5SOS one shots (boys x Reader)


68. Lie

“So now I’m just not good enough for you – is that it?” is what Calum says upon entering Y/N’s bedroom. She’s laying on her bed, a book in hand and music playing in her ears, just she hears him come in and when her mind processes what he’s just said as his greeting, she furrows her brows.

"… Sorry?”

“I’m not good enough for you.” Calum says again, a statement this time, practically spitting it out.

Y/N sits up, slowly, setting her book down and frowning even harder. “What are you going on about, Calum?”

This – ” he spits out, throwing his phone over to her and – there’s a picture pulled up on the screen. A picture of her and her mates and – “Is that why you don’t want to spend time with me anymore?! Because you’ve got these multiple fucks on the side?!”

She frowns even more, lips downturning on their own accord. “Are you seriously – Did you. What.” She mumbles under her breath, shaking her head incredulously. She looks back up at him, to see if he’s joking or summat, but – he’s not. His brows are knotted tightly and his jaw is clenched and his breathing is as heavy as it would be after he’s just had a work-out or something. “You seriously think that I’m – cheating on you? Are youactually being serious right now?” She scoffs.

Calum just narrows his eyes over at her even further, “‘s not like I’ve got no reason to think so,” he seethes. “You’re always saying no when I invite you out with my mates but then if it’s – if it’s them – ” he spits out the word with such venom that she actually has to physically stop herself from flinching back. “– then you’re all fucking for it. So which is it, huh, Y/N? Is it him? Or the other one? Or some other guy? Or all of them?”

“Are you – are you fucking with me right now?” Y/N lets out a single disbelieving laugh, getting to her feet and shoving the phone in his chest. Her eyes narrow, chin tilted up in an almost-defiance as she holds his gaze. “I have never cheated on you – I will never cheat on someone.”

Calum lets out this scoff, like he doesn’t believe a single thing she’s saying. And she’s frowning even more, because it’s a goddamn insult for him to even assume that she’d cheat on him, just because she’s in a picture with her mates.

"What the fuck is your problem, fucking hell.”

"What the fuck is my problem?” Calum laughs mirthlessly, finger pointing at himself. “Well. Let’s see. Mygirlfriend doesn’t want to spend time with me,” he counts off one finger, “– she’d rather hang out with some random dudes even though I’m her boyfriend and I’m the one who’s been on tour for fuck knows long,” another finger, “– oh and the icing on the cake? She’s probably fucking sleeping with three other guys whilst with me.”

The fuck is wrong with you?!” Y/N throws her hands up in exasperation. “I have never cheated on you. And did you ever stop to think that maybe – maybe – I don’t want to go out with you and your so-called matesbecause they’re all obviously there just to fucking flirt with you and rub it in my face that they’re so much –better in every sense? Did you ever think about that?”

"Oh.” Calum nods, then he laughs. “Oh. So that’s what this is about.”


“You’re jealous.” He says smugly, takes pride in that one word as he says it. “You’re jealous that they’re prettier than you, and a better fuck than you, and I’m spending time with them.”

Y/N raises a brow, inhaling deeply through her nose; crosses her arms over her chest. “A better fuck?” She repeats, enunciating every word properly.

"Yeah,” Calum smiles. A smile so twisted in ways that she’s never seen before, only ever seen in films and TV shows, or imagined in novels. She’s never seen someone wear a smile like that before – she’s never seen Calumwear a smile like that before, directed at her. “A better fuck,” Calum echoes again. He takes a step towards her, their toes touching now and the smirk on his face is taunting in ways that is most definitely not playful.

“What – you think you’re the only one who can do what you’re doing?” He asks, lips still twisted in that fuckingsmirk. She opens her mouth, about ready to drill it into his head – she’s never cheated on him, she never will, because that’s not who she is.

She’s not a fucking asshole.

“Did you ever stop to think that maybe – maybe – I’ve hooked up with someone different, at every single state?”

Calum, on the other hand, is a fucking asshole.

Y/N likes to think that she’s gotten to the point of proving to everyone that she’s mostly unaffected by things – but Calum’s always been able to tell. He’s always been able to see the tiniest shift in her facial expression before she’s pulling the most neutral expression she can pull again, always been able to notice the sharp intake of breath, or the sudden glassy eyes, whenever something’s upset her. And he must see it, because his face is dropping, face going slack as he staggers back a step.

"Shit, Y/N, I didn’t – ”

“Get out.” She interrupts him, voice soft, eyes darting over to her feet. Her toes are suddenly really interesting.

Calum tries again, though he takes a step forward once more, arm lifting, as though he wants to hold her, totouch her, “Y/N, no, please, I – ”

Please.” She says again, voice still calm and completely devoid of emotion, taking a step back for that one step that he’s taken forward. “Please get out.”

Calum moves as though he’s about to take another step forward, and Y/N’s already moving backwards for that one almost step forward he took. He halts in place, inhaling so sharply that it echoes around her room. “Y/N,please.” He tries again. “I swear, I – “

Calum.” Y/N finally looks up at him. Her eyes are watery and she’s biting so hard on her bottom lip that it’s starting to hurt, but she does not care anymore. All she wants – all she needs – is for him to get out. “Get out of my room, Calum. Get out of the house, of my room, just. Get out.”

He hesitates once more, but he does – leave, eventually. And Y/N’s quite proud of herself because she’s managed to appear as indifferent as possible to Calum basically saying that he’d cheated on her multipletimes. (Even though she knows that this is him saying things just to rile her up, because he’s mad and when he’s mad, he tends to lash out – try to hurt other people.)

(But a part of her believes him – that he’d been with multiple other people whilst on tour.)

But Calum turns, just before he shuts the door behind him. Opens his mouth to say something, but nothing comes out. He tries again, but again: he can’t seem to get his vocal chords to cooperate.

So Y/N turns so that her back’s to him and waits. Waits until the door clicks close and then the front door’s making the same sound – and that he’s left. That’s when she collapses in on herself, wrecked sobs coursing through her every body part. She feels like she can’t breathe – like air can’t get into her lungs fast enough – and there’s usually only one person who’d be able to calm her down when she gets like this – so upset that she’s not even coherent anymore.

But what happens when that one person is the person who’s caused her to be like this? What then?

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