and he’s so lucky to have her and. She’s just so confused and she doesn’t know what's happening. She would be lying if she said she didn’t like, though, because being with Calum was something that she’d imagined and conjured up in her mind countless number of times.    


There’s a constant sound of beeps and Y/N just wants it to stop. She’s about to roll over, hit whatever’s making that noise. Or ask Calum to shut it off because she’s already almost fully convinced herself that she’s not dreaming and it’s a reality that she and him are together and that he loves her back the way that she loves him.    


But she can’t move, for some reason. Her arm hurts, her body hurts, everything hurts.    


And it’s like everything starts to make sense then.    


Car accident. Reckless driver. She was sat in the back of a cab, going… somewhere. She doesn’t remember where. Probably somewhere not even worth going through what she went through. The cab flipped over. The other car burst up into flames or something. She remembers being hot, sweaty, and in pain.    


The next fifteen minutes pass by in another blur. Nurses and doctors come in. Her family’s there, sobbing. And she doesn’t want them to cry, not over her because she’s okay. There’s a tiny part of her that's itching for Calum. All she wants to do is have him hold her and kiss her and to feel the love that she’d felt whilst she was fucking dreaming it up.


And she’s caught up in her thoughts about him that she doesn’t even realise when the boy himself comes into her room (that’s suddenly only got her in there).    


“Oh thank God,” Calum breathes out in relief. He rushes to her and he almost trips over his feet as he tries to get to her as fast as possible.    


“Hey,” Y/N breathes out. Dream-Calum seems like he doesn’t do real life-Calum any justice, compared to real life-Calum. He’s so much more good-looking in real life, so much more perfect in every way.   


But this is reality. A reality in which she and him are just best friends. A reality in which Y/N never had the guts to accidentally blurt out that she was head over heels in love with him and had been for a good couple of years. A reality in which Calum and Y/N never happened. And it’s painful to think about.   


“Never, ever, ever do that to me again,” Calum breathes out shakily, leaning down at wrapping his arms around her shoulder whilst simultaneously nuzzling his nose into her neck.    


She swears she feels something wet on her skin and it’s then that she realises that Calum is crying because of her. She pulls back, running her fingers through his fringe. “Hey,” Y/N calls softly, making him look at him. “I’m okay, I’m fine,” she smiles reassuringly at the boy.    


Calum just smiles a tiny smile, then he’s shaking his head and pulling her close again so that his face is, once more, buried in her neck. He’s got this whole “I’m too manly to cry” façade going on. There’s a face for that façade, and that’s the face that he’s just pulled before he made sure his face was no longer visible.    


Y/N breathes a chuckle as he sniffles quietly, thinking that she hadn’t realised he was actually proper crying. Calum Hood doesn’t cry, he’d say. I’m a man. Fuck crying.


“I’m serious,” Calum mumbles against her skin. He’s somehow climbed onto the bed now, though one of his legs is hung over the bed with his foot resting on the ground and he’s just in a really weird position that can't possibly be comfortable. “Never do that to me again. You better fuckin’ promise me,” he warns, pulling back with redder eyes to narrow them over at her.   


“Promise,” Y/N mumbles with a little grin and maybe – maybe – she allows herself to get her hopes up. Maybe he’s so worried and heartbroken and sad because he loves her, too. Maybe the entire thing she’d dreamed up whilst she was in the coma could actually come true.   


Then he speaks, and she’s fairly certain her heart breaks into a million tiny fragmented pieces, “You’re my best friend in the whole entire world and I never want to lose you. You’re like a sister to me.”   


Ironic, really. Because hey, Y/N's stuck in the friend-zone again and again.

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